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Chapter 218: Handicapped
On top of the mountain peak.
Ling Xian’s expression was ice cold, but the angry fire in him was shooting straight up to his brain.
He has never met a woman so unreasonable. First, she tried to seize his land, then she threatens to torture him until he wants to die. Such ruthlessness would anger anyone.
Originally, he had no plans to dispute with these people. He just wanted to shoo them away and move on with his life. After all, with his current mentality and status, there is no need nor time to be bothered with ants. Especially when this ant was a woman.
However, Ling Xian really did not think that this woman would be so cruel. If he keeps her alive now, many cultivators will fall victim under her palm.
This was something anyone could predict. Today, she snatches Ling Xian’s home, tomorrow she will snatch someone else’s spiritual stones. Using her cultivation as an advantage, she treats people like trash and does whatever she wants.
Such a person deserved to be punished!
"Hehe, young one, you have offended Fairy An, you are dead for sure."
The chubby one snickered and formed a line with the others. Walking towards Ling Xian, they all carried a taunting smile.
Taunting Ling Xian’s stupidity.
In their minds, Ling Xian was at most a meditational leveled cultivator, who secretly claimed a mountain peak behind the House’s back.
"You sure are seeking death. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of this, but it seems like you have bullied a lot of people. If that’s the case, then let me fight for justice on those victims’ behalf." Ling Xian’s face turned rigid. He intended to cripple these people so they completely lose the ability to take advantage of others.
"Haha, justice? To tell you honestly, we have done so many things like this. Yet, we are still alive and well. What makes you think you can hurt us and punish us? How funny."
The chubby one laughed, the others copied him. The way they stared at Ling Xian was the same way they look at dead people.
"I sure hope you can still laugh in a second." Ling Xian curled his lips, his robe floated in the wind.
"Moron! With your lack of skills, you dare to provoke us? You really don’t give a sh*t about your life." The chubby one chuckled. The grin he had was as if he could kill Ling Xian with one slap.
"Boss, let’s not waste any more breath with this idiot and just finish the job Fairy An ordered us to do," a youth reminded.
"Okay, let us do this!"
The chubby one sneered and as if on cue, everyone began to walk towards Ling Xian. With every step they took, the wind blew!
"Let me put a candle against the face of the wicked and end your cultivation journey."
As soon as the words left his mouth, Ling Xian made his move at lightning speed. He disappeared and reappeared before the group as violent spiritual energy poured out of him. Immediately, wind began to blow in all four directions and dispersed the clouds.
Bang bang bang bang…
After four bangs, everyone’s body was knocked back four meters. All of them began to vomit blood.
The chubby one’s face was full of fear. Realizing that his Dantian had been crushed, he began to shake uncontrollably.
The others’ faces turned white as well. They stared at Ling Xian in awe.
Their Dantians were crushed.
Their Qi was lost.
For a cultivator, a broken Dantian meant all their cultivation progress was lost, and there was no future and no way for them to advance. It was a very cruel consequence.
To this group of people, who have been abusing their strong spiritual energy to take advantage of others, a future didn’t mean much to them. But the fact that they were now handicapped and can no longer manipulate Qi meant that they no longer have the ability to bully others.
This was more sadistic to them than killing them!
"If fate sins, then it can be forgiven.

If the mind sins, then the life lived is undeserving. You are the reason for what happened to you. You are all better off be ordinary beings and calmly living the rest of your lives." Ling Xian’s face was calm without a trace of pity. Towards people like this, pity was meaningless.
He began to step forward, slowly towards the wicked-hearted woman.
"Who are you?"
An Qing’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Though she was arrogant, she was not dumb. The moment Ling Xian loosened his grip on his spiritual energy, she realized that she had agitated someone she should not have bothered.
That wave of spiritual energy he released was like a beast was being awakened, powerful and incomparably terrifying!
Under the confrontation of his spiritual energy, she felt like a bamboo boat in a thunderstorm. All she could do was hold tightly onto herself and let nature take its course. There was no point in struggling. There was no point in even thinking about struggling!
"You needn’t know who I am. You also don’t have the right to know."
Ling Xian’s expression was frigid. He walked forward step by step, slowly and softly. Yet every time his foot landed on the ground, it felt like a heavy hammer smashed onto An Qing’s heart. Her body shook uncontrollably as if she has fallen into an ice cave. All the hair on her neck stood up, and coldness washed over her.
"Don’t… don’t come here…"
An Qing pointed at Ling Xian, teeth chattering. She subconsciously staggered backward.
"Now you know you should be scared? I remember very clearly your arrogant attitude just now," Ling Xian said softly and continued to walk forward. Every time he set his foot down, the ambiance turned more violent.
"Young in age, handsome face, white-robed, horrifying capabilities, you…"
Watching the youth before her, An Qing’s eyes widened. Remembering the event that occurred two months ago, she recalled Ling Xian’s identity.
Then, she became even more petrified.
My god!
Why did I provoke this malefic!
An Qing has reached an extreme level of fear. She fell to the ground with a "thump" and begged, "My honorable highness, please have the kindness in you to let me live!"
"If you didn’t provoke me, we would not be doing this right now. This result is something you must accept." Ling Xian shook his head, "Based on your devious doings, if I let you go today, a countless number of cultivators will become your victim. But do not worry, I will not kill you. I will simply turn you into a handicap so you lose the origin of your ability to commit sins."
"I rather die than be stripped away of my spiritual energy," An Qing chuckled in agony, her eyes full of hatred. Realizing Ling Xian’s intentions, she suddenly stood up. A long sword appeared before her and she pointed it at Ling Xian.
Killer’s instinct revolved around the sword.
"You want to fight me?" Ling Xian softly beamed without any means to taunt.
However, in An Qing’s eyes, it was naked mockery.
"No, I do not want to fight you. I am fully aware that I am no opponent to someone who defeated the Demonic Fairy. Since you want to take away my cultivation achievements, I will not simply stand and watch. Even though I am no opponent of yours, I still want to hurt you!"
An Qing has thought this through. This is the end of her. Even if she plays her ace, it will be useless.
The Honorable Guest is high in status in any House. Especially such a powerful one like Ling Xian. In today’s case, she was in the wrong. Even if she weren't, nobody would be upset if Ling Xian killed her.
Therefore, she tightened her grip onto the sword, determined to fight one last fight.
"Hurt me? You overestimate yourself," Ling Xian shook his head, "However, I will give you one chance. If you somehow touch a hair of mine, I will forget what happened here today."
"You mean that?"
An Qing’s eyes exploded with hope. She was very confident in her capabilities. Though she knew there was no way for her to win against this youth, she was confident that she could hurt him.
"Make your move."
Ling Xian stood there with his hands on his back like a respectable Master.
"Hmmph, you are letting your guard down!"
Seeing that Ling Xian did not form any defense against her, An Qing snickered. Forming a hand seal with her left hand, the sword suddenly jumped out of her hand and twirled into the sky, emitting purple light.
The blade of the sword howled and revealed its sharpness.
An Qing began her attack.
"Is this a technique of the Zi Yang House?"
Looking at the purple sword that was about to strike, Ling Xian grinned. He had no intention to dodge it.
"Accept your death!"
Seeing that Ling Xian did not dodge, An Qing’s face flashed with joy that soon turned into a heartless smile. She wanted to end Ling Xian’s life with one strike!
Just how toxic this woman’s heart was, was obvious.
She began to guffaw uncontrollably at her "victory".
Just then, the youth in white stuck out two fingers slowly and calmly.
After a crisp sound, the blade of the sword was pressed down from both sides by the two fingers. It had no way of smacking down any further.
The arrogant look on An Qing froze on her face. It was replaced with astonishment.
She knew Ling Xian was strong but did not know that his skills have reached such an extent!
To have stopped an attack she made with all her might so casually and so easily meant that he was upsettingly powerful!
"Such a cruel heart, nothing can save you now." Ling Xian’s expression was emotionless. Adding pressure with his fingers, a "crack" broke out in the air. This ninth-realm sword was broken into two in an instant.
The blade fell to the ground, reflecting An Qing’s frozen face.
"You, you are a monster!"
An Qing screamed like a maniac. Her body quivered out of fear.
Seeing this, Ling Xian did not waste any more time. Flicking his finger, a turmoil of spiritual energy rose off the ground and smashed into her body.
Instantly, An Qing’s Dantian began to crack, and her spiritual energy was depleted at a fast rate. In the blink of an eye, she has fallen from a foundational cultivator to a commoner.
She asked for this.
If she weren't so overbearing, so ruthless and so cruel, Ling Xian’s generous heart would’ve resulted in him only punishing her a little rather than turning her into a handicap.
Sadly, there were no if’s.
This woman was incomparably arrogant with an unparalleled evil heart. If Ling Xian let her go this time, she would not be thankful but rather remember this hatred forever. This will only cause her to do worse things to people.
This was why Ling Xian did not let her go. Instead, he made his move and uprooted the core of her problems so that she had no more abilities to commit sins.
"You sure are cold-blooded. What’s the difference between turning me into a handicap and killing me?" An Qing’s face was sluggish, and her eyes lost the life in them. Like a stringed puppet under someone’s control, she lost her soul.
"There is a difference. One day, you will learn."
Ling Xian felt far too lazy to waste any more time with her. Just as he turned around to return to his room, he suddenly frowned. He felt a fear-triggering and ghastly atmosphere!
Suddenly, the wind blew and parted the cloud, yet at the same time, the sky spun, and the entire space turned pitch black!
Every single cultivator in the House of Zi Yang was startled by this. Gazing at the giant shadow in the sky, their eyes were full of astonishment.
Then, silhouette after silhouette leaped into the sky. They were all Elders of the foundational level or higher.
Between them all, two stood out.
One was Zi Dong Lai, who wore an expensive purple robe.
The other was the peerless beauty, the Demonic Fairy.
The Supreme Headmaster, the Vice Supreme Headmaster, and all the Elders were making their move. It was easy to predict that something inconceivable was happening.

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