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In the sky, many foundational cultivators bathed in the teleportation light and walked out of the Palace of Fortune.

Everyone was exuding powerful temperaments that were as heavy as the valleys.

After all, these people went through two tests of the Palace of Fortune, they experienced cruel slaughtering. All those who survived were top talents and powerhouses of the foundational level.

However, within these powerful cultivators, one person appeared utterly ordinary without any forms of energy seeping out of him. He appeared like an ordinary mortal who never began to cultivate.

Despite this, out of everyone here, he was the most attention-grabbing.

This person's brows were like shooting stars, his visage extraordinarily handsome and a vague smile almost hung on his lip. There was absolutely no Qi seeping out of him, yet there was something rhythmic about him that was hard to describe.

On top of that, his temperament was calm and simple, like a laid-back immortal.

Therefore, when this person appeared, he overshadowed many cultivator's haloes and became the center of the universe, stealing everyone's attention.

"Who is this person? His temperament does not appear ordinary."

The graceful looking man continued to flap his fan as he stared at the young man in white. His eyes flashed with admiration.

"Not bad, not bad. He is not displaying any spiritual energy, yet he already clouded everyone else. He was the first one to catch all of our attention, he sure is not ordinary." An elderly man stroke his beard. His old face was full of praises.

"That's right. This aura is something even our Lin Clan's strongest Heaven's Favorite cannot match." A middle-aged sighed as he stared at the handsome Ling Xian. He frowned as he hesitated, "Wait a minute… use your spiritual energy to test and observe that man."


Hearing this, the few completion leveled cultivators were startled. Using their Qi, they tested out Ling Xian.

Then, their facial expression changed as they gasped for air.

"This is… the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!"

"Unbelievable. This person reached the undefeatable realm? No wonder I sense some kind of victor's suppression from him."

"I can't believe this. It's been centuries since we last saw a Heaven's Favorite from the undefeatable realm in my Clan. What is the backstory of this person? How does he compare to the top two Hidden Dragons?"

Everyone at the scene fell into shock. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of dense praises and a hint of disbelief.

To know that everyone here was at the completion level and have seen enough to be calm in the face of anything. Regular events would never surprise them, let alone shock them.

But before their noses, they were all shaken up by Ling Xian. This was an unbelievable event.

But thinking about it carefully, this was normal. A victor of the foundational level… even those at the original level would be astonished!

"Ling Xian, you finally showed up!"

Seeing Ling Xian appear, Zi Dong Lai's eyes exploded with light.

It was the light of hope.

Below them, the two parties who were fighting each other to the death stopped attacking at the sight of an intruder. The descendants of the Zi Yang House, upon seeing Ling Xian, showed traces of happiness.

"Look! It's Master Ling! Master Ling showed up!"

"Haha, we are saved. As long as Master Ling is here, we are protected!"

"Yah, Master Ling finally came back. Plus all the Elders of the Zi Yang House, we can chase away the other forces!"

All the descendants were ecstatic as they stared at Ling Xian, who was hanging in midair. Their already desperate hearts began to pump again, flooding with confidence.

They were certain that Ling Xian could protect the House of Zi Yang.

What could they do? Ever since Ling Xian showed up at the House of Zi Yang, he has done too many shocking things and achieved too many accomplishments that were deemed impossible.

After those times, his status in every cultivator's heart, especially the descendants, became a soul that was omnipotent.

These people utterly believed in Ling Xian and had reached a level of being blinded by him.

"What happened?"

Glancing at the hell-like situation below his feet, Ling Xian couldn't help it but frown.

The Elders who just exited out of the Palace of Fortune drastically changed their expressions, unsure why the originally tranquil House of Zi Yang became such a state of chaos.

"F*ck off!"

Sensing everyone's hesitation, Zi Dong Lai wanted to explain hastily. He forcefully exploded with an aggressive force of power that made the opponents step back. Using this split second, he retreated meters away.

Seeing this, Ling Xian dashed beside Zi Dong Lai in the blink of an eye and asked, "Supreme Headmaster, how are you?"

"I am okay."

Zi Dong Lai waved his hand and looked at Ling Xian and the Elders who rushed over like the wind. He forced a smile, "God pity the House of Zi Yang. You all showed up just in time."

Ling Xian frowned. Looking at the messy haired and exhausted Zi Dong Lai, and looking down at the broken and decapitated limbs below, he exclaimed, "I cannot believe my prediction became true."

"Ehem… Ehem… Yeah…"

Zi Dong Lai squeezed a smile. Looking at the many Elders, he whispered, "To put it simply, three hours ago, Ling Jian House and Xuan Yin House decided to team up and attack us. We are now in a state of emergency. I hope you can fight with all you've got and protect the House."

Hearing this, various Elders' hearts dropped. Though they saw this coming, hearing it from Zi Dong Lai still made them feel intense pressure.

However, they knew that this event was urgent and it was not a time for discussion. They paid their respect and swore in unison, "Supreme Headmaster, do not worry. I will fight to my death and ensure the House will continue existing!"

Zi Dong Lai's expression was serious as he said in a low voice, "Very good. Help the descendants down there, I will stay up here."


More than ten Elders there accepted without another word. They dashed downward to aid the Zi Yang House descendants who were near death.

"Hmm.. so what a few are now out of the Palace of the Fortune. A few ants from the foundational level, how could they change the state of the war?" Xuan Yin House's Supreme Headmaster chuckled evilly. The way he stared at Zi Dong Lai looked just like a snake staring at its prey.

"That's right. Zi Dong Lai, I respect that you are the leader of a political force. If you admit defeat, I can spare your life." Ling Jian House's leader's expression was calm. His tone was emotionless. It was like he was merely describing a fact.

"You are dreaming!"

Zi Dong Lai's anger burned. He summoned more of his Qi in preparation to rush forward and began another battle against the two powerhouses.

However, he only marched forward three steps before his internal injuries prevailed, forcing him to puke out blood.

"Dammit… My old injuries…"

Zi Dong Lai's face was pale white as his face flashed with grim. He did not think that at this critical moment, his old injuries would take over him.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned and sighed, "Headmaster, why don't you rest and let me handle this."

Then, he marched forward softly, his white robe danced in the wind.

Then, a highly calm but presumptuous statement dispersed across the air, echoing throughout the entire House of Zi Yang!

"Come at me. Let me, Ling Xian, have a taste of what you two are capable of."

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