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The Medicinal Garden of Immortality is a mysterious place inside the palace of Fortune.

Though this place has the word "garden" in its name, in reality, it was a Little Universe composed out of immeasurably valuable treasures.

At this moment, the Medicinal Garden of Immortality was located in the southeast location. It was emitting an infinite amount of heavenly light that dyed the sky into five or six different colors. From afar, the brightness of it was dizzying. On top of that, it was releasing a unique fragrance that comforted the mind of many.

Without exception, the moment it materialized, the cultivators inside the Palace were shocked.

Gaze upon gaze fixated in the southeast direction. Everyone’s stare was full of hope and optimism.


Fast and speedy sounds erupted in the air. Powerful figures from different Houses and Clans dashed toward the Medicinal Garden of Immortality, terrified that if they were too late, all the rare herbs and plants will be snatched.

Ling Xian was no different. His eyes were flickering with anticipation as he summoned his Winged Blitz. Then, he headed in the southeast direction.

Behind him, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun did not know whether to laugh or cry. They were giving it their all to try and be at the same pace as Ling Xian, but all they could see was his back.

"No wonder the Winged Blitz is so famous. This kind of speed is not something we can achieve even if we tried." Lu Chao Xian sighed softly, his tone full of bitterness.

"Hehe, even though we are Heaven’s Favorites, we are still humans. Therefore, let’s not compare ourselves to Ling Xian. He is a demon." Fang Yun chuckled. After spending the past few days with Ling Xian, he has now learned that comparing himself to Ling Xian was asking for pain.

"That is true. Such a devious being is not someone I can even comprehend." Lu Chao Xian accepted reality. Peering at the broad shadow, he laughed, "But, we are a bit too far behind aren’t we? Let’s go at our fastest speed."

As he spoke, he manipulated his spiritual energy into his feet and increased his speed, leaving behind Fang Yun.

"Damn you! Wait for me!" Fang Yun cursed before summoning a technique and chased after Lu Chao Xian.

As for catching up to Ling Xian, he didn’t even dare to think about it.

In the sky, Ling Xian’s wings were flapping aggressively. Under the embrace of heavenly light, it carried him forward at an insane speed.

Very quickly, he arrived at his destination.

Currently, a large group of cultivators had already converged before the medicinal garden. What was strange was that nobody entered straight away. Instead, they were arguing about something till they were red-faced.

The atmosphere was like they were about to break out in a fight.


Ling Xian frowned slightly and did not land right away. He hung himself in midair to first figure out what was going on down there.

After a while, he understood.

Then, a huge rush of anger flooded his brain.

The reason why these people didn’t enter the garden yet was because an alliance had dominated the garden and called it their own.

Logically speaking, only top leaders get to enter the Palace of Fortune. Even if collusions do form, very rarely do people take over certain areas of the Palace like this.

This was the same logic as the House of Zi Yang not taking full control of the Palace of Fortune. If they did that, what awaits them was the anger of every single person. Therefore, domination was not something people did lightly.

But before everyone’s noses, an alliance did exactly this. There were only two possibilities, one, they were brainless. Two, they were fearless.

Without a doubt, the alliance belonged to the latter category.

The fourth, fifth, sixth, up until the seventh Hidden Dragon were all within this alliance!

Legend has it that even though the leader of the alliance was not on the Hidden Dragon List, this person’s capability does not pale next to the number one Hidden Dragon!

An alliance like this one truly does have the ability to fearlessly take over the garden!

This was why while everyone was swimming in absolute rage, they controlled themselves and did not make a move. What they were afraid of was being slaughtered by these Heaven’s Favorites!

"Dammit, do they not reason with anyone? The Medicinal Garden is no object that belongs to only one person, it belongs to all of us!"

"Yeah! What reasons do you have to take over the garden and ban us!"

"Exactly. You are being far too overbearing. Aren’t you afraid we will all attack you?"

Everyone at the scene was getting more and more emotional as they cursed at the cultivators who were blocking the gate to the garden.

"Hmmph, what are you being so noisy about?!"

An arrogant looking young man scorned. He pointed at the group of people before him and warned, "To tell you the truth, if our leader was unafraid to take control of this garden, then he is unafraid of attacks from all you useless trash!"

"That’s right. Who do you think you are?" A young man in black giggled and mocked, "You are trying to talk rationally to us? Are you three years old? Do you not understand the most fundamental rule of the Taoism community?"

"Let’s not waste any more breath on him." A handsome youth in blue suddenly spoke. He seemed to be a little annoyed at these people and spoke very sternly. The moment he spoke, the other two shut their mouths right away.

"Listen to me. I will tell you this just once." The young man in blue had an icy cold expression as he glanced across the entire place. "The Medicinal Garden of Immortality has been completely controlled by the Alliance of Tyrants. We ask you to leave this place within 15 minutes, if you don’t leave by then, then deaths await!"

After he dropped those words, murderous intent washed out of him like tidal waves that established his determination to fight.

"You… You are all being too much!"

"Dammit, you are far too unreasonable! Aren’t you afraid of karma?"

"What kind of alliance is named the Alliance of Tyrants? You are all just shameless thieves!"

Every single person here was enraged as they swore at the people before them. However, nobody dared to stand out and make a move.

Because they were scared.

Ignoring the mysterious leader of the alliance, the members of the alliance alone were strong enough to make everyone feel desperate!

Though they were not undefeatable, they also weren’t far away from being so. After all, there were not just one Heaven’s Favorites, there were as many as seven!

Every single person out of the seven Heaven’s Favorites possessed the ability to wipe out any cultivator here. When they collude together and act as a group, their capability was strong enough to overtake all the cultivators inside the Palace right now!

Therefore, who dared to make a move?

"Hmmph, what a group of trash. Get the hell out of my sight. Whoever wants to challenge me, make your move!"

The youth in blue sarcastically smiled, his handsome face composed of mere wrath, "But don’t say I didn’t warn you. With your abilities, our leader doesn’t even need to make an appearance. I, alone, am more than enough to defeat all of you!"


The group of people tightened their fists as they absorbed his provoking tone. They felt a wave of humiliation that they’ve never felt before.

However, still, nobody stood out.

Though the Medicinal Garden was full of temptation and the anger they were feeling were hard to swallow, it was not worth dying.

Just then, a calm but enraged voice suddenly rung. The volume of the voice was not high, but it nonetheless erupted throughout the sky.

"I sure want to see how you plan on getting rid of me."

As soon as the words were spoken, a god-like creature descended onto Earth and shattered the ground!

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