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Chapter 302: Power of the Undefeatable Realm
"Stop! I'm here now."

The voice was calm and resolute, leaving no room for questions.

Instantly, Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes exploded with light. The two palms that were about to clash together froze.

I'm here now.

These simple three words made Yan Ning Zhi feel warm and safe.

Of course, she knew whose voice it was. She also believed that when that person comes, all her troubles will be solved.

Sadly, it was a little too late. Even though she hasn’t activated the array, the array was summoned and was no longer under her control.


An ear piercing rumble shook the ground as the terrifying energy rolled out with the dark clouds. Along with Yan Ning Zhi, they were all trapped inside this evil energy.

"Oh no!"

Chen Yao Zu and company revealed their desperation. Under the embrace of this terrifying Qi, their brains went blank, and they stood there, dumbfounded, forgetting how to defend.


Yan Ning Zhi’s cultivation was the lowest and found it hard to resist this array’s powers. She instantly puked out blood, and her face turned white.

"Dammit, this array isn’t responding to my controls and is attacking me as well."

Yan Ning Zhi lost her composure and laughed. Remembering the handsome young man with the smile on his face, she muttered to herself, "Ling Xian, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to see you again."

Then, her body began to tremble, as if she might fall onto the ground at any moment.


Borderless black light filled the air as the terrifying atmosphere expanded throughout the entire forest, torturing the space around it.

The ancient tree branches broke off as more and more leaves were swept off the ground. The entire forest unstoppably shook.

Chen Yao Zu and company were scared out of their minds.

Just then, Ling Xian finally arrived on top of the area. Seeing that Yan Ning Zhi was trapped inside the array as well, he couldn’t help but to frown.

He didn’t think too much and didn’t have time to think too much. Using his mental strength, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior materialized and dashed down.


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior sliced through the air in a suffocating manner. It then froze above the invisible barrier of the array.


An infinite amount of heavenly light crowned over, as Ling Xian used his strongest undefeatable realm strength.

Even though this array also belonged to the undefeatable realm, it could not overpower Ling Xian. It was instantly destroyed by the Halberd of the Divine Warrior and dispersed in thin air.

This result shocked everyone!

Chen Yao Zu and his followers watched with their mouths hung open. The way they stared at the silhouette in the sky was full of disbelief.

Especially Yan Ning Zhi, she was shocked to her core!

Though she could not control the array, she knew all about arrays. Compared to the legendary undefeatable realm of the foundational level, this array was up to par.

But below her nose, Ling Xian bombed it with one move. How unbelievable was this?!

Even though Yan Ning Zhi knew how strong Ling Xian was, she never dared to imagine he would be strong to this extent!

Could it be… he is now at the completion level?

Yan Ning Zhi’s small mouth parted, and her face was full of shock. She thought about the possibility.

Everyone here thought of that possibility.

Because only power from the completion level could counter-attack the undefeatable realm!


A white shadow flashed by and

Ling Xian appeared beside Yan Ning Zhi. In one scoop, he held onto her waist, stopping her from falling to the ground.

He didn’t realize, this move was an intimate one.

Yan Ning Zhi’s face turned red abruptly and subconsciously put her head on Ling Xian’s shoulder. In a murmur, she said, "Ling Xian, you finally came."

"Don’t worry, I can deal with everything."

Ling Xian smiled gently, telling Yan Ning Zhi to stop worrying. Then, he held onto her and walked towards Fang Yun and Lu Chao Xian.

Seeing this, Chen Yao Zu frowned. He intended to kill Yan Ning Zhi, how could he let someone else take her?

He chuckled and said, "I am thankful for you saving my life. But you cannot take away this woman."

"I cannot take her away?"

Ling Xian stared down Chen Yao Zu, but no murderous intent seeped out. However, this person shuddered anyways and showed a trace of fear.

However, Chen Yao Zu suppressed the fear in his chest. "That’s right. This is between the Chen Clan and the Yan Clan. I warn you not to intrude."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm like water. Looking at Chen Yao Zu, he made a presumptuous statement.

"I don’t like to dig into other people’s business. But whoever, I, Ling Xian, wants to take away, nobody can stop me."

Instantly, Chen Yao Zu’s face darkened. However, Ling Xian’s attack just now was far too terrifying and had startled him. Therefore, he didn’t make a move but only told him his background.

"Your honor, I am a direct descent of the Chen Clan. You have to evaluate, is it worth it to be my enemy for a girl from the Chen Clan."

The statement was not a question but rather, a simple description of a fact.

It was apparent that he thought the moment he mentioned his background, Ling Xian would grow afraid and leave Yan Ning Zhi.

Sadly, he was about to get disappointed.

"The Chen Clan? How glorious."

Ling Xian revealed a mocking smile as he stared at the young man before him. "Less bullsh*t with me. I am protecting Yan Ning Zhi."


Chen Yao Zu was infuriated. But he wasn’t sure about Ling Xian’s background so he could only repress his anger and ask patiently, "Who are you really? This is a rivalry between two powerful clans. Without enough capability, do not play with fire. You may burn yourself."

"Interesting. You want to kill me, but you don’t know who I am?" Ling Xian laughed.


Chen Yao Zu was a little stunned as he yelled out, "You… you are Ling Xian?"

"That is correct. But no prizes for you," Ling Xian said. The gaze fixated on the young man began to turn cold.

"Wow, I sure stumbled into what I was looking for without giving in much effort." Chen Yao Zu’s face appeared ferocious as he said angrily, "Ling Xian, you wasted my brother’s training. I am here to avenge him!"

"Come at me. I plan on killing you anyway." Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He was not going to let someone who hurt Yan Ning Zhi and threatened himself to continue living.


Chen Yao Zu screamed as he lost his rationality due to anger. Completely forgetting about Ling Xian’s horrifying capabilities, the sword in his hand revealed its intention to kill and sharpened itself.

"You sure are seeking death."

Faced with the icy blue sword, Ling Xian slowly extended two fingers and stuck them on each side of the blade. Then, he snapped slowly.


After a crisp sound, the three-inch sword broke into pieces before the horrified Chen Yao Zu.

Instantly, he remembered Ling Xian’s capability that shocked the heavens just now.

Sadly, it was too late.

"You are far too stupid."

Ling Xian glanced at Chen Yao Zu, then slowly raised his right arm and swung a fist.

This fist appeared slow and soft and did not reveal any Qi. However, the moment it was unleashed, the sky changed color and the ground shattered!


Chen Yao Zu became astonished immediately. Under this life-changing fist, he forgot to defend. He even lost the courage to hide away.

Only three words remained in his brain.

Impossible to defend!

Finally, Ling Xian’s fist arrived. Chen Yao Zu’s entire body instantly shattered into pieces.


After puking out a mouthful of blood, Chen Yao Zu’s eyes widened in disbelief and helplessness.

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