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Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals, the scenery was beautiful.

The phoenix was getting more and more emotional as its wings fluttered back and forth. Even its voice was getting shaky.

"You are willing to help me?"

Ling Xian faintly smiled, "That is a choice you can make. If you agree to my conditions, then, of course, I will help you."

"What conditions, spit it out!" the phoenix’s eyes were more than excited. To it, nothing was more important than staying alive.

Of course, except freedom.

If freedom were the phoenix’s priority, it wouldn’t have exploded its own Inner Dan in order to get away. It was unwilling to live another day being trapped.

"You need to enter into an agreement with me and be my beast," Ling Xian’s face was calm as he spoke of his intentions directly.


The phoenix felt a crossfire of rage and shock. As a phoenix, divine blood ran deep in its veins. How could willingly be a beast that humans sit on? On top of that, what it cared about the most was being free. Why would it ever agree to be Ling Xian’s spiritual pet beast that has to follow his orders at all times?

"There is no way, give it up! The phoenix breed is born royal. How can I be a pet? You are dreaming!" the phoenix rejected right way. Its tone stern and strong.

Its arrogance was obvious.

"Correction. Nobody is born royal, and nobody is poor. Royalty lies within one’s soul, one’s mentality, never within one’s body," Ling Xian claimed softly. He had anticipated the phoenix to decline, therefore he was not at all disappointed. He continued, "Since you don’t want to, then it’s okay."

"Hmmph, even if I die, I will not be a pet of yours that does whatever you want," the phoenix snickered and continued to swing its wings around. It was getting ready to leave.

However, it couldn’t move, not even an inch. All it could do was struggle in midair by throwing its wings around, its behavior was extremely funny looking.

"What… what is happening."

The phoenix’s eyes were painted with shock. No matter what it did with its wings, they could not be moved. It was as if a mysterious force surrounded and set a lock on them.

That was exactly the case.

Around it, was a strange force that disallowed its movements.

"Little phoenix, where do you want to go?" Feng Qing Ming said with a huge grin.

"Who are you?" The phoenix was highly alert as it stared at the old man before it. Its instinct told it that this person was dangerous.

Feng Qing Ming turned around and smiled at the phoenix. "You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that this place is not a place you can leave whenever you want to."

‘Hmmph, so you are going to use brute force in order to get me to stay?" The phoenix scorned as it guarded itself.

Feng Qing Ming shook his head and said, "I would never do anything like that. Whether you agree or not, I will not do anything to you. But, if you don’t accept, you will never get out of here."

"Yes, to tell you the truth, this place is my biggest secret. I cannot let you leave by will." Ling Xian nodded. The Painting of the Nine Immortals was far too important. Nobody can know about it.

If the phoenix and him can make a promise and the phoenix agrees to entrust its life to Ling Xian, then it can freely leave. However, if it doesn’t accept, then neither Ling Xian nor Feng Qing Ming can let it go.

"You… what you do you want from me!?" The phoenix was enraged. It continued to flutter its wings in an attempt to break Feng Qing Ming’s inhibition spell.

However, it only had its soul left, and thus, its cultivation was not even 30 percent of what it used to be. There was no way for it to escape the spell.

After a while of struggling, it finally realized the helpless situation it was in and gave up altogether.

"Whatever. I will never agree to be your spiritual pet. Staying here isn’t bad, it’s at least better than being trapped by the Zi Yang House." The phoenix sighed. Its red eyes spoke of its emotions of feeling wronged for years.

Noticing its sad emotions, Ling Xian’s heart softened. "How about this. I will regenerate you regardless if you recognize me as your Master or not."

"You mean it?!"

The dulled look in the phoenix’s eyes revitalized immediately. Flying right before Ling Xian, it asked, "you really don’t want anything in return for helping me with my rebirth?"

"Yes, but the statement remains, you cannot leave this place." Ling Xian nodded.


The phoenix hesitated but then finally found the resolve to agree, "Okay, please help me."

"Logical choice." Ling Xian smiled gently.

"Please make your move." The phoenix had thought it through. Even though it still cannot leave this place, it’s better to have a physical body. After all, it was not an Immortal, and its soul cannot live on forever. At most, it will remain in this spiritual form for a couple more days before disappearing from the world.

"Um… what exactly do I need to do?" Ling Xian asked.

"Bathe me with the flame." The phoenix stared at the handsome young man, and a complex emotion flashed across its eyes.

In the beginning, it thought Ling Xian wanted to possess it no matter what, which was why he requested such a forceful condition. However, Ling Xian didn’t press onto the matter and decided to help reborn it without anything in return.

Its emotions were mixed. There was a trace of appreciation and a hint of curiosity. The only emotion not there was hatred.

"Okay, then focus, I will start." Ling Xian’s face was serious. He summoned the Flame of Purity from all over his body and flicked his finger.

White and silver flame sliced across the sky and landed on the phoenix. Not only was the phoenix unharmed, but it also seemed to be enjoying it.

"This feeling… is wonderful."

The phoenix muttered, its eyes full of indulgence.

The Godly Fire really was aggressive and could burn anything to bits. To the phoenix kind, however, it was a supplementary item. To those with the ability to be reborn and regenerate, it was a rare treasure that saves lives and strengthens capabilities.

"Come to me, my first rebirth."

A highly anticipated sentence was spoken by the phoenix. Then, it closed its eyes and breathed in the power of the Flame of Purity. Borrowing its strength, its physical body was beginning to materialize and reborn.

Swirls of silver flames flared up and wrapped around its body, making it look like an Immortal phoenix, divine and majestic, extraordinary.

The phoenix was floating in midair. Letting go of all its wild thoughts, it inhaled the power of the Godly Fire using all its strength.

The Godly Fire wrapped around it tightly, forming a pure white cocoon, as if once the phoenix breaks through, it would be metamorphosized.

To be reborn.

This God-granted talent was something the phoenix kind was born with. As long as the Godly fire is around, even after death, it could use the fire to be reborn and even advance in cultivation.

However, most phoenixes aren’t pure blooded, therefore, they do not have this ability.

The phoenix before their eyes, however, had this magical ability. It was obvious that its bloodline was very pure.

This was why Feng Qing Ming decided to lend a helping hand by gathering its soul. He wanted to acquire Ling Xian a powerful support so Ling Xian’s future journey can be sailed more smoothly.

"The bloodline is very powerful in this phoenix. It will for sure be a very good support for you in the future. Sadly, it is unwilling to be your pet." Feng Qing Ming sighed. Staring at the phoenix who was hanging in mid-air, he felt a little unwilling to resign.

"It doesn't matter. Life is only fun with some obstacles." Ling Xian smiled faintly, he didn’t think of it as a big deal.

"That is a good way to put it. Everyone else prays for a smooth road. But you, on the other hand, see detours as an opportunity to improve yourself and entertain yourself. How interesting," Feng Qing Ming chewed on this sentence and looked at Ling Xian admiringly.

To have said something like this has proven Ling Xian’s confidence.

The confidence that he can definitely breakthrough all the obstacles and overcome all the rain and storm before reaching the peak.

"I have been arrogant. Please don’t laugh at me." Ling Xian chuckled.

Feng Qing Ming shook his head, "This isn’t arrogance, it’s confidence. I admire your personality and how you never simply follow the paved out way of thinking."

"You have flattered me," Ling Xian waved his hand and changed the topic, "How long will the rebirthing process take?"

"That depends on the purity of its blood and the quality of the Godly Fire," Feng Qing Ming thought about it for a second, "Your Flame of Purity isn’t ordinary. Out of all the types of Godly Fires, it is a top contender. This phoenix’s blood is also not ordinary. Estimating conservatively, it should be around three days."

"Three days… Then I will take the time to ponder about ancient arrays," Ling Xian said softly.

"That’s a good idea. Completely understand my inheritance as soon as possible in order to break the Immortal Trap is a priority." Feng Qing Ming nodded as his expression turned devious and he laughed. "I can cast the taming array while this phoenix is being reborn, after that it will have to listen to you no matter what. What do you think? Are you considering it?"

Ling Xian shook his head, seeing straight through Feng Qing Ming’s real intention immediately, "Immortal, please do not test me anymore. How low do you think I am?"

"Test you? I am simply planning out your future for you." Feng Qing Ming appeared innocent and blankly stared at Ling Xian. He continued to milk the situation, "This is the legendary phoenix with a very powerful bloodline and the ability to regenerate. Such a rare opportunity, you have to hold on to it."

"Whatever you say, I will not do something like that."

Ling Xian wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry. He felt there was no point in humoring the Immortal of Arrays anymore, as he was extremely thick-skinned. He left and headed straight to where Liao Cang Qiong was staying.

He had some things to say to the Immortal of Alchemy.

Even though he knew that Liao Cang Qiong cannot hear him, he hasn’t seen his Master for over four years, and he missed him greatly.

"Smart fella, saw through my intention right away."

Staring at Ling Xian’s disappearing silhouette, Feng Qing Ming’s eyes flashed with praises as he muttered to himself, "I sure envy Liao Cang Qiong, that old man. He acquired such an excellent apprentice."

"This apprentice has a good moral compass and personality. He has principles, is reliable, highly talented, determined, and very confident. With the possession of all these qualities, how can he not achieve greatness?" Feng Qing Ming sighed, regretting that back when the Immortals were debating who should be the first to wake up, he didn’t insist on being first.

Sadly, after so long, regretting it has become useless.


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