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Chapter 305: Make your Move
Inside the stone room, over thousands of cultivators were now red-eyed from the battles. The competitiveness between them was overflowing, and they all seemed like they would not give up until someone dies.

The battle went on and on and the attacks never stopped, many people were making insane moves and swearing that they will kill everyone before them.

Without a doubt, the reason why everyone here was fighting this war was to get their hands on that mysterious looking golden stone.

The Array Lifting Stone!

Just like its name states, this item can break all arrays in this world. No matter how tyrannical of an array, this item could make them seem like nothing. Though it does not mean it could break all arrays right away, the chance of lifting the array doubles at least!

In other words, this item was born to be the nemesis of arrays, and it is a dream item for all cultivators!

This was why everyone was going insane over this. Without feeling bad about it, they were killing all the cultivators here.

"The Array Lifting Stone…"

Ling Xian stared at the golden stone in the sky with desire in his eyes.

How could he not want this? Remember that he had broken through to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, which meant he had reached the end of this realm. If he wants to advance, he must find a way to get to the completion level.

But the Immortal Trap inhibited his body and disallowed him to march onto a higher level.

Even though he had received the legacy left by the Immortal of Arrays, he was not absolutely positive that he could break the inhibition spell.

Therefore, when he saw that golden stone above his head, he had such a longing for it. If he gets the Array Lifting Stone, his confidence towards breaking the Inhibition Spell will increase by 30%!

How could Ling Xian not want it?

"The Array Lifting Stone is mine." Ling Xian's lips curved up and glanced Yan Ning Zhi and them. "You three stay here. Don't move recklessly and get yourself into the battles."

"Ling Xian, you want the Array Lifting Stone?" Yan Ning Zhi raised an eyebrow. Taking a look at the violent and messy group of people, she was a little worried.

Ling Xian softly grinned. "Yes. I have my reasons, but I must get my hands on it."

"But everyone here is fighting for the stone. If you snatch it amongst the chaos, you will become the center of attention and garner attacks from everyone." Yan Ning Zhi's brows were tightly locked together, she didn't want Ling Xian to take the risk.

Lu Cho Xian and Fang Yun shared the same thought, they didn't want Ling Xian to make his moves at a moment like this.

The situation before them was very clear. Just like Yan Ning Zhi had said, the moment Ling Xian makes his move, he will become the center of attention and become a target for all the attacks.

"I know. But I must get the Array Lifting Stone for myself." The corner of Ling Xian's mouth lifted. His confidence brightened the universe.

Yan Ning Zhi found it hard to conceal her worry, "But…"

"It's okay. There are no 'but's'," Ling Xian smiled and interrupted Yan Ning Zhi, "Don't worry. I am now the victor of the foundational level. Even if they all attack together, they will not be able to hurt me."

Then, he stopped acknowledging those three people's attempts at stopping him. He went forward one step and instantly, his black hair and white robe began to tussle in the wind. Spiritual energy that mimicked immortals rolled out of him.

Then, in a flash, his right hand aimed for the golden stone.

However, the moment he extended his right hand, someone cast a spell over him, full of killers' instinct.

"F*ck off!"

Ling Xian frowned and his gaze, like electricity, instantly dispersed this strong technique. His right hand remained steady as he snatched towards the golden stone.

"Hmm, you dare to try and steal the Array Lifting Stone before all of us. You are seeking death!"

A handsome young man coldly sneered as horrifying Qi extended across the space. It turned into a tall wave that washed towards Ling Xian.

At the same time, other people had also noticed Ling Xian's action. Their faces flickered with desire to kill.

They made their moves aggressively and aimed to kill. What they wanted was the Array Lifting Stone. For someone to be trying to steal this angered them. Their intention to kill was boiling.


An earth-shattering rumble shocked Heaven and Earth!
Half of the people here chose to make their moves. Summoning their techniques, they aimed to kill Ling Xian.

An infinite heavenly light shot through the cloud, as terrifying Qi swirled around. Hundreds of cultivators chose to stop Ling Xian. Terrifying spells were cast one after another with monstrous strength!

However, before the alliance of hundreds of cultivators, Ling Xian was fearless. Concentrating his Qi onto his right hand, he punched out a fist!

"I told you to f*ck off!"

After a loud scream, his punch shook all directions!


Barehanded but unstoppable. Everything before him was instantly destroyed. The entire Manor of Light was quaking!

This turn of event surprised those who made moves. Shock hung on their faces.

Remember, this was not just one or two cultivators attacking, over hundreds of people attacked but was stopped by one punch from Ling Xian. How could they not feel shocked?

Everyone frowned and stopped their slaughtering. All gazes were upon Ling Xian in a violent manner. Especially since they felt the threat from Ling Xian, the desire to kill intensified.

To them, everyone who tries to take the Array Lifting Stone was an enemy.

After all, there was only one Array Lifting Stone but so many cultivators. The chance of getting it was already slim. Yet before their eyes, someone as powerful as Ling Xian came out of nowhere. This meant their chances of getting the stone was even slimmer. Naturally, everyone wanted to get rid of this guy.

"This person is strong. He is a worthy opponent!"

"That's right. At such a critical moment, a character like him appeared. God dammit!"

"What's there to be scared of? Even if he is strong, can he win against all of us?"

"Exactly. Everyone fight him at the same time. If he gets the Array Lifting Stone, it's bad news!"

Everyone decided to collude and get rid of Ling Xian.

Immediately, some people at the scene felt their hearts waver as they stared at Ling Xian with killers' instinct.

Sensing this, the cultivators who were hidden in the dark opened their mouths again. Their voices were convincing.

"What is everyone waiting for? If we wait until he gets the Array Lifting Stone, it would be too late."

"Yeah. He is so strong. We need to kill him together first before competing against each other!"

"That's right. He is our biggest threat right now. Let us all fight against him first!"

Hearing this, everyone was more convinced. They all glared at Ling Xian and were ready to make their moves.

"So you've decided to fight me as a team…" Ling Xian frowned. He retracted his right hand and stopped inching towards the Array Lifting Stone.

Because he knew very well that if he continued to try and grasp the golden stone, he would be greeted with everyone's attacks.

Though Ling Xian was fearless and these people here can't hurt him, it will still be hard to get the Array Lifting Stone. Therefore, he stopped his hand and instead, looked directly at everyone.

Spinning around, a calm but presumptuous statement came out of his mouth and ignited everyone's fury.

"The Stone Lifting Array is mine. If you don't want to admit that fact, then make your move."

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