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A+ A- Chapter 339: A Small Obstacle
The Sun had set, it was nighttime.

Before the cave entrance, the crane was shivering on the ground and did not dare to move from the kneeling position.

The gorilla and snow tiger were the same. Fear flashed across their eyes as they kneeled on the ground to greet the victor.

Even though that threatening atmosphere had long dispersed, the three kings were still trembling from head to toe and did not dare to straighten their bodies.

It was obvious just how scared they were.

Just as the three kings were mentally fighting themselves, a noise rose inside the cave, startling them. They looked up in unison.

They were greeted with a silhouette who was slowly marching out.

This person was wearing a robe as white as snow. His hair was jet black and not any waves of energy was seeping out of him. He appeared just like an ordinary mortal. Yet his temperament was naturally magnetic and profound, as if fused with heaven and the earth, he was hard to read.

The way he marched was rhythmic and graceful. He was one with the sky and with the earth. He was impossible to calculate, impossible to see through, just like a celestial being.

Immediately, the three kings shook even harder. They lowered their heads and did not dare to look into Ling Xian's eyes.

"Why are you so afraid of me?" Ling Xian grinned, "I am not a monster. Raise your heads."

"Hehe, thank you Master." The Gorilla King laughed and flattered,

"Congratulations, congratulations. Even though I am not sure how far you've gone, but I am certain you are stronger than before."

"Yes, yes." San Bai chimed in, "The Master before definitely gave me a feeling of fear. But never like this. Before you, I don't even dare to breathe."

"That's right. Even though Master looks like an ordinary being, the way you move is so profound and hard to read."Er Hong's red face was apologetic as it joined the flattery.

"Alright, stop with this. I have no time for this." Ling Xian waved his hands with a mile, "You want me gone as soon as possible. I will leave now."

"Says who? Why would I ever want Master to leave?" Da Hei faked an angry face, but on the inside, it was smiling like a flower.

"Oh, so you don't want me to leave?" Ling Xian teased.

Da Hei's heart skipped a beat and realized the situation was not playing in his favor. But since he already spoke the words, he had to continue, "Of course we don't want you gone. We haven't seen you for so long, you need to stay for a while so we can take care of you."

"I see…" Ling Xian's lips curled up, "Since you are so kind, then I will grant you an opportunity."

Of course…

Da Hei's tears washed its face. It guessed Ling Xian might say that and it wanted to slap itself as a reminder to never talk so much again.

"Haha, okay, I will stop teasing you." Ling Xian grinned, "Live

"Live your life freely now. I will leave."

He then parted his legs and walked towards the Forest of Purple Bamboos.

Seeing this, Da Hei was relieved and San Bai exhaled deeply. Thinking that this terrifying demon was finally gone.

Er Hong's reaction was the most exaggerated. It sat onto the ground as its body shook. It was already afraid of Ling Xian fining out its plan and was living with its heart at its throat. Now that the demon was leaving without causing it trouble, it naturally felt at peace again.

"Phew… finally we got rid of that terrifying demon."

Da Hei watched Ling Xian disappear, and the heavy rock on its chest finally fell to the ground.


The Sun sprayed down light red rays that lit up the dense forest.

Before a crystal clear pond, three 20 year old young men and a beautiful young woman fell to the ground. Every single one of them appeared pale and desperation was sparkling in their eyes.

These people wore red robes and a purple cloud was embroidered on their right chests. It was the symbol for being a Zi Yang descendant. It was obvious that they were the survivors Ling Xian saved.

Against this group stood a golden haired lion. Just like a tiny mountain, it stood there, while displaying the Qi of the foundational level.

Without a doubt, the relationship between them was of prey and predator. However, their roles seemed to be reversed this time.

"Hehe, I am so lucky." The gold lion

gold lion spoke the human language and licked its lips with its red tongue, "I cannot believe that after breaking through to the eighth realm, a few humans would show up at my door. Is this a gift from god?"

The considerably handsome young man sneered as he tightened his grip on the meter long sword. He planned to fight till death against this lion. However, the moment he stood up, he felt his ears ring and collapsed back onto the ground.

The others stabilized him in a hurt.

"Wang Xiang, you are too hurt. Stop pushing yourself."

"Yeah, this lion is too strong. We are no opponents."

"Aye, let's give up. We are unlucky and encountered eighth realm beast here."

Their tone was full of desperation and fear.


Wang Xiang shouted. Using the sword as a cane, he stood up with difficulty. His voice was determined, "When the House of Zi Yang was being taken over, I couldn't protect everyone nor the House. Today, I will use my life to protect your lives."

Hearing this, the other four fell into silence. Remembering the grim scene from two years ago, their hot blood rushed to their heads.

"Leader is right. Back then, we had no abilities. Even though I am still weak, I will not give up!"

"Yes, let's all attack together. Even if I die, I would prefer that than sitting here doing nothing!"

"Yes! I rather die standing up than die kneeling and begging!"

Everyone's fighting desire was ignited by Wang Xiang's words. They pushed words. They pushed themselves to stand up and battle against the gold lion's attacks.

"Hmmph, a group of ants who don't know their own capabilities." The golden lion snickered and did not think anything of them. "Human flesh is most tasty. Sadly I haven't encountered any in so many years. Now I get to eat five of you, this really is a great gift from the Gods."

As soon as he finished speaking, a dominating Qi rolled out in all four directions and slammed into the five people.


All five of them puked out fresh blood before being flung out into the distance. They were now even more hopeless.

"Hehe, a gift from God. Let me eat you all." The golden lion once again licked its lips with its red tongue as it marched towards the five of them.

However, it only managed to step forward once when it heard a frigid statement.

"I will give you three seconds to get the hell out of here."

Then, a white shadow broke through thin air and appeared before the golden lion.

The golden lion stopped moving.

The paw it stepped out was retracted by the lion. Staring at the white shadow, its eyes were filled with fear!

This is….

My god!

How did I run into this terrifying demon!

The golden lion cried without tears. Its body began to shake from extreme terror!

At this moment, he felt like that those five people were not a gift from gods. But a curse sent by heavens!

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