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Chapter 256: The Palace of Fortune
The 36 islands never lacked discussion topics.

Every second of every day, a shocking event unraveled and granted people the opportunity to talk about what this Heaven’s Favorite did today or what that powerhouse will do tomorrow.

In the recent months, everyone on 36 islands was talking about one topic and one person.

It was Ling Xian, the young man who astonished the 36 islands with three different achievements.

However, when "that" information circulated the islands, it concealed everyone’s halo, even Ling Xian’s.

The Palace of Fortune was about to open!

Such a short statement created a storm like never before that swept all 36 islands off their feet.

A countless number of cultivators formed fists in preparation, every Supreme Headmaster of every political force widened their eyes to investigate how much truth there was to this statement.

Because it was the Palace of Fortune!

A place similar to the Hidden Territory, but not the Hidden Territory. This place randomly opens its doors on the 36 islands every few centuries.

The origin of this mysterious place was very strange and nobody knows of it. The only thing for certain was that it follows some kind of rule and when it is the right time, it opens its doors.

There was an old saying that goes: retrieve fortune from the Palace of Fortune.

The meaning of this was that there were a countless amount of fortunes in the palace, including treasures that never get to see the Sun or techniques that no ancestors have passed down. There was also a rumor that said, the secret to immortality was hidden in the Palace of Fortune!

This place was full of opportunities!

Since this was the case, how could cultivators not go crazy?

Of course, not everyone was allowed to enter the Palace of Fortune. Only cultivators who pass the Palace’s test could enter and search for their "fortune".

For this reason, when this rumor started, every single person on the 36 islands went delirious and went around to confirm the legitimacy.

Just then, another news was dispersed.

The Palace of Fortune will activate in the House of Zi Yang after a month!

At the same time, the very mysterious original leveled cultivator of the 36 islands stood out and declared that this information was something he discovered after 30 years of research.

This news caused an immediate uproar!

Everyone believed the words of this original cultivator. Nobody questioned it anymore, everyone decided to step onto a ship towards Shi Ao Island.

This was all because this original leveled cultivator’s capabilities was well known and well trusted.

Named the Clairvoyant Prodigy, not only was his capabilities shocking, he was also a genius at inferring information and predicting events. He knows what was a good omen and what was a bad one. He could accurately predict the near fortune such as the weather or the birth of a genius. He was known as the number one figure of the 36 islands!

Therefore, when the information spread that he deduced all this, nobody questioned the rumor anymore.

As a countless number of cultivators aimed for Shi Ao Island, the Supreme Headmaster of various political forces sent their descendants to snatch the fortune from the Palace.

In the snap of a finger, everything changed!


If one must answer the question as to who was most affected and shocked due to this piece of news, it would the House of Zi Yang, without a doubt.

That was because the Clairvoyant Prodigy made it clear that the Palace of Fortune will appear in the House of Zi Yang within a month.

The House of Zi Yang became the eye of the storm.

It was also

the reason why Ling Xian burst out of his door!

After hearing this news, he too was astounded. Then, a news flashed across his brain.

Did the Demonic Fairy leak the news?

No doubt, the Demonic Fairy was the most suspicious. Because a month ago, Ling Xian had acquired the news about the Palace of Fortune from her red lips.

"How troublesome. Since everyone found out, the House of Zi Yang is now the center of attention and the water just got muddier." Ling Xian sighed. Walking out of his door, he headed for the mountain peak where the Supreme Headmaster resided.

He has already gotten the message from Zi Dong Lai, who requested to see him.

Very soon, Ling Xian arrived before a grand mountain peak. After showing his token of his Honorable Guest status, he walked into the meeting hall under the guards’ envious stares.

The moment he entered, he felt everyone’s eyes on him. Then, a wave of greetings flooded.

"Master Ling, you came? Please sit."

"It’s been a while, Master Ling. You look dashing as usual."

"Haha, yes, Master Ling sure is handsome. I wonder how many girls’ hearts were snatched by you."

Everyone spoke of praises.

Ling Xian bitterly smiled. He thanked them, but inside his head, he thought, [The fire is catching up to your brows yet you are still in the mood for this kind of stuff.]

This wasn’t a fair thought to think. These people knew the importance of the matter on hand and knew that it wasn’t time for flattery.

But that depended on who it was.

Where did Ling Xian belong? To speak bluntly, in the House of Zi Yang, his status has risen to a very high position, right below Zi Dong Lai.

Therefore, everyone felt the need to greet him.

"Ling Xian, come sit," Zi Dong Lai grinned and gestured for him to sit down.

Ling Xian nodded. He saw that there was a long mahogany table before him. Around it was 12 delicately carved chairs that were filled with people.

A chair to the left side of Zi Dong Lai was still empty. It was saved for Ling Xian.

There were many unwritten rules in the Taoism community. Such as who sits in which chair. The front chair of the table is always saved for the one with the highest position, which is Zi Dong Lai in this case.

To his left and right were saved for those beneath him. Following these rules, people must find their rightful seat at the table.

Without a doubt, everyone who was participating in this important meeting was of high rankings. There was the Elder responsible for punishment, Elder responsible for commerce and so on.

Right now, the Demonic Fairy was sitting to the right of Zi Dong Lai. Her flower-like face was as calm as water, it was almost impossible for others to guess what she was thinking.

Ling Xian glanced at her before fixating his gaze on Zi Dong Lai, "Headmaster, I am a mere Honorable Guest. It’s not really appropriate for me to sit to your left."

He understood these detailed rules well and knew that as an Honorable Guest, to be able to attend an internal meeting of the House was also an honor.

Sitting in that chair to the Headmaster’s left was inappropriate.

"Don’t worry about it."

Zi Dong Lai waved his hand with a beam, "Ignore those rules. You saved my House and we are all thankful. We all respect you and won’t talk behind your back."


Ling Xian hesitated and peeked at the various Elders.

All 10 Elders faintly grinned and spoke out.

"Master Ling, sit, we all admire you."

"Yeah, just sit. We won’t say anything."

"Please sit. Even if you didn’t save the House of Zi Yang, your capabilities alone disallow us from forming any negative opinions of you."

"I…. Alright, then I will listen to what you all say." Ling Xian formed a fist with one hand and cupped it with another to show his respect. Then, he marched to Zi Dong Lai’s left side and slowly sat down.

It wasn’t hard to see how much Zi Dong Lai liked him and how much the entire House of Zi Yang respected him.

If not, then Ling Xian, as an Honorable Guest, would never be invited to an internal meeting of the House of Zi Yang, let alone sit beside Zi Dong Lai.

This was an honor, and also a form of acceptance from others.

It represented the fact that in the House of Zi Yang, he was positioned merely one rank lower than the Supreme Headmaster, Zi Dong Lai.

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