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On the ground, Ling Xian appeared calm and emotionless. In reality, however, his heart was filled with powerlessness and desires.

Powerless towards Zi Dong Lai’s death, desiring after strength.


Ling Xian tightened his fists as he silently repeated this word inside his head again and again. His gaze became more and more determined.

Completion level is a place he has to reach!

"Ehem… Ehem…"

Zi Dong Lai was puking mouthfuls of blood. He seemed to have noticed Ling Xian’s helplessness as he forced a smile and said, "Ling Xian, you don’t owe the House of Zi Yang anything. On the contrary, the House owes you far too much. Do not even think about avenging for us. This responsibility is not something you should hold onto."

"I shouldn’t?"

Ling Xian frowned but quickly understood what Zi Dong Lai wanted. He nodded respectfully, "Headmaster, I understand. I will guide your son and daughter into rebuilding the House of Zi Yang and avenge you."

Zi Dong Lai immediately smiled. "Ling Xian, thank you. If there is a next life… ehem… ehem… Even if I have to work like a horse, I will repay you."

His coughs intensified as his breathing weakened. He cannot hold on much longer.

"I can’t seem to endure much longer…" Zi Dong Lai bitterly chuckled. He tightly held onto Ling Xian’s sleeve and pleaded, "Ling Xian, I have one last thing to ask of you. You have to make sure Hua Shang and Ying Xiong…"

However, before he could speak the rest of the sentence, his head tilted to one side, and the hand that was once holding tightly onto Ling Xian’s sleeve dropped to his side. He took his last breath.

Ling Xian understood what Zi Dong Lai wanted to say. He wanted Zi Hua Shang and Zi Ying Xiong to rebuild the House of Zi Yang.

"Aye, Headmaster, go on your way peacefully. I will teach your son and daughter well, and the House of Zi Yang will find its glory again." Ling Xian exhaled deeply. He extended his right hand and brushed Zi Dong Lai’s eyes closed. He then held onto his dead body and began to walk.

One of the reasons he stayed behind here was to leave with Zi Dong Lai’s body. At the very least, he wanted all the survivors to take one last peek at their Supreme Headmaster.

However, before he could even take two steps, two silhouettes descended from the sky and blocked his way.

"Hehe, there was a road open for you in heaven yet you chose to take a stroll in hell."

Ning Wu Ji smiled coldly as he stared at the handsome youth. "If you had left just now, we wouldn’t have found a way to make you stay. But you didn’t leave. How stupid are you."

"Ling Xian, give up and admit your defeat. I can spare your life if you do so." Li Jian’s expression was stone cold as he pointed at Ling Xian with his long sword. He locked in his target.

"Spare my life?"

Ling Xian revealed a taunting smile. "First you will handicap me, then you will let me go, am I right?"

"Smart. You are too dangerous. We would never let an enemy with endless potential live in this world." Li Jian curved his lips as he revealed just how confident he was about winning. He continued, "Ling Xian, I don’t know whether to call you arrogant or stupid. You brought yourself to my door."

"Arrogant? Stupid?"

Ling Xian softly shook his head. The fact that he chose to help a group of people escape was not out of arrogance or stupidity. He only did what he did because he had the confidence to do so.

Even though he cannot kill any completion leveled powerhouses, nobody could stop him either.

This was the confidence he had as the victor of the foundational level!

"Brother, let’s not waste any more time with this person. Let’s end him." Ning Wu Ji smiled gloomily.

Li Jian nodded softly. "Ling Xian, enjoy hell."

In a flash, his sword began to emit gold lights that headed towards Ling Xian.

At the same time, Ning Wu Ji attacked with his talons. Ten claws howled out of him with the intention of ripping the sky apart!

Faced with two completion powerhouses’ aggression, Ling Xian’s eyes flashed, and his Wings appeared!

The pure white wings hid a part of the Sun. Between every flutter, snow-white feathers dropped down to the ground, gracefully and innocently.

"Li Jian Yi, Ning Wu Ji, you two are incapable of keeping me here."

As soon as he finished speaking, Ling Xian grasped onto Zi Dong Lai’s corpse. His wings then quivered, and he escaped out of the barrier the two enemies tried to trap him in.

However, Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji were completion levels after all. Though they were impressed by Ling Xian’s speed, they weren’t slow themselves.

As Ling Xian brushed shoulders with them, they attacked again.


The sword sliced across the sky, bedazzling the nine continents and shocking the world with its sharpness.

The talons howled as the gold light they emitted blinded people and showed them their killer instincts!


Ling Xian coldly sneered. He knew that if he turned around and defended with techniques, he would never be able to leave this place. Therefore, he chose to summon the Armor of the Royal Spirits.

An infinite amount of heavenly light expanded across the sky. The Armor was known to be able to stop three thousand demons and was of top quality. However, the attacking parties were two completion leveled powerhouses. Unless Ling Xian was a completion himself, the Armor could not defend.


After a groundbreaking rumble, the two attacks landed on Ling Xian. Blood began to drip from the corner of his lips.

However, he did not slow down. He remained agile, like the wind in a storm, like lightning thrashing down from the clouds, he flew at the speed of light.


The Winged Blitz, living up to its name, was unimaginably fast.

Especially now that Ling Xian was the victor of the foundational level, the speed of these Wings fastened. Like a shooting star, he left a trail behind but soon disappeared.

"Hmmph, so what you’ve got speed? I will kill you nonetheless!"

Ning Wu Ji formed a hand seal. An infinite amount of dark clouds rolled out from all directions and completely engulfed the shadow before him.

Instantly, Ling Xian frowned. As if he had fallen in mud, he couldn’t help but slow down.

Following that attack, a sharp sword dashed across and aimed at his forehead.

"Hmmph, f*ck off!"

Ling Xian sneered as he summoned the Halberd of the Divine Warrior. Using his ultimate weapon, he swept it in all direction in an unstoppable manner!


The Sword and the Halberd met each other, and the rays of light were instantly dispersed by the Halberd. However, Ling Xian stumbled backward three steps, and his blood began to boil.

From the series of battles he has engaged in, he was heavily wounded internally. He has been repressing it, which was why it hasn’t been too obvious to his enemies. After all, he has yet to reach the completion level. To have endured till now as a foundational cultivator was a miracle itself.

This was apparent based on the expressions on the completion leveled cultivator’s faces.

Every single one of them appeared as shocked as ever. Staring at the Ling Xian, who ignited another battle against the two completion powerhouses, their gazes became complex.

There was astonishment, shock, and even depression.

"Wow… Ling Xian.. to have fought completion cultivators as a foundational. How heaven-defying." San Ye sighed.

"To be honest, if it were me, I would not have held on till now." The studious man played with his fan. The teasing smile on his face had been long gone. All that was left was heavy shock.

"You are only watching this person’s capability. But I have seen his character." A white-haired elder suddenly spoke, acquiring everyone’s attention at once.

Under everyone’s questioning stare, the elder muttered, "Based on what I know, Ling Xian is merely an Honorable Guest of the Zi Yang House. He does not need to give a damn about the House of Zi Yang. With his capabilities, he could’ve drawn the line between himself and the House and left right away. Nobody could’ve stopped him. Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji are not dumb enough to stop a victor of the foundational level."

Pausing, he then continued, "But Ling Xian did not leave. Not only did he help the survivors, but he also used his own body to stop these pursuers. Now he is even putting his own life on the line. He wants to bring Zi Dong Lai’s corpse with him. Does this not prove his character?"

Hearing this, everyone became silent. After a long while, these completion leveled cultivators sighed deeply as their admiration deepened.

"A victor of the foundational level who cares deeply about his personal relationships. This kind of character really is rare."

"Yes, in the Taoism world where everyone betrays another for one’s own benefit, it is very rare to see someone like him."

"That’s right. I want Ling Xian in my House more and more now. A Heaven’s Favorite whose capability and potential are just as strong as his character – whichever House gets him will for sure be able to remain glorious for decades to come!"

Everyone issued their opinions with heated gazes. They badly wanted to bring Ling Xian back to their Houses right now.

"If that’s the case then what is everyone waiting for?" the elderly suddenly spoke with a faint smile, "If we don’t move fast, this Heaven’s Favorite will likely die here."

The powerhouses were startled but quickly realized the situation. They reacted by flying into the dense black fog.

"Everyone, let's make our moves together!"

The white-haired elder shouted as he formed a hand seal.

At the same time, the rest of the completion cultivators all displayed their best techniques.


There were five completion powerhouses, and every single one of them came from top political forces. Their capabilities were naturally very overbearing. Now that they were making their moves together, it was heaven shattering!

Instantly, the black fog dispersed and the three people’s silhouette could be seen again.

"Ehem… ehem.." Ling Xian’s black hair was now draping down his back as his lips continued to bleed. He looked very fatigued.

This was normal. He was already heavily wounded, but he came back for Zi Dong Lai’s body. To have endured until now without dying was something unbelievable already.

Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji were not much better. They were all slightly wounded, and their breathing was irregular.


Ning Wu Ji swore. Thinking that he was working with another person, but they cannot end a wounded foundational cultivator, he became enraged. At the same time, however, he felt astonished.

Li Jian Yi was the same. But he was a lot more collected than Ning Wu Ji. He very much knew that it was no time to be angry. Thus, he shifted his gaze towards the five completion cultivators. "Brothers, are you perhaps, trying to protect this person?"

"That’s right." The studious man fluttered his fan softly and uttered out a statement that left no room for arguments.

"Headmaster Li, let him go."

Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji’s faces dimmed. They could tell how unfriendly this man’s tone was and saw the killer’s instinct on the five completion leveled cultivators’ faces.

They remained silent and did not speak.

After a while, Li Jian Yi and Ning Wu Ji exchanged glances and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

"Aye, what can we do? We will do as you say."

Li Jian Yi sighed. Facing the threat from five completion powerhouses, unless he puts his life on the line, he had to comply.

Hearing this, Ling Xian sighed in relief. The crisis he was in finally passed.

This whole situation finally came to an end.

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