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Chapter 299: The Undefeatable
Inside the cabin, a black and white cocoon floated in midair and emitted bands of yellow energy waves. The energy waves were seemingly there then they would vanish completely - mysterious and extraordinary.

Ling Xian’s eyes were tightly shut as he stayed there without moving a finger and allowing the energy waves to nourish him. He was waiting for the moment he enters the undefeatable realm.

The him right now was experiencing a long training period that involved him to work hard physically, mentally, and spiritually. Luckily, he had a strong iron-like will. Whether it was physical pain or mental torture, he has endured them all.

One has to admit that the pain he was going through was heart-wrenching. Normal people would not be able to get through it.

Only Ling Xian would be able to do so. If this was anyone else, the first round of burning fire would’ve made them give up.

This was also thanks to all the hardships he went through as a child. It made him deeply aware of the fact that hard work and endurance was the dumbest way to success.

But it was the most stable way.

Therefore, he had trained himself to have an unwavering will that helped him endure all the torture the Yellow Fruit of Mystery threw at him.

Time went on little by little.

It went on for three whole days until finally, the space shuddered!


A crisp sound indicated that something inside Ling Xian broke. Then, he slowly opened his eyes.


Two rays of light gushed out of him. Like the wind, like electricity, they sliced through space.

Then, the black and white cocoon naturally shriveled away. Ling Xian slowly stood up, and a gush of energy rolled out of him as he stood, shaking up all nine heavens!

It was like a celestial being awakened; it was like a Buddha reincarnating; he was now strong enough to make the entire universe quiver.

The power of the undefeatable realm!

Without a doubt, from this moment on, Ling Xian was a part of the undefeatable realm of the foundational level. To be a part of this realm meant he could now look down at everyone else!

In the entire world, other than the devils who were in the same undefeatable realm as him, no other foundational cultivator was his opponent! They could only be defeated by him!

He was just this forceful!

If this wasn’t the case, then not many cultivators would make breaking through to the undefeatable realm their dream. There was just far too many benefits to be in the undefeatable realm. Not only will he possess the capabilities of being in the undefeatable realm, but he will also have a sturdy foundation that allows him to advance far in the future.

"The undefeatable realm of the foundational level sure feels magical."

Ling Xian’s right hand formed a tight fist as he felt the waves of strength in his body. He couldn’t help but curve his lips and laugh without regards for anyone.

"The undefeatable realm. The undefeatable realm of the foundational level. I, Ling Xian, have finally advanced!"

Ling Xian was ecstatic as he opened up his arms as if to hug a more vast tomorrow.

The undefeatable realm of the foundational level!

This was countless cultivator’s dream realm that they simply cannot enter!

To know that even during the ancient times, it was difficult to enter this realm, let alone entering this realm after the change in the course of nature.

Even though Ling Xian only broke through after borrowing the strength of the Yellow Fruit of Mystery, at the end of the day, not everyone could achieve this. Only those with enough talent to shock the world could breakthrough using th

e Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

After all, the torture the fruit put people through isn’t something everyone can endure.

Ling Xian endurance and his success only proved that he was much stronger than the average cultivator!

"In the entire world, not a lot of people can achieve the undefeatable realm of the foundational level." Ling Xian smiled widely. He had anticipated this day for far too long. For this, he had fought many great battles and risked his life far too many times. Now that he has finally gotten what he wanted, how could he not feel joyous?

Even with his collected heart, he couldn’t help but to react excitedly.

Because he lost his composure, he forgot to reabsorb this strong gush of energy. He allowed this spiritual energy to spread for three kilometers, even the land around him shook with fury!


It was already noon, and the giant Sun hung in the middle of the sky.

Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were resting in a small grass hut, planning to train after consuming some spiritual medicine.

In that moment, they felt a shocking amount of spiritual energy sweeping through the hut and engulfing all the land within three kilometers.

Naturally, the two became alarmed and ran out from their rooms. Looking for the source of such overbearing energy, they pinpointed that it came from Ling Xian’s room.

"This energy… is beyond the peak of the foundational level but lower than the completion level. Could it be?"

Feeling the power of the energy, Fang Yun’s face revealed his shock as he stared at the cabin in astonishment. He thought of one possibility.

Lu Chao Xian’s heart was even more astounded as he stared with his mouth and eyes open, his heart felt an impulse.

An impulse to both kneel onto the ground and to run out there and greet the victor.

"This feeling… makes me want to kneel on the ground!"

Lu Chao Xian was shocked to the point of no return as his voice quivered, "There is no mistake. Stronger than the peak of foundational but pale next to the completion level. This is definitely the undefeatable realm!"

"Oh my god, this is far too heaven-defying. He broke through to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!"

Fang Yun’s heart was thumping, his emotions unstable, even his voice was trembling.

Lu Chao Xian was completely unable to compose himself. Even though he was not the one who reached the undefeatable realm, to have witnessed the birth of someone entering the undefeatable realm made him feel proud.

"Haha, undefeatable realm! This means I have a king for my boss. I wonder who dares to provoke me now?" Fang Yun laughed out loud, as he told himself what a smart thing it was for him to decide to follow Ling Xian.

To be protected by someone in the undefeatable realm of the foundational level agitated him.

"Stop dreaming. Ling Xian did not accept you as a junior brother. Even if he did, he would never let you use him to bully others," Lu Chao Xian sneered, his face flashed with complexity.

He warned himself again and again not to compare himself to Ling Xian. But internally, he couldn’t stop himself from comparing.

But the result was that at this moment, he once again was hit on the head. A hit that threw him into an abyss.

This made him feel a hundred different emotions but mostly made him cynical. He thought to himself about how could there exist such a devil? Even if there was one, why did he have to encounter him? How discouraging!

"This is naked jealousy."

Fang Yun ignored him. "Am I someone to act arrogantly? Can’t I just show my friend off?"

Then, he marched towards the cabin in preparation to climb up Ling Xian’s butt.

However, when he reached about three meters away from the cabin, an invisible spiritual force bounced him right back to where he was.


Fang Yun shrieked in pain and rubbed his own head. He blamed, "Who set up an inhibition array here? So rude."

"I cast it. What, something wrong with it?"

An emotionless tone slowly rose. Then, a shadow in white floated over. It was the beauty transformed from a spiritual medicine.

In an instant, Fang Yun’s body shook. Faced with this profound and mysterious woman, he was scared of her as if she was a tiger. He didn’t dare to behave even a little out of line. Chuckling, he said, "Of course not. Why would I find anything wrong with it? What I meant to say was that this is such a well-cast array. Very good. Perfect."

"Good, you have eyes."

The lady in white peered at Fang Yun before shifting her gaze to the cabin. Her beautiful eyes flashed with shock.

It was apparent that even with her experience, she was astounded at this.

"It’s okay, miss, no need to give him a hard time."

Bright laughter slowly arrived, then all the energy in the sky dispersed.

Following that, was a confident silhouette in white walking out of the cabin. Though no energy was unleashed by him, he gave off a majestic vibe.

Divine enough to suppress all nine heavens and all ten levels of hell.

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