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Chapter 219: The Phoenix
In the sky, a blazing phoenix stood tall and straight, covering half the Sun. Its feather was as red as blood, sharp as knives and with every tiny flutter, it created a strong gust of wind that sliced through the cloud and swept all the debris off the ground!
A phoenix!
One of the most ferocious beasts in the world. Phoenixes have ancient majestic blood that grants them with a cultivation of the foundational level the moment they are born. Normally, by their teenage years, they would have reached the completion level. With their overpowering blood, they were a kind that was highly favored by the Heavens.
This particular phoenix had undoubtedly reached the completion level or else the atmosphere it created would not be this terrifying. Every movement of its wings created a turmoil of energy that shot off deadly heat. It was as if the heat waves could boil the sea, set the sky on fire, and scorch all living beings!
At this very moment, everybody from the Zi Yang House, regardless of status and position, came out of their homes and leaped into the sky. With stiff expressions, everyone was exuding vigor as they readied themselves for offense and defense.
Zi Dong Lai behaved in the same way. He was fully aware of the terror of this phoenix.
The Demonic Fairy stood beside him, planning to take care of the strong opponent before them together.
"Humans, your ancestor has imprisoned me for exactly 30 years. Today, I finally break the spell and fight you until your blood turns into a river," the phoenix stood arrogantly. Its voice was both clear and melodious. Every word it spoke was like the sound of a pearl falling onto a plate and at the same time, like a bird chirping.
"Quit the big talk. If my House of Zi Yang can imprison you for 30 years, then we can trap you for another 30 years. I recommend you to go back to your cave, or I will pluck out all of your feathers." Zi Dong Lai chuckled coldly as an alarmingly amount of spiritual energy dissipated throughout the air to threaten the phoenix.
"You loathsome humans. If your ancestor didn’t devise such a cruel plan to bring me down, how would I have lost to him?" The phoenix shrieked in anger as it, too, enhanced the amount of spiritual energy it poured into the air. At this moment, it was as if the sky was shaking.
"Less useless talking. If you don’t get the hell back to where you belong, I will personally send you back." Confronting this rare beast, Zi Dong Lai did not dare to be reckless.
If his ancestor did not entrust him with the mission of controlling this phoenix, he really would not be here confronting it. Since it has already broken out of its inhibition, he had no choice.
It was a quest his ancestor left him with, he had to brace and force himself to do this.
Zi Dong Lai waved around his sleeve and his attire immediately changed. A purple armor appeared and tightly wrapped around him. Just like a war hero, his stance was prestigious and compelling.
At the same time, a long golden spear thrusted into the air with a "swoosh". It was directly aimed at the phoenix as Zi Dong Lai locked in his killer instinct.
"Since your ancestor is dead, you can be the one responsible for this ocean deep hatred."
As soon as those ruthless words were dropped, the phoenix made its move. Emanating with flames, it lunged itself at Zi Dong Lai.
In an instant, the sky began to quiver, and an extremely high temperature lit up the space.
Zi Dong Lai waited for this attack. The spear in his hand roared!
The wind and cloud surged as the heaven and earth transformed!
A completion leveled human cultivator versus a grim beast that has yet to reach adulthood. The two opponents wasted no time testing each other’s abilities and made their best moves right off the bat!
Zi Dong Lai greeted the phoenix with his long spear. His purple shield was emittin

g an infinite amount of blinding light in response to the high temperature. The golden spear thrusted forward savagely, heading straight to the opponent’s weak spot!
The phoenix was just as atrocious. Its wings and feet tremoring, igniting blazing flames that were shot out repetitively. The monstrosity it displayed in its attacks sent shivers down the spectators’ spines.
"Such a powerful phoenix. It is no wonder it’s a legendary beast known for its violent ways!"
"Legend has it that this phoenix was subdued by the Supreme Headmaster of the last generation. He originally had plans to train it into a guarding beast that protects the house. However, he could not control the phoenix’s passionate personality. With no ways of taming it, the Headmaster constrained it in hope that time will get rid of its wildness."
"It is a pity that the former Headmaster miscalculated. After 30 years, the phoenix did not lose a hint of its animal instinct. Rather, it has become more arrogant. The hatred it feels towards our House has also deepened. Based on the way it's acting, it’s not going to stop attacking us until we are all dead."
"Such a pickle. I wonder if the Supreme Headmaster can exert power over this phoenix."
All the Elders watching sighed deeply. They were shocked at the phoenix’s competence and worried about the result of this battle.
"What a strong phoenix, I sure want to challenge it."
Watching the phoenix, the Demonic Fairy’s eyes flashed with the desire for a long battle.
There was more than one person here who held the same desire as her, Ling Xian felt exactly the same way.
"It is very rare to see a legendary phoenix. Should I test out its divinity?" Ling Xian’s eyes were lit with fiery, fiery over the possibility of a satisfying battle.
If others could read his thoughts, they would definitely be calling him a moron. A mere foundational cultivator dared to challenge a completion leveled creature? Death seeker!
But what kind of person was Ling Xian?
He was a maniac who had the guts to be the first to fight a completion leveled cultivator face on!
It was normal for him to possess such thoughts. After all, he had the courage and the capability!
Even if he were not equal in training as the opponent, he would not fall nor will he get hurt!
This was the Ling Xian today. His power has reached the extreme of the foundational level, and he had no fears with facing a completion level opponent!
"Let me observe for a while. The great war between two completion levels is just as rare as the phoenix itself. I can learn something from this," Ling Xian gawked at the battle in the sky with all his concentration. He muttered to himself, "After the Headmaster loses, I will give it a go. I am an Honorable Guest at the Zi Yang House after all. I have to help out."
Luckily nobody was around him. If someone heard him, they would be absolutely speechless over how mad Ling Xian was.
If the completion leveled Zi Dong Lai loses, what is the point of you, a foundational cultivator, attacking?
There actually was a point. Though stopping a phoenix was unrealistic. Ling Xian could at least buy some time for Zi Dong Lai.
As Ling Xian was still talking to himself, the war in the sky turned even more intense. Both parties unleashed their specialties and weapons. The battle has made the moon, and the Sun lose their shine.
After being trapped for as long as 30 years, the phoenix can now finally release the anger it felt. Finding a target for it to discharge its rage at, it was determined to destroy everything before its eyes, including the descendant of his nemesis!
The heavenly light was everywhere with the flames. The frightful balls of flames and lights charred all the trees within miles and lit up the sky!
"This phoenix is rather capable."
Zi Dong Lai, wearing his armor and holding his spear, continued to attack offensively. However, the more he fought, the colder his heart got. He was beginning to get fatigued, and his weakened state was starting to show.
After more than 300 rebuttals, Zi Dong Lai was exhausted and finally revealed a moment of fragility.
Between powerhouses, any hint of flaw could turn fatal.
"Human, face your death!"
The phoenix saw through this flaw, and its eyes shone immediately. Fluttering both of its wings, it let loose shots of flames that hammered down onto Zi Dong Lai’s chest.
The armor cracked. Zi Dong Lai vomited a mouthful of blood as his body quivered.
In the next moment, a boundless amount of light exploded around the phoenix. The sky was painted bright red!
It was apparent that it wanted to end Zi Dong Lai’s life with one final move!
At the most crucial moment, two shadows sliced across the sky and speedily dashed towards the ready-to-attack phoenix.
One was the Demonic Fairy.
The other was Ling Xian.

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