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A+ A- Chapter 344: Barging In
Three days later, before Ling Jian House's domain.

The Sun hung in the middle of the sky, spreading down warm Sunlight and warming up the endless mountain ranges.

Two guards, wearing green robes with an embroidery of tiny swords on the chest. Their faces carried arrogance.

Ever since the collusion between Ling Jian House and Xuan Yin House and the defeat of the Zi Yang House, the two forces have split Shi Ao Island evenly and became self-pronounced leaders.

As a result, everyone in the two Houses became wealthy and started to behave as if above others. Even these two non-valuable guards were behaving cockily.

Dogs that belong to the common people are dogs, but dogs that belong to the emperor still dogs?


But this dog's status is higher than many human beings!

Currently, these two guards carried long swords on their backs as they stood before the House's entrance with a serious expression on their faces.

When the silhouette in white entered their vision, they became alert.

The man's face was handsome, god like, and gave off a majestic aura. Between his every step, his robe fluttered and his black hair tasseled.

It was Ling Xian.

After he finished his discourse, he bid his farewells to Zi Hua Shang and the others and came to the House of Ling Jian. He planned to do one last thing for the House of Zi Yang.

To put it bluntly, he was here to make

a scene.

His intention was to distract Li Jian and make him think that the Zi Yang descendants were no longer living on Shi Ao Island. This was the only way for them to stop the raiding and for Ling Xian to leave peacefully.

"Stop right there!"

As they watched Ling Xian head straight to the door, the two of them shouted as they placed their hands on their sheaths in preparation to attack.

However, Ling Xian continued his slow steps as if he never noticed them. He headed towards them.

"How gutsy!" The two men hissed as spiritual energy seeped through their bodies and edged closer to Ling Xian.

However, Ling Xian remained calm and emotionless. Despite the change in atmosphere, he didn't even blink.

It was as if he was facing two ants, not two people.

Reality was just that. To today's Ling Xian, two cultivators in the ninth level were no different to him than ants.

He was here to make a scene today anyways. Why would he ever stop his steps because he was told to?

"You sure do not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is! You dare to disregard us! You are seeking death!" one young man screamed as he pulled out his long sword that glistened with killer's intent.

"Hmmph, there is no need to waste words with him. Whoever dares to barge into the House of Ling Jian, deserves to die!" The other young man

man took out his sword and inched closer to Ling Xian coldly.

Under the sunny light rays, the two swords were more blinding than usual.

Seeing this, Ling Xian grinned. He remained calm as he walked towards the two of them.

"You sure do not afraid of death." The young man on the left coldly snickered. He had been guarding this door for a few years and had never met someone who ignored him.

Especially after the Ling Jian House destroyed the House of Zi Yang, every single cultivator who visited had been coming with gifts. Even those rather powerful forces never dared to be rude before them. But before him was someone who was ignoring him. How could he not be angry?


After a loud shout, the young man raised his right hand and his sword sliced across the sky and aimed right at Ling Xian's head.

Two people, two swords, using their number as their advantage, they attempted their attacks.

"How tactical." Ling concealed a smile as he faced against the two people's attacks. He did not play any tricks and merely walked forward.

Seeing this, the two guards grew arrogant. They were certain that their move would grant them with Ling Xian's heads.

However, the next second, their expressions froze.

Because by this second, Ling Xian had walked up to these two. Their bodies had been locked in right where they were. The two swords were frozen in midair as well.
Instantly, the hair

the hair on their heads stood up on their ends as their faces revealed how terrified they were.

The reason why they were not shaking was because their bodies were petrified by the strange wave of power. Their bodies would definitely be shaking if that wasn't the case.

"Don't be too cocky of a human being if you have no capabilities."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he walked past the two and entered the House without glancing back.

The strange wave of power suddenly disappeared and the two of them regained their freedom.

The next second, however, they both puked out a mouthful of blood as they stared at Ling Xian in shock.

"W…What a terrifying person."

Sweat dripped down their necks. Their swords shook, their bodies shook, their entire beings were shaking.

"Do… do we pursue?" The young man on the right gulped and asked reluctantly.

"Pursue my ass! Why would we pursue someone so terrifying? Not killing us was already him being kind." The young man on the left swore as he watched Ling Xian leave. All he could feel was regret and fear.

Though they were now free and their swords were still in their hands, they had lost all courage to pursue.

"Ling Jian House…"

Looking at the three giant letters on door of the House, Ling Xian's lips curled up. He lifted his right hand and slammed!


Instantly, the door shattered into pieces.

Then, Ling Xian took giant steps took giant steps and walked into the House.


The moment he stepped in, an earth shattering bell rung. The noise of it was as loud as if a giant had slammed into it!

An invisible sound wave radiated throughout the House. Every single cultivator stopped what they were doing as they traced towards the origin of the noise. They eyes were full of shock.

Every person who was a part of the Ling Jian House understood the meaning of the bell.

It was a warning bell that hung high above the House's entrance door. Normally, it did not make a single noise. Only under one circumstance did it ring.

It was when someone barged into the House.

"The warning bell rang! Someone has shattered our entrance. Are they trying to provoke us?"

"Who has such guts? Who is invading the Ling Jian House in such an outrageous manner? They must be impatient and want to die!"

"Dammit. Barging into the Ling Jian House in such a way is humiliating. No matter who he is, I will chop him into pieces!"

Angry roar one after another echoed in every corner of the Ling Jian House. Everyone was enraged and their killer's instincts were flaring. All of them flew towards the main entrance in fast speed.

Just as everyone made his move, the Supreme Headmaster of the Ling Jian House shouted in a volume that was even louder than the bell.

"Who dares to barge into my House of Ling Jian! Death awaits!"

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