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On top of a tall mountain peak that is surrounded by clouds.

Yan Ning Zhi’s expression was rigid as she formed a hand seal and cast one array technique after another.

Before her, five black pillars stood. Between each of them flowed a mysterious energy that somehow connected them.

This was the secret array she found the instructions for in an ancient ruin.

She had followed Ling Xian’s advice and first injected the Iron of Punishment and Lock of Evil into the pillars, then, she added five pieces of top quality warm jade.

The former was pricelessly rare materials, and the latter was the most common materials possible. Even if the jade she used were of top quality, they were at most, 100 spiritual stones each. The difference between the two materials was like cloud and mud.

It was no wonder that Yan Ning Zhi did not believe Ling Xian.

Perhaps it was because of her might-as-well-try-it-out mentality, or perhaps it was due to her confidence in Ling Xian, but she chose to attempt it.

The result did not disappoint her.

In the beginning, when the Iron of Punishment and the Lock of Evil were injected into the pillars, the five pillars immediately began to shake due to repulsion from each other.

However, when the five warm jades were injected, the shaking stopped. The pillars even emitted heavenly light that engulfed many mountain peaks.

In the next second, the five black pillars deepened into the ground and dissipated a horrifying atmosphere. Like a beast who just awoke from a deep hibernation, it howled and growled!

The mysterious array was completed!

"Amazing! I knew it! Ling Xian would not lie to me!"

Yan Ning Zhi was overjoyed as she stared at the array.

After acquiring instructions about this array, she practiced for three years and could not find a way to resolve the issue with the Iron of Punishment and Lock of Evil. Therefore, she was never able to finish this array.

But today, she finally cast it. This made her feel very satisfied.

"Ling Xian is so smart. I really didn’t think that he would be able to solve an issue nobody could solve in the array community. The fact that the solution was a warm jade is even more unbelievable." Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes glistened as she found herself pondering over Ling Xian.

Remember that the issue with the repulsion of these two materials has existed for years and years. Countless array masters have tried to solve it, but without exceptions, they failed.

But now, a mere warm jade solved this problem that no solution. One has to admit how unbelievable this was.

Any array master would be watching this with their tongue hanging out their mouths!

Because every array master knows that it is not normal to mix such a simple material with such rare materials. No array master has ever thought of using a warm jade to help aid the merging of Iron of Punishment and Lock of Evil.

This means they had a wrong way of thinking as they firmly believed that the higher the cost of a material, the more effective it would be. They missed the fact that every material in the world has a meaning to their existence. Sometimes, tackling a problem from a different angle can bring surprising results.

"Ling Xian is far too powerful. Such a difficult problem that nobody could answer was solved by him so easily. I cannot believe this." Yan Ning Zhi’s face was full of admiration. After storing the five pillars back into her storage pouch, she planned on going to Ling Xian to offer her thanks.

However, as soon as she turned around, she heard a burst of laughter.

"I wonder if Miss Yan is here? I, Ling Xian, am here to visit."

Instantly, Yan Ning Zhi became ecstatic and answered, "I am here. Please come up."

In the next second, a white shadow descended from the sky and walked by Yan Ning Zhi.

Seeing her joyous look, Ling Xian beamed, "I felt a strange and powerful energy just then. If I’m not wrong, you successfully cast your array."

"That’s right," Yan Ning Zhi nodded and grinned from ear to ear, "it is all thanks to Master Ling, or I may not have found a solution to my problem in my entire life."

"Don’t thank me, both of us were simply getting what we wanted." Ling Xian faintly smiled.

"I thank you nonetheless." Yan Ning Zhi’s cheeks reddened. Remembering the jade plate that represented her love, she peeked at Ling Xian and checked him out shyly.

His visage was handsome, and his temperament was pressing. Even though he could not be categorized as the best looking man there was, his collectedness and composure made it apparent that he has been through a lot.

This made her heart flutter.

"Why thank me? It was nothing." Ling Xian smiled.

"It was a problem without a solution. Countless array masters tried and failed. But today, you solved it using a small warm jade. How unbelievable." Yan Ning Zhi’s face remained flushed. Her head hung low and did not dare to look at Ling Xian straight in the eyes, scared that he’ll notice her strange behaviors.

"I simply thought of the problem from a different angle. It is not a big deal." Ling Xian waved his hand, thinking that, [you are praising the wrong person. I have no skills to solve a centuries-old problem.]

"Ling Xian, you are too humble." Yan Ning Zhi giggled, the colors in her eyes brightened.

Seeing this, Ling Xian shook his head and changed the subject, "I am here today with a purpose. I wonder if you can help me?"

"Of course. I am someone who does not speak if I do not know the details, but if I do know, I will speak of it all." Yan Ning Zhi’s features were delicate and graceful. Her glowing skin and her alluring figure made her an undeniable beauty.

Ling Xian hesitated and asked, "I wonder if your ancestor’s name is Yan Xin Yan?"

"Of course. Everyone knows this on the 36 islands." Yan Ning Zhi peered at Ling Xian strangely, unable to guess why he would ask her something everyone already knows of.

The Yan Clan was one of the top clans on the 36 islands for tens and thousands of years. The number of powerhouses in the family was countless. If it weren’t for the great war back then, perhaps all 36 islands would be controlled by the Yan Clan.

The ancestor of this clan was Feng Qing Ming’s first love, Yan Xin Yan!

"So then it’s true."

Ling Xian laughed silently and transferred the information to Feng Qing Ming.

In the next second, the Immortal of Array laughed brightly.

[Haha, Heavens, you sure treat me well. You let me have my own blood in the mortal world. Ling Xian, quickly, as her if she has a painting of Xin Yan.]

[Okay. Please be calm.]

Ling Xian grinned at Yan Ning Zhi and asked, "I wonder if you have a portrait of your ancestor?"

"Well… I do, but why do you want to see it?" Yan Ning Zhi confusedly peeked at Ling Xian.


Ling Xian didn’t know what to say and made up a lie off the top of his head, "I have heard that the Yan ancestor was not any less achieved than a man. I have always admired her but have never had a chance to admire her supreme style. Therefore, I wanted to see a portrait of her."

Admire her supreme style?

Yan Ning Zhi secretly smiled. She was no fool. How could she not have known that that was a mere excuse? However, she didn’t question him any further.

Instantly, a scroll flew into the air and slowly opened.

A portrait was delicately drawn on the scroll.

It was of a woman with light dimples. A woman whose beauty could bring all the men in the nation to their knees.

The Painting of the Nine Immortals began to tremble, as Feng Qing Ming’s tears fell.

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