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The Yan Clan was located at the very south of the Trading Island and it was one of the five dominating Clans.

Created by the heroine, Yan Xin Yan, the Clan itself had tens and thousand years of history. However, it purposely avoided the spotlight and never broadcasted its abilities. Since its formation, it dominated the south portion of the island. It was endlessly glorious and renowned.

The protective array was an array prominent enough to rattle the entire 36 islands. During the war against the nine continents, it acted as an important defensive strategy and became wildly known.

This array had a soft and gentle name, the Array of Unyielding Emotions

Though by name, it did not seem as mighty as the other arrays, nobody dared to underestimate the power of this array. Even the top forces of the 36 islands did not see it lightly.

Sadly, this array was established since the formation of the Clan. Since then, thousands of years had passed and the array, over time, had deteriorated. Its power was now less than one tenth of what it originally had.

Over the years, the Yan Clan had never stopped worrying about this array.

At first, the famous Master Jiang could repair it, which stopped the array from completely crumbling down. Recently however, something happened to this array and it began to break down in very past pace. Before long, this array would become a pile of useless metals.

This had terrified the Yan Clan.

One should know that this array was not only insanely powerful and one of the reasons why the Yan Clan was one of the controlling forces. It also had a very important symbolic meaning. It was something every single Bai descendent had to protect. Something they had to protect using their lives!

For this reason, the Yan Clan leader, Yan Xiong Fei, found Master Jiang, hoping that he could restore this array.

Faced with the descendants' request, Jiang Cheng Zi did not hesitate before rushing to the Yan Clan to repair this thousand years old array.

The result, however, put him to shame and disappointed the entire Yan Clan.

Very long ago, Master Jiang had attempted to repair this array. Though he couldn't even bring it back to 30 percent of its original state, at the very least, he made sure this array did not break down. This time however, the Array of Unyielding Emotions was at the brink of destruction. It was now at a point even this Array Master could not help with.

What could they do? The Yan Clan decided to place hope on people not from their own land. This was why Yan Xiong Fei drafted those posts that were plastered all over town. He hoped that an Array Master would see it and come repair the Array of Unyielding Emotions.

For this, the leader did not shy away from an enormous compensation. He promised that whomever restored this array could ask for one favor from the Clan. If it was within the Clan's abilities, he would not say no!

When he made the promise, the entire Trading Island was silenced.

One should know that the Yan Clan was a dominating party of the Trading Island. It could stomp its feet and create an earthquake on the Trading Island. A favor from the Yan Clan! How much was it worth? Nobody could calculate it because it was a value that could not be described by a number!

Thus, when this news travelled around, countless array masters wavered. Even array masters from the other islands rushed to the Yan Clan.

Even though everyone knew very well that an array Master Jiang could not restore was not an array they could fix, faced with the temptation of the award, they all went anyways.

The result was as expected. Within seven days, countless array masters came but none of them could restore the array!

None of them could even repair it by a little bit!

It became obvious just how hard to fix this Array of Unyielding Emotions was.

Currently, the Sun had just risen, spreading down its warm and bright lights.

Inside the Yan Clan and before a clear blue pond, Yan Ning Zhi's features were delicate and graceful. Though she was not wearing a trace of makeup, her beauty was still stunning enough to bewilder a nation. She wore a long light green dress and she let her dark hair fall like a new born fairie would.

She sat right where she wore, holding onto a red and green array board. On it were thin and complicated carvings that appeared highly mysterious and strange.

It was the array board for the Array of Unyielding Emotions.

After all the array masters attempted to fix it but ended up giving up, she took the board back to where she was and wanted to figure out a way to restore it.

Sadly, she overestimated herself.

Three days had passed. She still did not have the slightest idea as to where to begin fixing the array.


Yan Ning Zhi sighed a long sigh. Looking at the carvings, she could not comprehend how there would be an array board so complex.

"How worrisome. Even my Master could not restore it. This is the legacy left by my ancestor, is it going to be ruined in my generation?"

Yan Ning Zhi's face appeared sorrowful. Thinking about the talented and handsome young man, she mumbled, "I wish Ling Xian was here. Even though he's similar in age as me, he is now at the Master stage. If he was here, perhaps he could restore this array."

But quickly, she sighed again and laughed at herself, "My thoughts are running wild. Ling Xian is all the way at Shi Ao Island, why would he come here?"

"Ning Zhi, you are talking about the Heaven's Favorite who's name astonished all 36 islands?"

A low voice suddenly rose. In the next second, two silhouettes appeared before Yan Ning Zhi.

One of them was a middle aged man. His eyes were large with heavy brows. An expensive gold gown covered his broad shoulders, exuding an angry and violent aura.

The other was an elderly. This person was grey haired and was thin in frame. Wearing a white robe, his aura was more similar to an experienced immortal.

The first one was the current clan leader of the Yan Clan, Yan Xiong Fei. The second was the prominent Array Master, Jiang Cheng Zi.

"Father, Master." Yan Ning Zhi stood up and called out to them.

"You've been studying the Array of Unyielding Emotions for a while. How is it going?" Yan Xiong Fei grinned. Though he simply stood there without moving, he still gave others the feeling that he was as stern as a mountain.

Yan Ning Zhi's eyes dimmed as she shook her head, "Not well. It's not going at all."

The former was the current leader of the Yan Clan, Yan Qiong Fei. The second was the prominent array master, Jiang Cheng Zi.

"Aye… I knew that would be the result." Yan Xiong Fei sighed and soothed, "Do not be too troubled. Perhaps it is written in fate that the array is going to end in my hand."

"Yeah, Yan Ning Zhi, do not be troubled by this. I too, have the will, but not the way." Jiang Cheng Zi sighed deeply and gave a wry smile.

As the best array master of the 36 islands, he was utterly worthless against the Array of Unyielding Emotions. How could he not feel bitter?

Noticing his smile, Yan Ning Zhi consoled, "Master, there is no need for you to feel so pressured. The array is an ancient one that's been here for centuries and centuries. It's natural that you cannot restore it to its original state."

"Aye… stop trying to make me feel better. I know very well that the reason why I cannot fix this array is due to a lack of abilities. All other reasons are excuses." Jiang Cheng Zhi sighed. Remembering what was said before, he asked, "Ning Zhi, the Ling Xian you brought up before, is the Heaven's Favorite who shocked the 36 islands two years ago?"

"Yes, that is the one."

Yan Ning Zhi nodded softly. She glowed up from the mentioning of Ling Xian, "Not only is Ling Xian talented in cultivation, he is extraordinary when it comes to ancient arrays as well. I once challenged him, not knowing my own limitations. In the end, all he needed to do was to wave his hand to put me to shame."


Yan Xiong Fei and Jiang Cheng Zi were beyond shocked. They knew Yan Ning Zhi's abilities very well and knew that she was already considered an array master at such a young age.

Yet, that young man simply saved his hand to put her to shame? Just how skillful did he have to be?

"Waved his hand?" Jing Cheng Zi frowned and asked cautiously, "Could it be… Instantaneous Formation?"

"That's right. He is already at that high realm." Yan Ning Zhi nodded smiling. Thinking about his heroic ways back then, her faced flushed red.

"It really was Instantaneous Formation!"

Shock flashed across Yan Xiong Fei's eyes. Though he was not an expert in ancient arrays, he knew what this ability indicated. Especially for someone as young as Ling Xian, it meant he had reached a deep level of realization and also symbolized his unparalleled talent!

Master Jiang on the other hand, shook from shock.

As someone who practiced the art of ancient arrays, he knew better than Yan Xiong Fei hard difficult it was to reach this realm. Even though he also attained the ability of Instantaneous Formation, how old was he?

He was 500 years old!

How old was Ling Xian? A little more than 20!

How could he not be shocked after that?

Seeing how shocked father and Master Jiang were with Ling Xian, Yan Ning Zhi smiled, as if she was the only who petrified these two important figures. When she remembered that Ling Xian was far away in Shi Ao Island, she exclaimed, "Sadly, Master Ling is not here. If he was, I bet he would figure out a way to restore it."

"Aye… yes, it is such a pity." Jiang Cheng Zi sighed. "Even though he may not restore this array completely, but one more array master means one more ray of hope."

Yan Xiong Fei was feeling very pitiful as he said with a frown, "What if I rush to Shi Ao Island right now?"

"It's too late. Going now and coming back will take two months at least. But the array…" Jiang Cheng Zi sighed and spoke this hopeless statement.

"At most, this array can last another three days."

Instantly, the air turned heavy.

"Only three days are left?" Yan Xiong Fei mumbled, "It seems like this array is going to be destroyed on my hand."

"Aye… if only Ling Xian was here." Yan Ning Zhi's eyes flashed with anticipation. But very quickly, it turned dark.

Yan Xiong Fei and Jiang Cheng Zi behaved just the same. They anticipated for Ling Xian's arrival but at the same time, they knew they were simply having a luxurious wish.

Just as the three of them exchanged their sighs, a man dressed like a guard dashed over from far away.

Then, this person said something that brought Yan Ning Zhi into a state of ecstasy.

"Lady, a young man has arrived. He claims to be a faraway friend of yours. His name is Xiang Ling."

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