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Chapter 217: The Seizing
The summer sun was blazing and spilling down an endless amount of light.
The mountain peak looked just like a sword that was lodged into the cloud. Surrounded by white fog, it appeared heroic and heaven like.
At the top of the mountain, four men and one woman were standing before the protective barrier Ling Xian set. They were planning to demolish it in order to gain control over this particular mountain peak.
The four young men were all wearing the same black robe. They were the newly recruited members of the Zi Yang House.
The girl was wearing a long dress in the color of moonlight. A purple cloud was stitched onto her left chest, indicating her position as an official member of the House.
At the House of Zi Yang, purple represented royalty. The more purple one has on one’s robe, the higher the position of the person.
The girl’s name was An Qing. She has just been promoted to become an official Zi Yang House sibling. Today, she was directed to pick a mountain peak as her new home, as she no longer needed to live with the rest of the recruited House members.
This was why, under the companionship of her admirers, she came to pick her own place and immediately fell in love with this particular mountain peak.
"It appears that this mountain peak has an owner already."
An Qing was relatively attractive. Looking at the defense spell placed before her, she frowned.
"So what there’s an owner already? Look at how weak this spell is! It must be a new recruit who secretly stole this spiritual peak. The higher figures of the House aren't very strict with things like this. If someone finds out he committed a crime, he will be gravely punished. But if nobody notices that someone is living in a mountain peak in secret, he gets to live luxuriously."
A young man with a chubby face snickered, "Fairy An, you have already broken through to the foundational level. If it weren’t for your ambition to continue cultivating, you would be named an Elder already. Do not worry. Enter this place. If the owner of this peak has a brain, he will give up his ownership."
"That is true."
An Qing nodded. The expression on her face was full of arrogance. To have reached the foundational level at her age categorized her as a little genius. Her talent with her relatively attractive appearance earned her high regards from Elders, infatuation from male cultivators, and jealousy from female cultivators.
Because of this, her personality turned rather obstinate.
"That’s right. Since Fairy An has her eyes on this mountain peak, who would dare not give it to you."
The chubby-faced man smiled deviously, not at all aware that his hunger for her affection made her feel disgusted. The only reason she kept him around was to take advantage of his love and use him as a servant.
"He is right. Fairy An is strong and powerful and is the future superstar of the Zi Yang House. Who would dare to offend you?"
"Exactly. Look at how weak this defense spell is. It’s obvious that the owner of this is weak as well and cannot take a hit. Just seize this place. Even if he gets mad, he won’t have the guts to tell anyone."
The rest of the young men chimed in.
Hearing this, An Qing became even more proud. Her heavily made up face could no longer conceal the arrogance she possessed. It was obvious that she was an unfriendly woman that many detest.
"What are you waiting for then? Are you planning on letting me break this useless obstacle?" An Qing pointed at them and shouted.
"Ay, please wait a second Fairy An. I will blow this wide open!"
The chubby-faced man responded. He then summoned all his spiritual energy and attacked the defensive spell!
A loud rumble rung and the defensive spell was broken.
This protective barrier was casually cast by Ling Xian. Though he set it without much thought, it was still a barrier that

a ninth level cultivator could not break. However, after two months of wind and rain, the spell has lost 90 percent of its original strength. Now it was only equivalent to a spiritual level of two or three.
This was why the chubby guy was able to smash it open with one hit. This easy breakthrough made others believe the owner was a thief who secretly claimed this place.
"Fairy An, this way."
After breaking the barrier, the chubby man was ecstatic. He extended one arm and asked An Qing to go in first.
"Not bad, you have improved," An Qing complimented and marched forward towards the entrance door.
"Hehe, it’s because the owner of this place is far too weak. Just from the barrier alone, one can tell how he can be killed with just one hit." the chubby man laughed. Others followed their steps.
When the group of them reached the entrance, they found another defensive spell cast in front of the door. It was as weak as the one they just broke.
"Fairy An, please step away. I can handle this." The chubby one volunteered.
However, just as he was about to make another attack, an angry but calm voice rippled through the air.
"To enter this mountain peak without permission from the owner himself, you sure do not put me in your eyes."
In the next moment, the door automatically opened and a crazy amount of wind rolled out.
In the wind, a white shadow stepped forward.
It was Ling Xian.
Originally, he was about to ask Feng Qing Ming about a concept he did not understand regarding arrays. But he suddenly felt that the barriers he set were being attacked. Therefore, he walked out of the Painting of the Nine Immortals.
"Have any of you been taught what respect is? Even though you know someone has claimed this peak, you still try to seize it. You really don’t think anything of me," Ling Xian’s expression was emotionless, but his voice carried a dense rage.
Anyone would’ve acted the same.
If you were relaxing at home in peace and someone busted the door open, would you not be angry?
"Hehe, fella, don’t spew such useless things. Since you voluntarily walked out, then you saved me the trouble of looking for you. F*ck off right now. Fairy An wants this place," the chubby man sneered.
"Fairy An?"
Ling Xian frowned. Noticing the only woman in the group, he said, "I am guessing you are the Fairy An he is speaking about."
"That’s right. Little guy, I have my eyes on this place. Get the f*ck out of here." An Qing’s face was incredibly haughty.
"How amusing. You first break into my home, then you behave so contemptuously. You are now even asking me to get out of my own home. Are all Zi Yang descendants so unreasonable and overbearing?" Ling Xian’s eyes turned cold as his anger grew within him.
He has never met someone as detestable as this woman. Unreasonable, insensible, preposterous, and zero traces of virtues women should possess.
"Little guy, give me less bullsh*t. Get the f*ck out right now while I am still in a good mood, or else.."
Or else what? An Qing did not specify, but everyone there understood.
What else could it be?
"Fairy An, you sure are violent," Ling Xian snickered and mocked, "Someone like you can be called a fairy? Let’s just set aside your lack of morality and focus on your looks for a second. What are you? You don’t look like a human, but you don't look exactly like a ghost either. You are ugly to a point where others would feel sorry for you. What a hilarious joke. Fairy..."
"What did you say?"
An Qing’s face immediately darkened. Appearances were what women cared about the most. He could’ve said anything bad about her, but he should not have called her ugly.
But not only did Ling Xian call her ugly, he said it in a ruthless way that made her boil with rage and ignited her killer instinct.
"Goddamn. I originally wanted to spare you your life. But since you are asking for it, then I won’t be nice. Kill him for me. No… break all four of his limbs. I want him to be so overwhelmed with pain that he asks me to kill him!"
An Qing’s face was frightful as she ordered the others to attack.
Some say the most poisoned heart was a woman’s hearts. This was not a false statement at all.
Killing Ling Xian was not enough, she wanted him to suffer in agony.
This kind of woman deserved to die!

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