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Inside the Yun Clan’s Manor in the City of the Sun.

The giant Sun was hanging high in the sky, draping down warm and bright light, shedding a halo on top of this grand and majestic manor.

In front of the manor door, stood two dark-skinned and sturdy looking men. Though the energy seeping through them was not all that powerful, the arrogance on his face made it seem like he was a completion leveled cultivator.

This was considered normal. Ever since the Yun Clan overtook the other three major Clans in the city, they had been dominating the City of the Sun. In other words, in the City of the Sun, the Yun Clan had been acting like the God who was in control of everything.

For this reason, everyone in the Yun Clan became arrogant. Even the two guards, who have the smallest role in the Clan, were acting as if nobody was good enough for them.

Currently, the two of them were leaning against the stone lions before the door, and gossiping about recent rumors.

"I heard two days ago, the two misses came back. They also brought a huge group of people." One of the two said mysteriously, "Every single one of them was wounded. I wonder what the story behind that is."


The other stocky man put his index finger to his lips and hissed, "You wanna die? Have you not heard the other rumor from two days ago?"

"What rumor? Why are you so nervous?"

"What rumor? Why are you so nervous?" the first man revealed a questioning look.

"You don’t know sh*t!"

The guy shouted then quickly glanced left to right. After confirming that nobody was around, he sighed in relief and pounded his own chest, "I heard that twenty days ago, the Shi Ao Island had a rattling change. The Xuan Yin House and the Ling Jian House formed a collusion and exterminated the House of Zi Yang."


The stocky man gasped. Slowly realizing the background of that group of people, he subconsciously covered his own mouth as he began to perspire.

The extermination of the House of Zi Yang… the sudden return of the misses… a group of wounded cultivators…

Linking these three events together, if he still doesn’t realize what was happening, he would be considered a dumb*ss.

"Now you know why I told you to shut up," the other man whispered.

"Yes, yes." The stocky man nodded and did not dare to discuss it again.

"Remember, this is not something we can discuss. If the news gets passed around, the Clan leader will not let us go," The other man said with a serious expression.

The stocky man nodded again and said in a low voice, "Do not worry. I will let this rot in my stomach and never speak a word of it."

As the two of them continued their chat, a young man in white slowly walked by and stood before the two.

This person’s visage was handsome, fresh, and well-polished. His temperament was naturally relaxed, handsome, and extraordinary.

On his back, he carried a black coffin that was cold and lifeless.

It was Ling Xian.

After parting from the few completion leveled cultivators, he headed towards the Yun Clan. However, through his trip, his internal injuries worsened, and he had to find a cave to heal himself.

After 20 days, his wounds finally healed and he used the other two days to arrive at the City of the Sun.

"I have finally arrived."

Looking at the grand manor, Ling Xian softly grinned and walked towards the door. However, the moment he stepped forward, the two men stopped him.

"Stop, who are you?" One man yelled out.

Ling Xian glared at the two of them and saw their arrogant expressions. He frowned uncontrollably. "You have no rights to know who I am. Go away."


The stocky man in black sneered, "I have no right? Who do you think are you? You haven't even given your name, and you want to enter the Yun Clan? Is this place somewhere you can enter at will?"

"When did people in the Yun Clan become so presumptuous?" Ling Xian frowned. He didn’t feel like dealing with them and marched onto the stone step.

Realizing that Ling Xian didn’t see anything of them, the stocky man in black became even more unfriendly. Even though he was merely a guard without any status in the Yun Clan, after the Yun Clan took over the City of the Sun, he became cocky as well.

Everyone who visits has been respectful towards him and even bribe him with spiritual stones at times. As this went on for a while, he became rather arrogant, as if everyone who visits needs to bribe him.

But now, Ling Xian didn’t grant him anything but instead, ignored him. He even marched onto the stone step. This angered him.

"You sure do not know how high the sky is, you are seeking death." The man in black laughed vilely. He then raised a hand to hit Ling Xian.

However, as soon as his hand extended, another hand landed on his face.


After a crisp noise, the man in black flew backward and his buck teeth fell to the ground.

The one who made this move was not Ling Xian, but Yun Yan’s father, Yun Jing Lei.

Right now, Yun Jing Lei’s face was enraged. The way he stared at the collapsed man was grim to the extreme.

He did not ever expect that on his way to run errands, he would encounter Ling Xian, the man whom he respected very much. Even more than that, he could not believe that he would see this scene that made his hair on their ends the moment he walked out the door.

A guard dared to make a move against Master Ling?!

[What the f*ck!]

Yun Jing Lei cursed silently. [What a dumbass bastard who deserves to die. Who can’t you bully? Yet you choose to pick on Master Ling? My god, do you not know who he is?]

Yun Jing Lei cried a tearless cry. He felt the sky spinning as if the entire Clan was falling on top of him. He was terrified that Ling Xian would hate him because of this event. Even worse, what if he hates the entire Yun Clan!

Remember, the Yun Clan only has the glory it does today because of Ling Xian!

One could make the claim that if there were no Ling Xian, there would be no Yun Clan. If Ling Xian didn’t kill the Chen, Chu, and Wei Clans, how could the Yun Clan absorb the other three clans and achieve what it has achieved today?

Therefore, everyone was thankful towards Ling Xian, and very much admired him.

When Yun Jing Lei saw how the servants of the Clan treated Ling Xian, he was mortified!


The man in black held onto his swollen cheek and stared at the furious Yun Jing Lei sluggishly. He could not understand why he would react so angrily.

The other guard was dumbfounded as well. Peeking at Yun Jing Lei and then at Ling Xian, he seemed to have realized something.

"Dammit, watch me kill your dumb*ss!"

Seeing the questioning way the man was looking at him, Yun Jing Lei was even angrier. He raised a leg and aimed it at the man, wanting to kill him to avenge Ling Xian.

However, as he stepped forward, a calm voice rose.

"Master of the Yun Clan, let it go."

Instantly, Yun Jing Lei stopped himself and turned around. His gaze was suspicious.

"I said let it go," Ling Xian repeated himself quietly.

With his status, there was no need for him to deal with matters like this. To put it bluntly, he had a broad heart and far sight. He didn’t think anything of the stocky man.

"You truly are Master Ling. What a big heart," Yun Jing Lei complimented and bowed at Ling Xian."I am sorry, I did not train my servants well. They have offended you. I hope you will forgive me."

"It does not matter. It does not concern you." Ling Xian waved his hand and glared at the stocky man. "Remember, treating others kindly is like treating yourself kindly. Even if you have no enemies in the world, don’t be too arrogant."

When he finished speaking, he no longer paid attention to Yun Jing Lei and marched into the Yun Clan manor.

Seeing this, Yun Jing Lei stared down the two guards and followed.

However, he did not walk beside Ling Xian. Instead, he walked behind. He even curled his body to show his respect.

As for the two guards, when they heard Yun Jing Lei say "Master Ling", they were petrified.

Even though they’ve never seen Ling Xian in person, they were very familiar with his name. The mention of his name could make them deaf!

Oh my god, that was the legendary Master Ling?

The guard who was slapped by Yun Jing Lei was drowning in fear. Every time he remembered he fought against Ling Xian, his body quivered as his fear reached an extreme point.

"It was Master Ling… oh my god. You are so lucky." The other guard exhaled in relief, feeling lucky that he didn’t make a move himself.

"Yeah, Master Ling’s heart is so big. If it were anyone else, they would’ve slapped me to death." The man in black chuckled in pain as his heart filled with regret and shame.

At the same time, he swore to himself that he would remember what Ling Xian said to him.

He will follow what he was told until the end of his life. He dared not to be arrogant.


Inside the greeting hall of the Yun manor, Ling Xian sat in the front seat holding onto an aromatic cup of tea.

Below him, Yun Jing Lei stood in the center of the greeting hall. He lowered his head and did not dare to look at Ling Xian directly in the face.

To know that the Yun Clan today was on top of the food chain and was the only Clan in the City of the Sun. As the leader of the Yun Clan, his ranking was very high and almost unmatchable.

Yet now, he didn’t even want to breathe. It was obvious how much respect he had towards Ling Xian.

"There is no need to be so reserved. I am not a human eating devil." Ling Xian sipped on his tea and smiled. "Have a seat."


Yun Jing Lei nodded and slowly sat on a chair, his face still showed how reserved he was.

Seeing this, Ling Xian chuckled. "This is your house. Why are you being so reserved?"

Yun Jing Lei awkwardly laughed, thinking, well it is my house, but since you are sitting there, how can I act erratically.


Ling Xian shook his head helplessly. He knew that with capabilities, he caused fear with cultivators like Yun Jing Lei.

Therefore, he felt too lazy to say anymore and changed the subject. "Is senior brother Yun doing well?"

"My father…"

Yun Jing Lei spoke out softly, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by loud laughter.

"Haha, thanks to you, I have been very comfortable and happy."

Along with the eruption of crisp laughter, a grey-haired elderly appeared in the hall.

It was the pillar of the Yun Clan, Yun Hai.

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