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A+ A- Chapter 319: Physical Fight against two Completions
In the sky, Li Jian held onto the three-meter sword, his silhouette like an immortal, moved Heaven and Earth with every strike. His sword was incomparably sharp and powerful!


The sword sliced across the sky like a rainbow and aimed at Ling Xian!

At the same time, Ning Wu Ji spun around and a dark fog formed around him. He planned to intrude and finish Ling Xian off using his fast speed.

Instantly, Ling Xian’s stress multiplied.

However, he has cultivated for a long time and has experienced hundreds of battles. He was very diversely experienced. Therefore, he was not at all flustered. His Sword of Extinction continued to exude bloody lights that counterstruck the gold sword. Then, his left hand formed a fist and he swung at Ning Wu Ji!


After a loud rumble, Li Jian and Ning Wu Ji stumbled back three steps. On the other side, Ling Xian stumbled back four.

After all, these two were powerhouses of the completion level. No matter how dominating Ling Xian was, he would never acquire the advantage. At the end of the day, it was two versus one.

To have been able to fight against two completion level and force them back three steps was already something unbelievable.

This was made apparent by Ning Wu Ji’s facial expression.

"Victor of the foundational level?"

Ning Wu Ji’s expression changed slightly, finally realizing the extent of Ling Xian’s cultivation. Shock flashed across his eyes as he mumbled, "No wonder. This person had ten rebuttals against you and did not back down."

"That’s right. Once a cultivator enters the undefeatable realm, their Qi changes in property. In terms of offensive abilities, he is closely behind us." Li Jian nodded, shock remained on his face.

"Phew… no wonder he challenged us. He had some confidence."

Ning Wu Ji breathed out some murky air. Looking at the handsome youth across from him, he chuckled, "Hehe, this is so interesting. It’s been many many years since there has been someone in the undefeatable realm of the foundational level on Shi Ao Island. I didn’t think I’d encounter one today. Perfect. I have yet to kill a Heaven’s Favorite of the undefeatable realm. I sure want to have a taste of that."

As he spoke, he stuck out his bright red tongue and licked his own lips. The killer’s desire on his face became denser.

Ling Xian frowned, feeling disgusted. "If you want to try, then try. But be careful not to end up losing your own life."

"Hehe, fella. Don’t act like you can think nothing of us just because you broke through to the undefeatable realm." Ning Wu Ji chuckled. "Let me show you the difference between completion and foundational today. Even if you are a victor, you cannot run away."

The moment his voice faded, the black fog around him intensified. He formed a fist with his right hand and dashed towards Ling Xian.


The black fog tumbled and shook the air from all around him. Ning Wu Ji’s punch was awe-inspiring!

At the same time, Li Jian formed a hand seal and pointed his blade at the sky. A faint gold light shot out, summoning millions of light rays similar to shooting stars and aimed them at Ling Xian.

The sharp and intense light was packed with killer’s instinct, and changed the facial expression of everyone there.

Ling Xian frowned. Faced with the suppression of the two powerhouses, he extended his hands and clasped them together. As if two worlds were colliding, the entire universe turned into chaos!


Ling Xian’s closed up palms formed a mysterious seal. It was the technique he had just acquired – God Inhibition Spell!

Instantly, those hundreds of

light rays froze in midair. However, Ning Wu Ji’s fist was unaffected as it headed straight for Ling Xian’s chest again.

"Hmmph, without the help of Li Jian’s blade, why would I be afraid of your fist?" Ling Xian sneered. His right fist exuded bright gold lights, then, he smashed!


The fists met. Ning Wu Ji’s facial expression changed again. He did not think Ling Xian’s physique was just as dominating. However, he was a powerhouse of the completion level and far more experienced.

The moment the two fists clashed, his left hand transformed into a giant talon, much like a bird’s, and clawed at Ling Xian’s chest.


Ling Xian frowned. He too, lifted his right arm, planning to defend against the talon with his fist.

He underestimated the completion-leveled powerhouse.

This claw sparkled and turned gold while in midair. It exuded a terrifying Qi. Luckily, before Ling Xian’s fist met his, the claw already landed on his chest.

Fortunately, Ling Xian felt the severity of the attack. His right fist left Ning Wu Ji’s and stepped back to avoid the claw ripping him to pieces.

Despite this, his white robe still tore open. Five long blood stains appeared on his chest.

"What a powerful talon."

Ling Xian frowned as he looked at his own wound. He didn’t expect himself to get hurt so early in the battle.

This was normal. The opponent was a powerful completion-leveled cultivator after all. From such a short distance, it was not easy to dodge it.

"Hehe, how is it?"

Ning Wu Ji’s expression was prideful. He laughed nonchalantly. "Fella, no matter how much talent you were born with, you are merely a foundational cultivator. If I unleash all my capabilities, I can easily take your life."

"Is that true?"

Ling Xian’s expression was as calm as always. Though he was a little surprised, he did not panic and was definitely not afraid.

He was a human, not a god. He cannot always dominate and easily slaughter his enemies. Especially when his enemies were powerhouses of the completion level. Being hurt was unavoidable.

Seeing Ling Xian’s calm appearance, Ning Wu Ji’s eyes turned cold. "I hate the collected way you are."


Ling Xian glared at the man in black before him and scorned, "I hate the way you act as if you are above all others and as if you have already won."

Then, he marched forward gently. A gush of heavenly spirits rolled out of him and lifted the clouds!

"Ning Wu Ji, fight me!"

Instantly, Ning Wu Ji’s face darkened. He slowly extended his right hand, curled it into a claw and threatened, "Fella, since you want death, then don’t blame me when my talon sends you to hell!"

When he finished speaking, his right hand turned yellow and struck into the air!

Immediately, the shape of five claws appeared. With the intention of tearing apart the sky, it headed for Ling Xian.

"Getting injured just now was my bad. Don’t expect to hurt me again." Ling Xian curled his lips then inhaled deeply. He then roared into the sky – it was the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger!


After an earth-quaking loud tiger howl, invisible sound waves expanded and destroyed the print left by the claw!

Instantly, Ning Wu Ji’s expression changed. He thought this claw of his would for sure rip Ling Xian apart. However, before him, it was destroyed by the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger. This shocked him.

"Brother Ning, stop wasting your time. Let’s kill him quickly."

Li Jian dashed forward and stared at Ling Xian with a heavy expression. He retracted his small heart and planned to use his specialty to end this.


Ning Wu Ji’s face was heavy. For the first time, he saw something of Ling Xian and decided to treat him as if he was on the same level. He did not dare to underestimate him anymore.

What could he do? Everything Ling Xian displayed has been far to astonishing. Even these two completion-leveled cultivators didn’t dare to think lightly of him.

"You two can be considered the strongest opponents I’ve met since I became a cultivator." Ling Xian’s lips curved up. There was no fear in his eyes, only anticipation.

"Come at me. Let me use you two to test out my battle capabilities."

After he finished speaking, he aggressively attacked. The grandeur of a victor poured out of him. Along with a heaven-shattering fist, he shocked the world!


Li Jian frowned as he pointed his sword into the sky, calling out to hundreds of light rays that headed for Ling Xian.

At the same time, the dark fog surrounding Ning Wu Ji’s body became even thicker. It quickly engulfed the entire battlefield. He then vanished without a trace – hiding inside the fog to attack when the time is right.

"Break!" Ling Xian screamed. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior appeared and swiped in all four directions before aiming towards Li Jian’s head.

However, he only stepped out three steps when a knife suddenly emerged behind him.

All the hair stood up on Ling Xian’s head. He spun around, sweeping his Halberd across in defense to this fatal attack!


After missing his chance, Ning Wu Ji once again went into hiding. Like a mysterious ghost killer in the dark, he awaited his next opportunity to kill.


A ray of light pierced the sky, tore the ground, and was as sharp as ever!


Ling Xian spun around again. The light from his Sword of Extinction thickened and diminished the sword's light ray.

However, just as he fought against Li Jian, that knife once again appeared and aimed for his throat.

"Dammit, f*ck off!" Ling Xian frowned. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior rose up before he smashed down!


A terrifying wave of Qi exploded, numbing everyone’s arm. Ning Wu Ji’s expression changed drastically as he quickly hid himself, unwilling to confront Ling Xian.

"Hmmph, all you know is how to hide like a rat. Are you really a powerhouse of the completion level?"

Ling Xian sneered. He knew that if he continued to fight in this dark fog, he will for sure fight until he was depleted of energy and end up dead. Thus, he utilized his Winged Blitz.


Ling Xian shouted. His pearl white wings curtained the sunlight and created a tornado. The black fog immediately dissipated. Ning Wu Ji’s whereabouts were also revealed.

Now the fog was gone, he no longer had to be cautious about sneak attacks from the dark. He began to fight without worries.


Ling Xian swung his Halberd back and forth, shaking all directions!

Dong, dong, dong…

The three of them began their chaotic battle as they exchanged moves one by one. Not stepping down, not letting each other go easy, every move they made caused the air to quiver. Even the clouds in the sky hid in fear.

One side was two completion powerhouses, and the other side was the victor of the foundational level. The battle between the two parties was highly interesting and shocking!

Within a short period of time, the two sides have exchanged more than a hundred rebuttals.

Li Jian and Ning Wu Ji grew more fearful as the battle continued. They thought that despite Ling Xian’s position as a victor of the foundational level, he was no opponent of theirs.

But before their eyes, Ling Xian was getting braver with each move. Every attack changed their expressions!

How could they not be shocked!

Those who were feeling astonished were not just those two. The speculating completion-leveled cultivators were just the same. They watched with surprised eyes.

It was apparent that these two did not expect Ling Xian to be so brave, so aggressive, so domineering!

The thin elder stroked his beard as he watched the god-like silhouette flash across the sky. He exhaled deeply.

"What a victor of the foundational level. What a powerful Heaven’s Favorite. To have such powerful fighting abilities, is he human, or is he a God?"

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