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Chapter 271: A Token of Love
The Painting of Nine Immortals was peaceful, serene, and as always, picturesque.

On the Mount of the Healing Soul, Feng Qing Ming’s old eye rims were red as he carefully held onto the jade plate with both of his hands. He fell into a turmoil of emotions as he reminisced about his past.

He remembered a lot.

The chasing and the flirting, the shallow kisses that sealed their love, and the wave of sadness the day they parted.

He stood like a statue on top of the mountain. He let the wind blow the tears off his cheeks.

Ling Xian stood silently behind Feng Qing Ming. With his intellect, he had already guessed what was making the Immortal of Arrays cry such sorrowful tears.

A real immortal who has lived centuries and centuries has seen it all in the world. What kind of things would make him feel such strong emotions?

Other than the sentiment, love, nothing else can.

Therefore, Ling Xian did not interrupt him with his words.

After a long while, the Immortal of Arrays finally recollected himself and exclaimed, "You must be laughing at me."

"No, it’s no laughing matter. It just shows you are really devoted to your emotions," Ling Xian shook his head, "You have lived almost for an eternity yet you have not lost the emotions that differentiate us from animals. That is not something easy."

"It’s not that I haven’t gotten emotionless, it’s that first loves are too hard to forget," the Immortal of Arrays exclaimed as he stared at the jade plate in his hands, "I bet you want to ask me about this jade plate."

"Yes, but seeing the way you are behaving, I have my guesses already." Ling Xian whispered.

"Yes, just as you are thinking, this jade plate is nothing out of the ordinary. The only ability it has is that it does not erode even in the test of time. It was a token of love I gifted to a girl as a promise." Feng Qing Ming sighed longingly. As he allowed himself to think of the past, a smile crawled up his face. "Back in the days, I walked across three provinces, five mountains, nine continents and 36 islands, just to find this jade plate. It is supposed to represent the unchanging love between us."

"It really is what I thought."

Ling Xian sighed and exclaimed, "The ageless jade, it really is the best token of love."

"Yes. Sadly, the me back then only knew how to study arrays and train to become an immortal. I neglected her and hurt her. Once I acquired my fame and success, I could no longer find her." Feng Qing Ming smiled wryly. Even today, he still remembers that girl. Still remember the promises he made to her.

For the goals he set himself, he forgot about her.

Once he achieved what he wanted, that person, was no longer waiting for him in the same place.

"It is no wonder you were shedding tears." Ling Xian nodded. Remembering the meaning of this jade plate, he hurriedly asked, "Wait a minute. You said… this is… a token of love?"

"Yes, what’s the problem?" Feng Qing Ming glanced at Ling Xian strangely.

"A token of love…"

Ling Xian bitterly chuckled, finally realizing why Yan Ning Zhi blushed so brightly when he asked for her jade plate. The way she behaved was as if she had to make a big decision.

Thinking about the scenario that made him shiver from fear, Ling Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He held onto the last thread of hope and asked, "Immortal, are you sure this is the jade plate?"

"How can I be wrong? Look, her name and mine are both carved on there." Feng Qing Ming showed Ling Xian the jade.

The green jade was covered with carvings of a dragon and a phoenix. It was bright and reflective and was absolutely beautiful.

Of course, that was not important. What was important was t

he two small characters on there.

One was Qing, the other Yan – Feng Qing Ming and the lady’s names.

Staring at the two small characters, Ling Xian chuckled while he cried, "Immortal, why must… why must you harm… harm me?"

"Harm you?"

Feng Qing Ming was startled, "What do you mean?"

"Sigh…" Ling Xian deeply sighed and explained Yan Ning Zhi’s reactions to him when he asked for the jade plate.


After listening to Ling Xian, Feng Qing Ming was wide-eyed and open-mouthed. But very quickly, he erupted in laughter. "Haha, interesting. This is so interesting. I can’t believe I acted as a matchmaker and helped set up a marriage!"

Marriage your @ss!

Ling Xian’s mood darkened and snatched over the jade plate. "I do not want to marry that girl. I have to return this jade to her."

"Hehe, why return it? This is all planned by god. Do you understand the idea of fate?" Feng Qing Ming chuckled and made a face. "If things really did unfold as you described, and the girl really did give you this jade red-faced, then it means she willingly gave this to you knowing what it represents. It seems like she’s into you."

"I don’t care if she’s into me or not. I am not interested in her. I do not feel blessed about this marriage." Ling Xian shook his head helplessly.

If he knew this earlier, then he wouldn’t have agreed to Feng Qing Ming’s request no matter what. But now, all the coincidences have collided and turned into a misunderstanding.


Yan Ning Zhi, why would she think of this as a token of love?

Ling Xian froze for a second in hesitation, "Immortal, I have something I want to say, but I don’t know if I should."

"It’s okay, speak of it." Feng Qing Ming was still smiling from the strangeness of all of this.

"This jade was a gift you gave to that lady. Other than her and you, nobody would treat it as a token of love right?" Ling Xian hesitated as a guess formed in his head.

"Yeah. This is an item only us two would treasure. But for her to give it to you so bright-faced, it must mean she holds some kind of special meaning to this jade."

After hearing Ling Xian’s question, Feng Qing Ming felt it was strange as well. Locking his brows tightly together, he carefully reminisced every single second he spent with that lady. A guess formed in his head as well.

Could it be…

Even thinking of that possibility made Feng Qing Ming quiver and he uncontrollably became excited.

Seeing his reaction, Ling Xian knew they were now thinking of the same thing. "In the Taoism community, there is something called heirlooms. Could it be… Yan Ning Zhi is a descendant of that lady?"

"Hahaha, she must be! She must be!"

Feng Qing Ming bellowed as his white hair tousled in the wind. "There is no doubt, no doubt about it. If she isn’t a descendant of hers, why would she treat it as a token of love?"

"Immortal, please calm down for a second," Ling Xian hesitated and reminded, "The girl’s surname is Yan."

"Haha, that proves it even more. My love’s surname was Yan as well." Feng Qing Ming laughed with his stomach held high up. But as he laughed and laughed, two streams of tears rolled down his cheeks. "Xin Yan*, I wronged you. I am sorry. I am sorry."

Seeing this, Ling Xian sighed, thinking he must be overthinking. There was a high possibility for Yan Ning Zhi to be the descendant of that lady’s. It would mean she is a descendant of Feng Qing Ming as well.

"Hahaha, I did not think that my own blood would still be alive in the mortal world. God, you have treated me well!" Feng Qing Ming continued to shed tears. After learning about the possibility of having a descendant, he could no longer control his excitement and turned delirious.

It took a long time for this Immortal to regain his rationality. He grabbed Ling Xian’s arm and stated enthusiastically, "Ling Xian, you have to help me, you have to help me!"

Ling Xian softly grinned, knowing what Feng Qing Ming wanted to ask, "Immortal, do not worry. when Yan Ning Zhi finds me again, I will ask her and find out the answer."

"Good. Good. Haha!" Feng Qing Ming stopped worrying and continued to bellow, "Even though I am pretty certain that girl is a descendant of mine, it’s better to be sure."

"Don’t worry, I will investigate everything." Ling Xian nodded, but he was rather reserved. "Please don’t be too hopeful though. After all, you are someone who was alive 100,000 years ago. And.. she might not be yours-"

Before he could finish, Feng Qing Ming gestured for him to stop talking and stared him down. "What do you mean she might not be mine? What do you know! When I parted with Xin Yan, she was with a child. The child is definitely mine!"


Ling Xian was speechless. He silently judged Feng Qing Ming for abandoning a lady who was pregnant with his own child. How scum of him.

"You are thinking lowly of me, right? Hehe, it’s hard for me to explain it all. I’m also not in the mood to retell the tales." Feng Qing Ming saw through Ling Xian right away.

He did not explain.

What happened in the past was a permanent wound in his heart.

Ling Xian did not ask either. He knew that even though Feng Qing Ming was in the wrong about this, he was not completely responsible.

Things between men and women are always messy and cannot be untangled.

"Do not worry. I will definitely find out for you." Ling Xian smiled.

"No, I can’t wait. You go back and find her for me." Feng Qing Ming was impatient.

"Ok, I will go now."

Ling Xian understood Feng Qing Ming’s pain. He walked away smiling and shaking his head.

"Wait, leave the jade." Feng Qing Ming beamed meaningfully.

"I can’t. I need to return this to Yan Ning Zhi." Ling Xian frowned, unwilling to walk into a bizarre marriage.

"Hehe, Ling Xian, this young woman might be a descendant of mine. Which means her beauty must be out of this world and her talent must dominate. Such a perfect partner is not someone you can find even if you search for it." Feng Qing Ming chuckled and moved before Ling Xian.

In the next second, the jade plate returned to his hands.

"Why are you doing this?" Ling Xian laughed wryly.

Feng Qing Ming chuckled and checked out Ling Xian in satisfaction, "I am helping you out. Appreciate my effort. Are you saying that my descendant isn’t good enough for you?"

"Immortal, you aren’t even sure of that yet." Ling Xian knew what the Immortal of Arrays was thinking.

"I am almost certain." Feng Qing Ming smiled and waved his hand, "Go and find the girl. I will keep the jade for now. We can discuss it later."

Hearing this, Ling Xian helplessly shook his head. He was not dumb enough to argue with the Immortal. Even if he does, there was no way he would be able to take the jade away from the immortal.

His only option was to let it go for now.

Focusing on the matter on hand, his silhouette slowly disappeared, and he reappeared inside his room.

He then walked out of his home to find Yan Ning Zhi and seek out the answers.

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