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Chapter 303: Hurry Along
Inside the dense forest, Chen Yao Zu lied down on the ground lifelessly. His eyes widened, full of despair.

Immediately, his three subordinates shook from the cold. The way they stared at Ling Xian was full of fright.

One strike!

Merely one strike had killed a Heaven's Favorite at the peak of the foundational level. He was also the descendant of the Chen Clan. How dominating was this?!

That was the ultimate achievement of the foundational level. Before Ling Xian had his breakthrough, Chen Yao Wei could've had at least ten rebuttals against him. After all, he was a descendant of the Chen Clan, how could he be killed after just one move?

Of course, after Ling Xian reached the undefeatable realm, for Chen Yao Zu and similar Heaven's Favorites of his level, they were no opponents of Ling Xian. They had no rights to even exchange moves with him.

Just this dominating!

"H… Horrifying person…"

The three young men quivered from top to bottom. They appeared to have been stunned by Ling Xian's one punch and had no more courage even to run away.

They merely stood where they were and stared at Ling Xian with their terrified gaze.

Even Yan Ning Zhi, Lu Chao Xian, and Fang Yun revealed the shock they were feeling. Even though they somewhat knew about Ling Xian's capabilities, after personally witnessing him destroy the Chen Clan's Heaven's Favorite with one strike, they were tremendously impacted.

The few of them were dizzy from disbelief.

"The Chen Clan is messy. We cannot let that controlling force know about this." Ling Xian thought about it for a second and shifted his gaze to the three people. "Since you are his followers, you all must also be troublemakers who caused plenty of despair for others. He wanted to kill Yan Ning Zhi, so I punished him on behalf of god."

Hearing this, the three of them understood Ling Xian's plan and shook even more violently.

However, they did not explain themselves, because Ling Xian was not wrong.

All these years, the three of them followed around Chen You Wei and caused much trouble. Killing, stealing, bullying, and raping, they've done it all.

Therefore, they answered with a dry smile and did not speak a word.

"Very good. It seems like I am not wrong." Ling Xian's mouth revealed a cold grin. "There are too many people like you in this world. It is why it is so unfair, it is so cruel."

Then, he started to feel too lazy to speak. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior materialized and emitted an infinite amount of light that engulfed everyone!


A loud rumble caused the ground to crack towards the people.

Then, the dust in the sky subsided. The three of them fell to the ground, no longer breathing.

"It's over…"

Ling Xian sighed. Then, he took out a Dan of Life and Growth and said to Yan Ning Zhi, "Open your mouth."

Yan Ning Zhi blushed. Though embarrassed, she opened her tiny mouth anyways.


Ling Xian flicked, and the Dan of Life and Growth turned into a stream of light that entered the beauty's mouth. Then, he extended his right hand, planning to help her digest.

However, the moment he extended his hand, he realized how inappropriate this action was. So he retracted it at lightning speed.

Because, based on the way the two were standing now, if Ling Xian's arm was completely extended, it would land on Yan Ning Zhi's chest.

"Ehm… sorry."

Ling Xian's face reddened. He was no longer that simple-minded youth from back then. He now knows what the chest region meant for a woman.

"It's… It's okay." Yan Ning Zhi's face was full of bas

hfulness. Hanging her little head low, her voice was almost inaudible.

"Let me help you from a distance." Ling Xian awkwardly smiled. He then flapped around his sleeve, and a gentle spring-like wind lifted and helped Yan Ning Zhi digest the medicinal Dan.

Though this Dan was of the Eighth Realm, it performed well. Plus it was as high as being a ninth-ranked Dan, so its effects were naturally excellent.

After a while, Yan Ning Zhi's breathing stabilized and was no longer weak.

It was lucky for Ling Xian to have gotten here so quickly and for her to stop fully activating the array. If he didn't, even if real immortals descended, they could only shake their heads and sigh.

"Okay. After resting for a while, you should be fine." Ling Xian gently smiled.

Yan Ning Zhi nodded. watching the handsome young man before her, she whispered, "Thank you for saving my life."

"Since I ran into you, I cannot just let you die. After all, the situation was related to me." Ling Xian waved around his hand, indicating for Yan Ning Zhi to never mind this.

He lent a helping out and killed them all so that Yan Ning Zhi will not run into troubles in the future.

First, this was because he was related to this event. Second, was because Yan Ning Zhi was the descendant of the Immortal of Arrays. How could he not save her when he was already there?

"No matter what, thank you." Yan Ning Zhi smiled brightly. Remembering the moment Ling Xian held onto her waist, her face reddened again in shyness.

Ling Xian smiled and shifted his gaze towards the five darkened pillars, "Take these pillars and remember the array well. Remember, until you reach the peak of the foundational level, do not use this array again."

"I know now." Yan Ning Zhi nodded. Remembering the terror from before, she patted herself on the chest to calm herself down. "Thank god you arrived in time. Or else I would've been killed by the array."

"The power of this array was extraordinary. Luckily it was still rather dormant and only exploded with the undefeatable realm strength of the foundational level. You must keep it well and remember never to unleash it unless you have to." Ling Xian was a little shocked as well. He did not think that this array was so out of the ordinary.

"Don't worry. I will remember it well." Yan Ning Zhi nodded softly. Flapping around her sleeve, she took back the five black pillars back into her storage pouch.

Ling Xian gently smiled and asked, "What are your plans now?"

"What about you? Where you are going?" Yan Ning Zhi asked in response.

"I'm going to the Manor of Light of course. I need to take care of something and get my hands on some treasure at the same time," Ling Xian muttered.

Yan Ning Zhi blushed as anticipation flashed across her eyes, "I see. Then let me tag along. Is that okay?"

"Do as you will." Ling Xian grinned. Waving his hand at Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun, he hopped into the air and headed eastward.

Seeing this, Yan Ning Zhi and the other two followed closely behind.

Just like that, the four once again began their journey towards the Manor of Light.

After roughly half an hour, a majestic looking manor finally appeared within their sight.
The manor was surrounded by a thin layer of spiritual energy and stood tall on the ground. It exuded an eternal and ancient grandeur and was engulfed by heavenly light. It was both eerie and extraordinary.

Rather than calling it a manor, one should call it a palace instead, as it could be described as gigantic.

On top of the entrance door to the manor carved three shining words.

Manor of Light.

It was one of the ten places inside the Palace of Fortune with the most treasures.

Ling Xian and them descended from the sky. Without wasting another word, they marched into the Manor of light.

Then, other than Ling Xian handling it okay and merely frowning, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun's face whitened. Yan Ning Zhi was worse, she kneeled onto the ground and began to puke.

This was all because the scenery before them was far too bloody.

Though these people have gotten used to seeing corpses, they still felt a wave of coldness that discomforted them.

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