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Lu Chao Xian incited the islands when he was still a child. After becoming an adult, he was like the Crown Prince of his Clan and was collectively appointed as one of the strongest Heaven’s Favorite!

Within this Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation, he was, without a doubt, the most powerful.

Therefore, when he stood out, everyone stored high hope on him, hoping that Ling Xian couldn’t defeat him.

However, at this moment, there was no difference between him and the other 10 Heaven’s Favorites – all were knocked out by Ling Xian with one move. This was even after he demonstrated the March of Thunderclaps.

This result astonished everyone!

Gawking at the bloody Lu Chao Xian, everyone’s emotionless expressions revealed how cold their once burning heart has gotten.

There was no way they could believe the strongest descendant of the Lu Clan was knocked out by Ling Xian within a second!

One cannot make the claim that he was not strong, it was that Ling Xian was far too strong!

Strong enough to make the Heaven’s Favorites from the same generation feel desperate!

This group of Heaven’s Favorites who crossed the sea to find Ling Xian was now thoroughly hopeless.

Grim-eyed, like lost souls, they moved as if they were corpses.

At this very moment, their pride and confidence have evaporated. Only defeat and powerlessness remained.

Defeated by Ling Xian, stripped of power because of Ling Xian!

These people formed an alliance to annihilate Ling Xian and planned to repress him in all three areas; cultivation, ancient arrays, and alchemy.

Only now did they fully realize how much of a joke this whole thing was. Putting aside ancient arrays and alchemy, they have utterly lost in cultivation alone.

Lost so cleanly, so exhaustively!

"He… He is so strong. Strong enough for me to be hopeless!"

"Lost… we truly lost… none of us is his opponent!"

"Laughable, this is too laughable. Thinking about my initial presumptuous ways, I am ashamed. I want to find a hole and crawl into it."

"I am the same. I sure don’t know how to measure my own capabilities. What a powerful Heaven’s Favorite. How is he someone who I… no, who we can annihilate?"

"I feel like a joke! After bullying others for 19 years, I have become a victim! A comical victim!"

Everyone has lost hope and their will to fight. More than that, they lost their confidence and were now behaving like zombies.

They were feeling hundreds of different emotions, including humiliation, fear, and regret. More than that, they were ashamed. Thinking about being cocky towards Ling Xian, their cheeks flushed.

"Since I said I would defeat you within one move, then there is no need to make a second one." Ling Xian’s expression was calm. His treasured mirror hung above his head, reflecting Lu Chao Xian’s face.


Lu Chao Xian spat out more and more blood as he stared at Ling Xian with shock. He really could not believe that he would lose so fast and so thoroughly.

This made him feel very complex. He felt denial and powerlessness.

"I lost, which means everyone has lost. You may decide our fate." Lu Chao Xian’s face was pale as he stood up with difficulty, refusing to lie on the ground like the others.

To him, that was humiliating.

However, before he could stand, he felt a heart-wrenching pain that forced him to fall back on the ground.

"Give it up Lu Chao Xian, just lie there. We have lost all our faces already, it doesn’t matter if we stand or lay," Long Zhan suddenly said after seeing through Lu Chao Xian’s intention.

"Cough… Cough… I rather die standing, than die kneeling. You think everyone’s shameless like you?" Lu Chao Xian gritted his teeth and stood up.

"Yeah, I do not care about my face. But at least I endured ten rebuttals. What about you? Gone after one attack. Where are you getting the confidence to lecture me?" Long Zhan grinned mockingly. His eyes were not as dark as the others, there was actually a hint of happiness.

Because Lu Chao Xian and him have always been rivals.

Now that he lasted ten rebuttals with Ling Xian while Lu Chao Xian was instantly knocked out by Ling Xian, he rediscovered some self-assurance. He thought he had improved.

Little did he know, Ling Xian did not even use all his strength while they were battling.

When fighting against Lu Chao Xian, however, Ling Xian used his strongest quality from the Eyes of Execution. Remember, this move even defeated the Demonic Fairy’s Eyes of Disordered Yin and Yang and helped him survive God’s Trial. Naturally, it could knock out Lu Chao Xian.

"Cough… Cough… Long Zhan, stop saying useless bullsh*t." Lu Chao Xian’s face was chalk white. Knowing that his wounds were far too serious and it was impossible for him to stand up, he stopped trying.

"Who are you to order me around? I can say whatever I want," Long Zhan taunted, "Don’t you always call yourself undefeatable? Losing to Ling Xian is whatever, but you lost after one move. This is a bit too embarrassing. Remember I endured ten rebuttals."

Then, his expression became arrogant, as if having those ten rebuttals was a very proud moment in his life.

He was sure it really was a form of honor to last ten moves against Ling Xian.


Lu Chao Xian was enraged but found no words to argue with.

"Why don’t you shut up," Ling Xian muttered and glared at the young man in gold. He then said something that hit him hard.

"We did exchange ten moves, but the first nine moves were made without unleashing my full strength. In other words, only that last move I made was my real capability."

The last move was his real capability?

Long Zhan stopped speaking. What Ling Xian meant was now clear.

Son of a b*tch!

Saying so meant he was also wiped out after one move?

Long Zhan was extremely depressed by this.

"Haha, so you are the same. You dare to mock me?" Lu Chao Xian guffawed. Now that they were keeping records of each other, Long Zhan losing after one hit was very satisfying for him.


Long Zhan sneered but spoke no more.

"It appears that you have no more courage to battle me." Ling Xian glanced around – nobody dared to meet his eyes.

These arrogant Heaven’s Favorites have grown fearful of him.

Everyone lowered their heads and did not display any trace of smugness. Smiling, Ling Xian announced, "Ok, since nobody is stepping out. Then hurry and get out of my sight."

Then, he turned around to return to his mountain peak.

However, as he marched forward, a voice suddenly rang.

"Wait a minute."

Ling Xian frowned. He watched as a lady stood out of the crowd. In a cold voice, he asked, "What. You want to exchange a few moves with me too?"


Yan Ning Zhi softly shook her head as she stared at the man before her with mixed emotions, "Our goal today was not only to defeat you in cultivation, we wanted to win against you in regards to ancient arrays and alchemy as well."


Ling Xian’s eyes turned frigid, "Interesting. You want to annihilate me in all areas… you want to use me as a stepping stone and become famous on the 36 islands?"

"Think as you will."

Yun Ning Zhi lifted an eyebrow. "We admit our defeat in cultivation. But I now challenge you in ancient arrays. Do you dare to accept?"

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