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Chapter 304: The Array Lifting Stone
The Manor of Light was completely filled with dead bodies, and their blood had turned into a river. Cold corpses lied there one after another, each one of them were wide eyed and appeared to be filled with helplessness and sorrow.

Within one glance, there were at least hundreds of corpses, and the blood kept on flowing. Even the air was heavy with the smell of blood.

This scenery was just like the painting of hell, far too bloody and far too cruel. Ling Xian and them could only feel waves of coldness.

Ling Xian appeared to be in a decent state as his mentality was collected and tough. Thus, he merely frowned.

The other three were having a much rougher time, especially Yan Ning Zhi. She was a woman after all. Though she had always lived in the cruel Taoism community and has killed before.

This scenery before her was far too violent. Making her extremely uncomfortable.

"This… this many corpses… it's scaring me."

Fang Yun was startled. Staring at the pile of dead bodies, apparent fear flashed across his face.

Lu Chao Xian was the same. He wryly smiled. "These many dead bodies… I wonder what kind of war unfolded here."

"This is merely the entrance to the manor, which means before they even saw the treasures, they engaged in battles." Ling Xian stayed silent for a while and sighed. "This is human nature. Some people wanted to get rid of the opponents while it was still early, causing a murky war."

"That sounds about right. This is merely the entrance. I wonder just how violent it will get as we walk on," Lu Chao Xian exclaimed.

"Relax, they are merely dead bodies." Ling Xian's face was calm. He walked until he was beside Yan Ning Zhi and patted her back. "Are you okay? Do you need to stay behind and wait for us here?"

"It's… it's okay."

Yan Ning Zhi's brows tightly knitted together as she suppressed the discomfort she felt. She said sternly, "I will enter with you all."

"You sure you can handle this?" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow to show his surprise.

Yan Ning Zhi nodded heavily. "I definitely can."

"Okay, then let us go." Ling Xian gently smiled and led the way.

Yan Ning Zhi followed behind closely. Though her face was still pale, her steps were determined.

Seeing this, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun exchanged bitter glances and followed closely behind.

Just like that, the party of four walked on again towards the deep ends of the manor.

On their way, there would be the occasional cold corpse. The entire manor was laced with a dense bloody smell.

After a short while, Ling Xian and them came before a stone door. Two words were carved on the door.

Cauldron Room.

Looking at the two meaningful words, Ling Xian and the others' eyes brightened. Its name alone meant this place was full of treasures.

"Let's go and see just what medicinal Dans are hidden inside the cauldron room of the Manor of Light." Ling Xian grinned and walked in after pushing open the door.

However, other than the gush of bloody smell and broken limbs everywhere, there was nothing else.

Well, that was an inaccurate description. There were also giant rock shelves that used to display strange and mysterious medicinal Dans.

Sadly, there was no medicinal Dans on top of them right now.

"It seems like we came too late." Ling Xian bitterly laughed. However, his handsome face was not at all disappointed.

If one receives it, one is lucky. If one doesn't, then it is fate.

This philosophy was one he saw through clearly. After all, he was a genius alchemist himself. The last thing he needed were medicinal Dans.


Chao Xian, however, was very salty. "Someone had raided this place before us."

"Dammit, such a big cauldron room, yet nothing is left. These raiders were far too intense," Fang Yun swore and came before the stone shelves, unwilling to give up.

However, the result was that the more he searched, the more disappointed he was.

From the first stone shelf until the last, he didn't even find a single medicinal Dan. However, he did manage to find some dust.

This made Fang Yun speechless, and Ling Xian couldn't help it but to smile.

"F*ck! These people are too much! They don't leave anything for those who come after them."

Fang Yun cried tearlessly. Looking at the dust on his hand, his face was full of fury.

"It's okay. We found some medicinal powder, though useless, it's a consolation gift." Ling Xian's lips curled up.

"Haha, yeah. This dust is special. Don't worry, we won't fight over them with you." Lu Chao Xian laughed. His seemingly comforting statement was full of sarcasm.


Fang Yun hissed and muttered, "These *ssholes. Such scums. Didn't leave any for me."

"That's enough, stop muttering. If it were you, you would raid it empty too and not leave any for those after you." Ling Xian waved his hand, telling Fang Yun to stop swearing.


Fang Yun made a face, knowing Ling Xian was right. He finally shut his mouth and no longer blamed anyone.

"Let us go. The Manor of Light is so huge. There is no way there is only one cauldron room. Let us continue our trip." Ling Xian smiled and walked out the room.

Just like that, the four of them turned left and right. After passing through a few curvy roads, they came upon another stone room.

Technique Room.

These two golden words were surrounded by spiritual energy and lit up this entire passageway.

It was a stone room full of technique related treasures.

When he saw those words, Fang Yun's eyes brightened. He rushed over to push open the door.

However, the moment his hand touched the stone door, he felt giant resistance and instantly flew backward.

Luckily, Ling Xian's eyes and hands were fast. In a flash, he came behind Fang Yun and stopped his falling body.

"My god! The Cauldron Room was empty, the Technique Room I cannot enter. My god, are you playing with me?" Fang Yun was highly depressed, and his face was full of disappointment.

After checking just now, the fact that he had no power to enter the room was clear.

But suddenly, he remembered something, and began to stare at Ling Xian with anticipation.

Lu Chao Xian and Yan Ning Zhi did the same. They were fully aware that if anyone here can push open the stone door, it would be Ling Xian.

Don't forget, he had broken into the undefeatable realm of the foundational level – unmatchable in the entire Palace of Fortune.

Feeling everyone's heated gaze, Ling Xian understood and said, "Okay. Let me try."

Then, he walked backward. Manipulating all his Qi to one place and punched!


The fist sliced through the air and stunned the sky. The entire manor vibrated in response.


An infinite amount of golden light filled the room. As if feeling the powerfulness of the intruder, the stone door exploded with an even stronger wave of strength that rolled towards Ling Xian.


One side of it was the strength of the undefeatable realm, the other was mysterious power from the Manor of Light. The two parties were all extremely terrifying and shocked the heavens!

"This power… is slowly rising."

Ling Xian frowned. He did not expect this stone room to be so hard to deal with and to be equal in strength to him.

Then, just as he froze in place. The stone door exploded with an even stronger wave of strength that rose to the same level as the completion level!

Seeing this, Ling Xian's right arm made a move. Horrifying Qi rolled out and greeted the stone door. Then, Ling Xian stopped his attack and no longer made another move.

He was very aware that continuing these attacks were useless. The door has increased its Qi to the completion level. If he continues, it may explode with strength higher than the completion level.

When that happens, he will have no way to defend. Thus, he chose to stop.

"You cannot deal with this stone room either?" Yan Ning Zhi asked.

"This stone room is strange. Its strength increases with time. That last attack made me feel its completion leveled strength. I think it doesn't want anyone inside." Ling Xian gently grinned. He didn't feel discouraged or embarrassed.

This was the Manor of light! It has one-tenth of the strength of the Palace of Fortune!

Just how strong is the Palace of Fortune, nobody knows. But according to ancient books, the alliance of seven powerhouses attempted to completely overtake this palace. But in the end, the seven of them failed and ended in death.

From this, one can conclude just how overpowering one-tenth of the palace was!

On top of that, that moment just now, the stone door exploded with completion leveled strength. Ling Xian was certain that if he continued his attacks, it would reveal the power of the original level!

Therefore, Ling Xian's capability was naturally no match for it. To be stepping away unharmed has already proven his abilities!

"Let's go and not even think about this stone room anymore. Unless the Manor of Light opens it willingly, even those from the original level cannot fight their way in." Ling Xian softly smiled and walked on.

The other three marched on as well. They knew that the reason why this stone was not tainted by blood was because nobody could enter.

Therefore, the three of them were not at all disappointed.

Very quickly, Ling Xian and them came to another stone room. Before they even entered, they heard the clash of swords and the shrieks of pain.

It was not hard to imagine what kind of battle was happening inside.

When they entered the room, the saw a ruthless scene.

The stone room was huge, however, at this moment, it was covered with hundreds of dead bodies. The smell of blood floated in the air.

Waves of dominating energy were exploding in the air and challenging each other. The entire atmosphere was competitive.

The swords were reflecting light, a fire raged on and on. Every warrior on the battlefield was red in the eye. Not caring about anything anymore, they kept on using their techniques and killing with their lives.


Fang Yun swore, stunned by what was happening before him.

Lu Chao Xian and Yan Ning Zhi were the same. Looking at this hellish battlefield, they felt waves of coldness.

However, Ling Xian was not petrified. His gaze was also not placed on the cultivators engaged in war. His eyes were fixated on the golden rock hanging in midair.

Immediately, heat crawled up his handsome face. His starry eyes were full of desire.

If Ling Xian was not wrong, this should be the Array Lifting Stone only seen in legends!

"I did not expect a legendary item to be here!"

Ling Xian's eyes were flooding with desire, even his breathing quickened.

This was the first time he has lusted after an object like this!

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