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The Sun was steaming hot.

Right in front of the Medicinal Garden of Immortality, three corpses laid, wide-eyed with horror.

If time could go backward, they would not have behaved so arrogantly and mocked Ling Xian.

Right now, Ling Xian’s expression was frigid as he fluttered the wings on his back. Like an Immortal, his temperament was extraordinary and divine, and righteous enough to peer down at others.

Every spectator’s face was astounded. Looking at the man in white and the three dead bodies on the ground, they cheered.

"Haha, good killing! This makes me so happy!"

"Yah! These people bully others because of the pillars they are relying on. They humiliated us! Dying was too kind to them!"

"Haha, you’re right. Thanks for killing them to avenge us!"

Every single person here was overjoyed as they clapped and cheered. The anger they were feeling dissipated and was replaced by satisfaction and ecstasy.

Before Ling Xian made any moves, those who are now dead were using the leader as an armor to do whatever they wanted to do. They humiliated everyone there, and they did it because they thought the horror of the Alliance of Tyrants meant that nobody would dare to stop them.

Now that Ling Xian had made his moves and ended the three of their lives, he has avenged them!

"This sir here sure is strong to have instantly killed three people. This kind of overbearing capability definitely will not lack before the demons of the Hidden Dragons!"

"Yes! With such fighting abilities, no wonder he dared to slap the Alliance of Tyrants in the face."

"Haha, I feel so satisfied, Good job killing! For alliances like this, who behaves unreasonably and so irrationally, someone needs to teach them a lesson!"

Every spectator had a smile on their faces as they peered at the handsome and instilling silhouette. Their eyes were filled with respect.

It a form of respect given to heroes.

Without a doubt, what Ling Xian did just now, not only did avenge these people but also won over their admiration and respect as well.

To stand out and fight against the repression of the Alliance of Tyrants during critical times, what is this if not heroism?

At least, in these people’s hearts right now, Ling Xian was a hero!

"The Alliance of Tyrants is a group of people that I will have to meet eventually." Ling Xian softly sighed. If possible, he did not want to create unnecessary drama. All he wanted was to get his hands on the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

However, the Alliance of Tyrants was far too dominating. They overtook the Medicinal Garden, which was why he decided to help out everyone by making his own moves and killing those people.

After that, he will have to encounter the Alliance of Tyrants either way. Due to killing their subordinates, or because he wanted to snatch the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

"If I have to fight, then I will. I, Ling Xian, am not afraid of anyone."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up as he turned around to glance at everyone, "I have killed these three people. You may now enter and exit the Medicinal Garden as much as you want."

"Thank you for stepping out for everyone, Master Ling. Not only do we feel great now, we now also have a chance to enter the Medicinal Garden!"

"Yes, it is all thanks to you! I will remember what you did for us today all my life."

"That’s right. We will all remember you for what you did. If you ever run into any trouble, we will definitely be on your side!"

"What are you talking about? Our savior is someone with such extraordinary abilities. Why would he ever run into any troubles?"

"Exactly. To have achieved such greatness at such a young age, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say he is a young immortal!"

Everyone showed their respect by forming fists with one hand and cupping it with another. They thanked Ling Xian very vocally with thick traces of admiration and exclamation.

What they admired was what Ling Xian did today. He headed against such strong opposing forces and punished those who did things against the rules. What they exclaimed was his courageousness, his powerfulness! To them, he was the reincarnation of a real immortal!

"I really cannot bear the title of being a young immortal." Ling Xian grinned softly, not taking it seriously.

He was very aware that the three who have died were really nobodies. The real opponents lie within the alliance and were the core members of the alliance – the top 10 cultivators from the List of Hidden Dragons.

They were the real opponents Ling Xian had to face!

"Alright, you can all stop flattering me. I will first go up to the Medicinal Garden to break the prohibition spell."

Ling Xian faintly smiled as he walked in giant leaps towards the main entrance of the Medicinal Garden. Every single step he took carried the grandeur of a warrior!

The entrance door to the Medicinal Garden was a door composed of five different colors. On top of the door was a prohibition spell set by the core members of the Alliance of Tyrants.

"Those from the Hidden Dragons List sure are not just names that are thrown around. From this prohibition alone, I can guess how capable they are."

Looking at the casted spell, Ling Xian frowned, realizing the difficulty of this.

However, with his current capabilities, breaking the seal will not be too hard. At most, it will take some more time.


Ling Xian shouted. The Halberd he had in his hands emitted an infinite amount of light that pierced through the door.


Feeling the invasion of an outsider, the prohibition spell exploded with a terrifying ambiance in response to the halberd.

At the same time, seven silhouettes emerged in thin air.

The seven of them had their backs facing Ling Xian. Their shadows were as grand and wide as a giant mountain. What emitted out of them was an imposing temperament that was even more horrifying. The strongest of the foundational level!

As the seven people’s shadows emerged, the light from the prohibition spell strengthened. It was almost as if they had the power to stop the halberd!

"Hmmph, being mere the silhouettes from seven people, you dare to be so aggressive?"

Ling Xian scorned. Manipulating his Eyes of Execution, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior shone mightily and swept all dust off the ground!


After a loud rumble, it shook up all nine heavens and 10 hells, the entire universe quaked!

In an instant, the prohibition spell cracked open!

The giant pillar of light shot through the cloud, carrying with it, the fragrance of the Medicinal Garden.

The spell was broken, the Medicinal Garden naturally opened its gate.

"Haha! Amazing! It is no wonder you are a heavenly being! I have now personally witnessed the prohibition spell set by the seven alliance members being broken! You broke it by yourself! How powerful!"

"Yeah! This Master here sure is uncontrollable. Though you are unfamiliar to my eyes, with your abilities, you should be famous across all islands."

"It is normal for you to not know his name. I’m sure you’ve heard of this person though. He is the one who defeated the Demonic Fairy, Ling Xian!"

"What! It’s him? No wonder he is so strong!"

Everyone’s face hung long from shock. After finding out Ling Xian’s identity, the shock they felt multiplied!

Ling Xian’s name has been passed around the 36 islands since a while ago. However, not a lot of people have seen his face. Therefore, nobody recognized him at first.

Now that someone has pointed him out, they naturally became surprised.

"Hehe, brother, you are so powerful. No matter where you go, you garner respect." Fang Yun laughed. Once again affirming his belief that following Ling Xian was the smartest decision he’s made in his life.

Lu Chao Xian glared at Fang Yun, "Stop being so shameless. He never accepted you as a Junior Brother."

"What do you mean by shameless? This is called intelligence. Do you know what intelligence means? After my brother becomes the powerhouse of the world, as his follower, I can walk sideways as well." Fang Yun’s eyes shone with anticipation.

Nobody knows if its anticipation for the day Ling Xian becomes a powerhouse or anticipation for the day he can pretend to be a tiger and do whatever he wanted to.

"I don’t know whether or not Ling Xian will become a powerhouse. But I am sure of one thing," Lu Chao Xian’s lips curled, "If you dare to behave irrationally, you will die a painful death."

"Hmmph, you are just jealous." Fang Yun hissed, no longer paying attention to the smiling Lu Chao Xian. He succumbed his way before Ling Xian with a ridiculous grin. "Brother, you are so powerful. To have broken the prohibition spell set by the seven demons from the Hidden Dragon List. Such accomplishment makes me-"

"Shut it."

Ling Xian stared down at Fang Yun and shifted his gaze to everyone else. "The spell has been broken. You can now walk in and out as you will. However, I must warn you, the Medicinal Garden is likely to be full of people from the Alliance of Tyrants. Those who are incapable better not enter. Or you will most likely be killed by those people."

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone fell into silence. They knew Ling Xian was right.

Since people from the Alliance locked the entrance to the Medicinal Garden, it meant they have plans to take over all the fortunes there. If they enter now, they will definitely be attacked.

Therefore, everyone at the scene hesitated. A small portion of them was looking at Ling Xian hopefully as if they wished for him to fight on their behalf once again.

Seeing this, Ling Xian shook his head and did not speak anymore.

He was not a saint. To have helped them open the gate was already more than what he was responsible for. He was not going to clean up the rest of the issue for them.

"The path is right before you. Advance or retreat is all up to you."

Ling Xian spoke softly before turning around and walking into the door in giant steps.

Seeing this, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun followed him closely.

A five-colored rainbow flashed across everyone’s head as they crossed the border into the garden. The color of the sky had changed. It was no longer blue, but five different colors.

"There were strange flowers and plants everywhere and even waterfalls with spiritual energy. As if walking into Heaven, the place was lively, like a poetry and like a painting.

After a rough glance, Ling Xian had already found 10 different types of spiritual medicine. Then, the Essence of Herbalism flashed across his brain, as if it would go on forever.

It was obvious just how magical this place was. It would not be an exaggeration to say that spiritual herbs covered the ground.

What a mysterious world. This is pretty much an alchemist’s heaven."

Ling Xian revealed his astonishment on his face. Indulging himself with the heavy spiritual energy, his handsome face flashed with drunkenness.

"Hehe, I am rich, I am rich! So much spiritual medicine. If I can get them all in my pocket, how rich would I become!" Fang Yun’s eyes shone with greed as he rubbed his hands together. His mouth was almost watering.

Lu Chao Xian gulped as he stared at the countless number of spiritual medicine. With a shaky voice, he said, "It… it is no wonder people compare the Medicinal Garden to the heaven of herbs. This is unbelievable."

"Stop staring, get moving."

Ling Xian grinned. Faced with the infinite amount of treasure, even for him, who has always been calm, could not escape the excitement. He flapped around his sleeve and laughed. "Let us raid!"

"Haha, yes! Let us take all the treasures from here!"

Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun laughed as they began to search every inch of the garden to acquire invaluable herbs.


Just as the three of them were raiding the garden for treasures, in the corner of the Medicinal Garden of Immortality, a man surrounded by bands of murky energy suddenly opened his eyes.

Two rays of light shot out of his eyes that changed both the Heaven and the Earth’s colors.

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