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Chapter 258: The Arrival of the Alliance
"Qin Yan Ge, do you want to explain?"

These soft words forced the alluring silhouette to pause.

After a moment of delay, Qin Yan Ge turned around and stared at the handsome youth, "What do you want me to explain?"

"Isn’t it obvious what explanation I am seeking?" Ling Xian’s expression was impassive, his white robe floated in the wind.

He was very suspicious that the news of the Palace activating in the House of Zi Yang was spread by the Demonic Fairy. If it were, in fact, spread by her, then he would question her intentions.

Qin Yan Ge’s visage was out of the world beautiful, just like Ling Xian, she appeared like an Immortal who descended from the Heavens.

After gaping at Ling Xian for a few minutes, she spoke, "You are suspicious of me aren’t you?"

"Yes," Ling Xian nodded, "If this news was started by you, then I have to question your harboring intent."

"My harboring intent?" Qin Yan Ge tauntingly revealed a smile. "This whole thing has been advantageous to you. Now that the water is even murkier, it’s a great opportunity for me to catch the fish."

"So you admit it?" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow.

The corner of Qin Yan Ge’s lips curled, "If that’s what you think, then what can I do about it? Think as you will."

"You…" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, unsure about whether or not it was actually the Demonic Fairy.

"So what if it was me? So what if it wasn’t?" the Demonic Fairy shook her head, "Now that every cultivator on the 36 islands knows of this, the Zi Yang House must choose to give up and grant entrance to everyone. Isn’t that good for us?"

"That is true." Ling Xian’s brows were tightly locked together. It was true, due to pressure, the House of Zi Yang was forced to open its gate, and he now had a higher chance of acquiring what he wanted.

After all, he was merely an Honorable Guest, no matter how much Zi Dong Lai liked him, he would not just hand him the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

"Then, it’s settled. What’s there to think so much about?" The Demonic Fairy said softly.

"We can leave this as it is. But you must tell me, is this rumor true or not?" Ling Xian said in a low voice.

"I see," Qin Yan Ge suddenly realized, "You are worried that I lied to everyone in order to scheme the House of Zi Yang."

"That’s right." Ling Xian nodded.

Qin Yan Ge uncontrollably laughed, "You can stop worrying then. The news about the Palace of Fortune is real. Not at all false."

Then, like a fairy, she took off by flying away.

"This woman… I must be on guard."

As his gaze followed the silhouette, Ling Xian squinted and made a judgment call about Qin Yan Ge.

Then, he marched forward in giant steps towards where Yun Yan lived.

However, before long, a descendant who was on security duty, ran towards him. Seeing Ling Xian, his eyes blossomed into a flower and called out, "Master Ling!"


Ling Xian was startled and asked, "What is it?"

The young man ran before Ling Xian and paused to catch his breath. He carefully took a peek at Ling Xian but did not speak.

"What is it? It’s okay. You can tell me." Ling Xian was curious.

The young man hesitated, "Master Ling, a group of young people came to our House, yelling for you. They want you to step out and.. and…"

"And what? It’s okay, just speak. I won’t blame you for anything." Ling Xian chuckled, knowing that it must be something vulgar. Or the young man wouldn’t be hesitating so much.

After acquiring Ling Xian’s confirmation, the young man sighed in relief, "They want to annihilate you."

"Annihilate me?" Ling Xian was surprised, he believed that he didn’t have any enemies on Shi

Ao Island. Why would anyone come knocking on his door to annihilate him?

Seeing Ling Xian’s kind expression, the young man no longer restrained himself, "Yes, those youths seem to be from families of power. Every single one of them appears unique and powerful. They are screaming and saying that they will beat you until you become pulp."


Ling Xian shook his head with a smile, "Lead me. I want to see what this is about."

"Master Ling, please go by yourself. I have to report this to the Supreme Headmaster," the young man faltered.

"Sure." Ling Xian softly grinned and walked towards the main entrance of the Zi Yang House.
He sure wanted to see what kind of people wanted to annihilate him.


On the golden beach, stood more than ten well-dressed youths. They waited for Ling Xian’s arrival.

Amongst them were men and women with imposing manners. Without exception, they were all foundational cultivators.

To have become foundational cultivators at the age of 20 made it apparent that these people here were geniuses with natural talents.

These people were not just geniuses, they were geniuses who reached the undefeatable realm when they were in the meditation level, making them Heaven’s Favorites. At the same time, everyone here has defeated other Heaven’s Favorites from the same generation, granting them with glorious marks in their records!

They were the youngest powerhouses from all political forces!

They were members of the Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation.

Ever since the three pieces of shocking news passed around, the entire younger generation was shocked to their core.

Then, these Heaven’s Favorites who grew up drowning in compliments began to feel jealous and fell into denial. Therefore, they tightened their fists, crossed the sea, and readied themselves to defeat Ling Xian.

For this reason, they formed this alliance.

Now, after a long half month of travels, they finally stepped onto Shi Ao Island.

"Sister Yan, do you think that Ling Xian guy will show up? We have been waiting for half an hour." A young man wearing a gold robe suddenly spoke.

"Yeah. Could it be that he got scared and hid after hearing about our arrival."

"Haha, it is possible. I think this man is simply a useless piece of trash. Is the Demonic Fairy that easy to defeat? I think all the news are fake!"

"Exactly! A perfect Dan is something even my Master cannot achieve. At such a young age, how could he brew one?"

Everyone joined the discussion with disdain.

This was the normal reaction. They were prominent Heaven’s Favorites with arrogance. How could they make room in their hearts for a beast who was good at everything?

"Let’s wait a bit longer. If he still doesn’t show up, then he is definitely a scaredy cat. We can return to our respective Houses in peace."

The young woman, who was called by the name Sister Yan, said. Her voice was charming like a flute.

Then, the Alliance continued to patiently wait for Ling Xian.

Time passed on little by little.

After another half an hour, Ling Xian was still nowhere to be seen. Other than the few calm cultivators, all the other Heaven’s Favorites were getting impatient.

Everyone swore and cursed using ugly language, such as how Ling Xian was gutless and was a terrified kitty.

Then, in between everyone’s insults, a loud and ripe laughter ripped through the air.

"Everyone, are you waiting for me?"

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