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"Lady, a young man has arrived. He claims to be a faraway friend of yours. His name is Xian Ling."

Hearing this, Yan Ning Zhi trembled slightly with shock. But the next second, she guessed exactly who Xian Ling was. Her gaze instantly spoke of pure joy.

Noticing his daughter's happiness, Yan Xiong Fei's eyes brightened and asked in a hurry. "This Xian Ling, is the man you were talking about?"

"It definitely is him. I do not know a man named Xian Ling." Yan Ning Zhi said excitedly, "But if you reverse the two characters, it's Ling Xian. I cannot believe he came to Trading Island."

"Haha, what good news! Great news!" Yan Xiong Fei laughed brightly. His calm and cold heart suddenly warmed away again with the hope that Ling Xian could restore the array.

Jiang Cheng Zi stroke his beard and bellowed, "Haha, just as we are about to go to sleep, someone brings us the pillows. We were just anticipating him, and he really came."

"But, why is he reversing his name?" Yan Ning Zhi frowned, uncertain of Ling Xian's intentions.

"It's not that strange. In our cultivation journey, we have used many fake names. He probably ran into some sort of trouble." Yan Xiong Fei grinned with anticipation, "As long it really is him."

"Leader Yan is right. Ning Zhi, when you meet him in a bit, do not blow his cover." Master Jiang smiled and warned, "He must have a reason as to why he used a fake name. If you reveal his real name, things might not go well."

"Master, do not worry. I understand." Yan Ning Zhi nodded with hope. She wished she had a pair of wings that could bring her to Ling Xian instantly.

However, limited by the presence of her father and her master, she felt shy and unsure how to react.

Seeing this, Yan Xiong Fei frowned and uncertainty flashed across his eyes.

"Why are you two standing there dumbly? We may not know if Ling Xian can fix the array yet, but his ability to be a Heaven's Favorite and an array master at the same time means we have to greet him politely." Jiang Cheng Zi laughed and looked at Yan Ning Zhi meaningfully, "Yan Zhi, should we go greet him?"

"Yes, master, I will go now."

After acquiring the permission from Master Jiang, Yan Ning Zhi excitedly went on her way. Her speed was lightning fast, accurately displayed her impatience.

After she disappeared, Master Jiang stroke his beard and faked a smile, "Leader Yan, Ning Zhi seems to be very fond of Ling Xian."

"Aye… I noticed it too. When the name Ling Xian was mentioned, her eyes were sparkling." Yan Xiong Fei displayed a hint of unpleasantness, "She doesn't even behave this way when my name is mentioned. I wonder just how skillful that guy is, to have stolen my daughter's heart."

"Haha, daughters don't stay. That is normal." Master Jiang laughed and teased, "As for how skillful is he, we will know after we go check him out. After all, he is an array master. If we don't welcome him, it will look bad."

"That is true."

Yan Xiong Fei nodded. Though a little unwilling due to the fact that he was stealing away his daughter, as the leader of the clan, he had to welcome Ling Xian himself.

After all, in the entire 36 islands, not a lot of array masters existed. He didn't dare to be rude.

"Let's go then."

Smiling lightly, Jiang Cheng Zi and Yan Xiong Fei lunged themselves into the air and towards the Clan's gate. They wanted to greet Ling Xian to show him their respect. But at the same time, they wanted to check out this Heaven's Favorite who stole their beloved daughter and granddaughter's heart.


The Sun had just risen.

Before the gate of the Yan Clan, Ling Xian and Bai Xiao Qi were sitting on a giant boulder, waiting for the arrival of Yan Ning Zhi.

Every since they left the motel, they speedily rushed to the Yan Clan. After half a month of living in the wild, they finally arrived a little while ago.

During this time, the two of them had to fend off five separate assassination attempts. Though Ling Xian resolved the problems every time, the message they sent remained.

The second uncle of the Bai Clan was determined to kill Bai Xiao Qi.

This made Ling Xian feel troubled, as if he was meat in a grinder. He was constantly faced with the danger of getting killed. A second of recklessness would bring them misfortune.

At the same time, he was now more determined to form an alliance with the Yan Clan. After all, he was about to face a controlling force. If he attempted to fight them solo, he would be the one who ended up in trouble.

There was even the possibility that he would lose his life!

For this reason, Ling Xian made up his mind. He had to convince the Yan Clan to collude with him. The only way to achieve this, however, was for him to repair the Array of the Unyielding Emotion.

Therefore, success was the only option. Failure was not allowed!

"Hey, Xian Ling, do you really know the eldest daughter of the Yan Clan?" Bai Xiao Qi asked, full of curiosity.

Ling Xian beamed, "Once she gets here, you will know."

"Pshh, you are boasting." Bai Xiao Qi pouted. "Even if you do know her, she will never welcome you herself. She is the pearl on the Yan Clan's palm, a true Heaven's Favorite!"

"Am I boasting? You will find out in a bit." Ling Xian grinned again, "Also, the inheritor of the Bai Clan is following me around like a servant. Why can't the daughter of the Yan Clan welcome me herself?"

"Pshh, you think everyone is like me?" Bai Xiao Qi continued to pout and mumble, "I am a fallen phoenix who is now less valuable than a hen. Yan Ning Zhi is still a phoenix. Why would she come out to greet you."

Just as she finished speaking, a crisp voice suddenly echoed through the air from afar. Though the words were spoken in a calm manner, Bai Xiao Qi could still hear the excitement in the owner of the voice.

"Ling… Xian Ling!"

In the next second, Yan Ning Zhi descended from the sky and landed beside Ling Xian. Staring deadly into his eyes, she was full of happiness.

"You… you are the daughter of the Yan Clan!"

Bai Xiao Qi's lips were slightly parted. Taking a peek at the smiling Ling Xian, she really didn't think he had the power to make the Yan Clan's precious daughter to greet him herself!

But of course, this was nothing compared to what waas to come.

When Bai Xiao Qi saw the silhouettes that followed her, her eyes widened even more. She even began to question if she was getting blind.

Because she recognized the two shadows.

One was the five dominating Clan Leader, Yan Qiong Fei!

The other was the prominent Master Jiang Cheng Zi!

My god!

Just who was Xian Ling? How did he manage to be seen so highly from those two important figures?

Bai Xiao Qi was extremely shocked and confused. Only now, did she realize that Ling Xian was not boasting. Oppositely, he was being humble.

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