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Chapter 287: Eight Demons
In one corner of the Medicinal Garden of Immortality. In front of an entirely gold and ancient tree.

Seven men with tall and sturdy frames stood. Each one of them was exuding divine powerfulness.

These seven people were the core members of the Alliance of Tyrants, the fourth to tenth ranked demons from the List of Hidden Dragons!

Every single one of them possessed abilities that stood out from their own generations. Though they cannot be categorized as belonging in the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, they were not far from it.

Before everyone’s noses, the alliance was getting ready to make their moves to get their hands on the spiritual tree.

However, as they prepared themselves to summon their individual techniques, they frowned.

"Someone dares to try and lift the prohibition spell?"

Realizing that they could no longer feel the prohibition spell they set, the seven of them growled in anger. Their spiritual energy washed out of them like giant waves and rushed into the sky!

"Interesting. This person’s trying to slap me in the face." A handsome boy snickered, his face full of murderous intent.

A man in black’s face was sluggish as he said judgingly, "No matter how it is, he is dead."

"A spell cast by all seven of us was broken by one person. This person is not to be underestimated. Perhaps he is someone above us on the Hidden Dragon List." A young man in white frowned, as he estimated how powerful this person really was.

"So what? Even if it’s the number one demon, he cannot provoke the Alliance of Tyrants!" the man in black once again spoke begrudgingly.

The rest of them did not issue their opinions. However, their faces were full of killers’ instinct. It was obvious that the seven of them shared the same thoughts.

Breaking the spell was the same as slapping their faces. Because it meant that mountains of people will now enter the garden and snatch away treasures that they have already deemed to be their own.

How could this group of arrogant and controlling cultivators bear this?

Therefore, all seven of them were steaming with an intent to kill. They were ready to pick out the person who broke the spell and behead him!

At the same time, somewhere in the Medicinal Garden of Immortality, a man wrapped in murky spiritual energy was slowly waking up.
The moment his eyes opened, two rays of lights shot out and pierced the sky like long swords.

The Sun and the moon dimmed, the heaven and the earth shifted shapes!

This person here was the leader of the Alliance of Tyrants. He is not on the List of Hidden Dragons, but he was admired enough and famous enough to be known as the most ruthless cultivator!

Legend has it that he was capable enough to suffocate even the most heaven-defying cultivators!

"How interesting. Someone overlooks me enough to barge into my area. Is it the first Hidden Dragon?" the murky bands of energy around him continued to swirl and twirl. He slowly stood up and straightened his spine. His movement made it appear as if he was dividing up the Heaven and the Earth!

His horrifying capability was obvious.

It was normal. If he had no real abilities, how could he be controlling those arrogant Heaven’s Favorites? Even more so, those seven Hidden Dragons bow down to him as if he was the leader of the world!

"If it’s really him, then it sure will become interesting. I will use this opportunity to establish who is stronger than the other."

As he spoke those words, he sat down in a lotus position and once again, closed his eyes.

He had more important matters to tend to, no time to deal with the intruder.


s, intruder.

He has already categorized the Medicinal Garden of Immortality as an object of his own. No matter who enters, he must kill as they are intruding private property.


At this moment, inside a leafy forest, sunlight was shining down through the leaves, casting spotty shadows and dazzling up the ground full of medicinal herbs.

Ling Xian, Lu Chao Xian, and Fang Yun were raiding the forest like hungry wolves who haven’t eaten for days.

One has to admit that there was just simply far too many treasures inside the Medicinal Garden of Immortality. The ground was covered with invaluable herbs. Even Ling Xian, who always behaved rationally, was getting a little out of control.

On top of that, he was an alchemist. With all these treasures below his nose, how could he just go home empty-handed? He had to raid it top to bottom.

Of course, Ling Xian did not go as far as digging three meters into the ground and uprooting everything. If he did that, then he would be hurting a herb and damaging its spiritual energy.

"The Medicinal Garden of Immortality really is an alchemist’s Heaven."

Ling Xian exclaimed as he indulged himself in happiness. He was completely unaware that eight powerful demons were now targeting him.

However, knowing him, even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t react much. At most he would be annoyed.

The moment he decided to go against the three guards, he knew that he would have to face the Alliance of Tyrants and fight a battle that results in the death of one party.

"Haha, not just an alchemist, any cultivator would find this place heavenly. So much spiritual medicine! Oh my god, I am so happy I might die," Fang Yun guffawed, his face beamed with happiness.

Lu Chao Xian’s excitement could also be clearly seen on his face. He claimed, "Yeah, throughout my life, I have never seen this many treasures. Even the vault at my house doesn’t have this much."

To any cultivator, if they wanted to go far on the cultivation journey, they needed a handful of cultivation resources.

This was why the list every cultivator follows goes, [wealth, companionship, law, and land.] It can be seen from this list the importance of spiritual stones to a cultivator.

Before everyone was a place that though not raining spiritual stones, but had countless amount of spiritual medicine. If they can take these to the external world and sell them, they can turn them into sparkling spiritual stones.

A vast amount of spiritual stones at that!

"Hehe, I am so happy. I love the feeling of owning an endless amount of spiritual medicine." Fang Yun smiled from ear to ear. His brain was showing him the future he wanted to see - to be able to spend gold like they were useless.

"Pity. We have been walking for a long time but we still haven’t seen any Godly Medicine." Ling Xian felt a little disappointed.

Lu Chao Xian smiled. "Godly Medicine does not appear that easily. Even though this is the Medicinal Garden of Immortality, it will not be that easy."

"That is true. I guess rumors tend to exaggerate." Ling Xian faintly grinned and stuffed a branch of Plant of Purple Star into his storage pouch. He then continued walking.

In general, he would see a shining spiritual medicine every few steps.

These spiritual medicine were all taken by Ling Xian. Though they were not high in realms, all of them combined can make someone a really rich man!

"Let’s pick up our pace. I am guessing that all the cultivators who entered the Palace are now close by." Ling Xian reminded them and continued to raid the place.

Just as the three of them picked up their pace, they felt a giant wave of pressure edging in.

The pressure was intense and overwhelming, and surrounded the entire area!

Then, not only did it surround the entire area, the entire Medicinal Garden was engulfed. As if real immortals were descending, it enclosed all nine Heavens and 10 Earths.


Ling Xian frowned, his body was uncontrollably dropping. In an instant, his feet were three inches rooted in the earth!

Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were the same. Their faces suddenly turned white, and half of their bodies were now buried in the ground!

This kind of eerie event changed the colors on all their faces.

"What is happening?"

Ling Xian’s brows tightly locked together. He did what he could against the pressure; however, it was far too powerful, and he had no way of defending himself!

This result made him fall into disbelief!

Remember, since Ling Xian became a cultivator, no matter how strong of an opponent, he could attack effectively and efficiently. Even against completion leveled powerhouses, he had ways to defend himself!

But now, against this giant pressure, his old tactics were now useless!

How unbelievable of an event was this?!

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