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Chapter 300: The Victor
"It’s okay, miss, no need to give him a hard time."

Bright laughter rumbled in the air, and all the tension in the air dispersed.

Then, a silhouette in white walked out of the cabin confidently and rhythmically.

What was strange was that he was without spiritual energy, just like a regular mortal. Yet he still exuded the strength of a victor. Though he was merely walking, he had enough power to crack open the nine heavens and all ten levels of hell.

With the appearance of a mortal and the abilities of a victor, the two contradicting grandeur reflected by this one person was somehow so natural, as if he was born this way.

At this moment, his two eyes were shining brightly like the eternal Sun. His gaze was threatening and attention seeking.

"So he’s found his original and natural state."

The lady in white watched Ling Xian walk by slowly, her eyes dazzling with strange emotions. She found herself thinking that the decision she made three days ago was not a wrong one. To have befriended a Heaven’s Favorite who’s future is bright was very advantageous for her.

Not only will he help her regain control of the Medicinal Garden, when she falls into danger one day, she would also have someone to ask for help from.

"Oh my goodness, brother, you are far too handsome right now. Though you feel like a regular being, the powerfulness from your walk and the heavenly light from your gaze, have blinded me." Fang Yun exaggerated, the smile on his face was blooming into a flower.

Ling Xian smiled and shook his head helplessly. His eyes really did shine with a heavenly light that made him look like a heavenly god.

However, this was a side effect caused by those who have just entered the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. As time goes on, it will fade away. Or else Ling Xian will not be able to meet anyone without attracting a crowd.

"Ling Xian, I completely bow down to you now." Lu Chao Xian bitterly laughed. "I will never again be dumb enough to compare myself to you . The undefeatable realm of the foundational level, I will watch you from afar."

"Don’t say that. When the chance comes, you might breakthrough as well." Ling Xian grinned, restoring the normal calmness he had.

If this was anyone else, who had just broken through to the rare undefeatable realm, they would be losing themselves in self-satisfaction. However, he did not behave so. Though he was excited for a split second, it was all the emotions he allowed himself to feel. There was no need to drown himself in happiness.

One has to admit that Ling Xian’s vision was above the nine heavens while others’ visions were limited to the road before them.

These people, happy over a moment of successful, become stagnant in their cultivation. Of course, Ling Xian would not behave this way. Every time he achieves something, he finds something even higher to work towards.

This was a difference in perspective.

Ling Xian was farsighted with his goals and dreams, and he was ambitious. His vision has always been above the sky and never will he ever stop his journey due to a moment of success.

After all, he was merely the undefeatable of the foundational level, not undefeatable in the entire world.

Perhaps when he truly becomes the victor of the world and stays at the peak above everyone else, he will be truly satisfied.

However, this goal was too farfetched. Ling Xian’s current goal was to break the Immortal Trap and breakthrough to the completion level!

"Stop consoling me. I am very well aware of the fact that there is no hope in my life." Lu Chao Xian smiled wryly, feeling himself getting more and more down.

"Hehe, you sure are self-aware.

Not everyone can be like my brother and get to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level." Fang Yun laughed, striking down Lu Chao Xian and complimenting Ling Xian at the same time.

One has to admit his flattery abilities rose again.


Lu Chao Xian scorned, feeling too lazy to argue with Fang Yun.

Seeing this, Fang Yun did not continue but instead, shifted his gaze to Ling Xian, "Brother, you are so strong. From now on, you can defeat the entire younger generation."


Ling Xian laughed. When he remembered the top two Hidden Dragons mentioned by the Demonic Fairy, he shook his head, "Not yet. I know two other people on the 36 islands who broke through to the undefeatable realm."


Fang Yun was a little startled but quickly remembered the rumor. "Brother, you mean the first two Hidden Dragons?"

"Yes, that’s what I was told by the Demonic Fairy." Ling Xian nodded, his eyes flash with a desire to battle and anticipation for one day engaging in a great battle with those two powerhouses.

"Haha, so what? It’s okay. They are not worthy enough to be your enemies!" Fang Yun laughed and complimented Ling Xian.

Though this compliment was heartfelt.

After many days of being with Ling Xian, Fang Yun has been shocked by him again and again. He now admires and respects him completely.

Therefore, upon hearing those two Hidden Dragons have broken through as well, Fang Yun firmly believed that Ling Xian could suppress the two easily.

"Stop with the flattery." Ling Xian stared down Fang Yun, indicating him to stop.

"Pft, fine, I’ll stop." Fang Yun made a face and spoke no more.

Instantly, Ling Xian’s ears felt at ease. Smiling at Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun, he said, "You guys leave first. I have something to discuss with this lady."

"Okay. Then we will go now." Lu Chao Xian nodded and walked in the other direction.

Fang Yun’s face appeared unwilling as he smirked, "Brother, I prepared a stomach full of flatteries, and I am not finished. Let me finish before we go?"

"Stop. If I let you say them all, I will puke in disgust." Ling Xian quickly extended a hand and gestured for him to shut up. He then mocked, "Hurry up and go away. You are in my way."

"Who doesn’t like compliments these days. What a weirdo," Fang Yun muttered to himself before slowly turning around and unwillingly followed Lu Chao Xian out of there.

Seeing this, Ling shook his head with a smile and looked at the lady in white. "Lady, I can now help you snatch back your control of the garden."

"With your current capability, it’s not a problem to raid the Palace of Fortune. Even if all the cultivators here fought against you, they might not be your opponent." The lady in white flashed a smile, "then, I will leave you to it. I hope my expectation of you isn’t wasted."

"Don’t worry, even before entering the undefeatable realm, I defeated Di Tian. Now that I have broken through, there is no way he would be my opponent." Ling Xian’s softly grinned, his confidence lit up the universe.

"I believe you. With your capability, that person cannot last ten moves against you," the lady in white whispered, her beautiful eyes still lingered with shock.

Though she was no human, she has lived on this land for decades and decades. Throughout this time, she had come to understand the mortal kind. Naturally, she knew what the foundational undefeatable realm represented.

It represented a hardship. One that even the most talented may not break through to.

However, once broken through, it meant that person can now be called the victor of the foundational level!


To be truly undefeatable!

Therefore, of course, she believed that Ling Xian possessed the true capability to bring all enemies down to their knees!

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