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This place was the home of ancient trees, uneven hills, and endless mountain valleys.

A year ago, before Ling Xian left for the House of Zi Yang, he had inspected this place. He also beat up all the beasts here. Even the strongest beasts, the leaders of the pack, was afraid of him.

Therefore, after Ling Xian shouted into the mountains, all the monsters were petrified and felt unsettled. Even the kings of the beasts were shaking as they searched for the voice, and hesitated whether they should go or not.

To the beasts with consciousness and intelligence, Ling Xian was the monster. A monster they deeply feared.

The nightmare from a year ago was still vivid in their minds. When they subconsciously remember the demon like silhouette, they began to shake and wanted to pass out from fear.


The beasts roared one after another. They were not trying to scare off the enemy, rather, they were trying to alert their friends that the monster was here and to run away.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how afraid they were.

Listening to the fidgeting roars, Ling Xian laughed helplessly and shook his head. He didn’t kill any beasts back then, why are they so afraid?

He forgot one thing. Even though he never took a beast’s life, he has beaten up all beasts with capabilities.

Therefore, every beast here was scared of him. The moment they heard his voice, they became unsettled and ran like crazy.

They were scared that if they run too slow, Ling Xian would capture them and beat them up.

"Is it really necessary to be so scared…" Ling Xian chuckled. He frowned when he realized the three kings have yet to show. He shouted again.

"Da Hei, Er Hong, San Bai, get over here!"

His voice, explosive like a bomb, shattered the mountains and echoed throughout space.

Immediately, three giant shadows rushed over from afar and arrived before Ling Xian.

The first silhouette was similar to a gorilla. It had long arms, bloody shot eyes. Its black fur was shiny and silky. Every time it moved, the mountains shook.

The second silhouette was a scarlet crane. It had a pointy and thin beak, and its feathers were like flames. Every time it flapped its wings, a wind blew and pressed against the surrounding trees.

The third silhouette was a snow tiger. Its fur was as white as snow. The way it stood there was like a heavy mountain.

These three beasts were the most powerful of the pack. Every single one of them was of the eight realm and was highly respected by all beasts here. They have become known as the three kings of the beasts. They were the King of the Gorillas, the King of Cranes, and the King of Tigers.

But, Ling Xian preferred the names Da Hei, Er Hong, and San Bai*.

Originally, the three kings protested against these names and angrily rebelled. But every time that happened, they ended up being beaten up by Ling Xian.

Right now, the three kings very unwillingly walking towards Ling Xian. Though they appeared normal, if one observed carefully, one could see that their bodies were shaking.

What could they do? Ling Xian was too overpowering.

"Da Hei, Er Hong, San Bai, we meet again." Ling Xian smiled so wide his eyes turned into slits. "How have you been?"

How have you been?

What a useless statement! Without your cruelty, your torture, your ruthlessness, of course, we have been well.

The three kings silently said to themselves. But they would never dare to speak this out loud. They could only cry silently.


Why is the demon back!

It’s over. Relaxing days are over. The cloudy days are back…

The three kings began to cry silently and glanced at each other. They saw the helplessness and anger in each other’s eyes.


Ling Xian frowned. "Why aren’t you answering? How have you been?"

Instantly, Da Hei pulled a face uglier than its crying one. It stuttered, "Thanks… thanks to you, we… we’ve been well."

"Yeah, we have been doing well." Er Hong and San Bai chimed in.

"Good. But why are you all pulling an ugly sad face? Aren’t you happy to see me?" Ling Xian teased, knowing that these beasts were cursing him.

"Nononono…" Da Hei waved its hand and forced a smile, "How’s that possible? Meeting you, master, is like meeting a long-lost family member. How can I not be happy?"

"Exactly, Master, you are like our parent. We want to see you daily. How can we not be happy." Er Hong and San Bai continued.

"You want to see me every day?"

Ling Xian curled his lips, "Okay. Since you want to see me so badly. I will not leave this time."

The three kings were stunned. Like being struck by lightning, they were dumbfounded by this statement!

Not leaving?

Your mom!

The three kings cursed silently. They felt a deep rush of depression that has rooted them into the ground, and they cannot pull themselves out.


Why did I say such useless things?!

Er Hong and San Bai were even sadder and wanted to slap themselves.

Watching the angry expressions of the three kings, Ling Xian laughed out loud. "Okay. I will stop teasing you now. I will stay for a while, then I will leave."

The three kings’ gazes exploded with happiness as if hearing the best news of the century.

"Hehe, Master, what are you talking about? It’s like you think we don’t want you here." The king of gorillas laughed and pounded its chest. "Now that you are on our land, you cannot just leave right away. You have to stay for at least a few years so we can take care of you."

"Really? Da Hei, you are so kind." Ling Xian smiled. "Okay, then I will stay a few years and enjoy you taking care of me."


Da Hei was stunned. He didn’t think his casual statement would attract such trouble.

[This cunning human…]

Er Hong and San Bai silently said. They felt like they were being pinned to the ground and cannot move.

"Okay, I will really stop now." Ling Xian grinned, "Da Hei, go find me a cave that is empty. I am going to go into isolation this time and have a breakthrough. Afterwards, I will leave and never bother you again."

"You mean it?!"

Da Hei became high spirited again as Er Hong, and San Hei’s eyes glistened. Their ears leaned closer for further instruction.

"When have I ever lied to you?" Ling Xian stared them down.

Goddamn, you have the audacity to make that claim?

You lied to us many times…

The three kings didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. But again, they only thought of this silently and kept on faking their friendly faces.

"Of course, of course. Master, you have always been a man of your words." Da Hei’s face was drowning in his desire to keep Ling Xian happy.

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