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"Haha, this is getting fun. The Demonic Fairy, take your time resting. Three months… Even if it takes three years for you to recover, I will still wait for you!"

Ling Xian bellowed gallantly, his heroic spirits reached all the way to the clouds!

Such confidence and such an open mind earned all the respect and admiration of the audience.

"Alright. Ling Xian, right? In three months, we fight again!"

The Demonic Fairy’s eyes glistened. She really did not expect Ling Xian to agree so quickly and easily without even considering taking advantage of her injury.

If three months isn’t enough then he will wait three years?

How bold!

How generous!

How fearless!

If he fights, he fights against the best!

Ling Xian had the undefeatable mentality and feared no immortals nor gods. He fully believed in himself and that he has the ability to make any opponent back off!

But of course, he wasn’t someone who stubbornly adheres to his ideals. The reasons why he agreed was that, one, he wanted a satisfying battle and two, he had nothing against the Demonic Fairy and didn’t necessarily want her to die. If it was an opponent who angered him, then Ling Xian would’ve definitely attacked regardless if the opponent had injuries.

"If that’s the case then in three months, I will wait for you at this very spot." Ling Xian’s lips curved up, already getting impatient.

"Alright Ling Xian, I am starting to admire you."

The Demonic Fairy was born arrogant and heroic. She never thought highly of anyone, especially egotistic boys. However, when Ling Xian said he would wait even if it took three years, all the tension she felt against Ling Xian suddenly disappeared. Instead, she considered turning this rivalry into a friendship with a smile.

After all, there were no hard feelings between the two. She simply did not want to resign after losing.

"I, Ling Xian, don’t need anyone’s admiration. I am satisfied as long as you do not disappoint me," Ling Xian looked at the Demonic Fairy teasingly. He has already guessed what her best move was.

Thinking about that technique, he anticipated the final dual in three months even more. At the same time, the certainty he felt regarding his victory grew as well.

"Disappointed? I’m afraid when that time comes, you will be crushed," the Demonic Fairy mocked. Though she was slightly impressed with Ling Xian, she has always been as cold as the snow and as distant as the moon. Why would she ever reveal a smile out of admiration?

She has planned it all out. In three months, after defeating him, she will invite him for drinks and sing out loud with him before the moon!

"Then you better work hard. With your capability right now, I can stop you easily." Ling Xian suddenly became very interested. "Why don’t we make a bet?"

"What are you thinking of." the Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow.

"If you lose, be my servant and make me tea, what do you say?" Ling Xian joked.

The Demonic Fairy snickered coldly, "What if you lose?"

"I’ll be your servant and do whatever you ask of me." Ling Xian softly beamed, placing a very heavy wager on the bet.


The Demonic Fairy’s eyes brightened. Extending an arm, she reached towards Ling Xian.

Curling his lips, Ling Xian understood her meaning, as he too, extended an arm!

The moment the two hands clashed, the same sentence came out of their mouths.

"It’s settled then!"

Facing the handsome boy, the Demonic Fairy pictured herself ordering around Ling Xian and a faint smile climbed up her profile. Sadly, it faded very quickly and nobody was able to admire the grin that can bring an entire nation to their knees.

"Right. Why did Mister Ling call for me just now?"

Seeing that the two of them were no longer bickering, Zi Dong Lai sighed in relief and smiled kindly towards Ling Xian.

Hearing this, Ling Xian remembered his original intentions. He said softly, "I have two friends who wanted to enter the House of Zi Yang. We traveled far and for a long time. Though we arrived on time, this person here decided to change the time of the test and claimed that we were late. I called for the Supreme Headmaster for an explanation."

He pointed to the grey-haired elder who was sitting below.

"I see. I now understand. I will give you a satisfactory explanation."

Zi Dong Lai frowned. Looking at the weak state the Elder was in, he knew right away that Ling Xian had already hit him. He felt a headache emerging.

If someone other than Ling Xian had wounded the Elder of the Zi Yang House, Zi Dong Lai would not let them go easily regardless of who was wrong. Whoever dares to insult the House of Zi Yang must be stopped.

However, Ling Xian was someone strong enough to fight against the Demonic Fairy. Zi Dong Lai suppressed his anger because he knew, even if he engages in this fight himself, it will be difficult to stop Ling Xian. If Ling Xian ends up escaping the fight, then the entire Zi Yang House faces the risk of being exterminated.

After all, Ling Xian was born extremely talented. In a few years, he will break through to the completion stage. When that happens, the entire Zi Yang House will be in trouble.

For this, Zi Dong Lai must give Ling Xian an explanation he can accept.

"Follow me please."

Zi Dong Lai smiled kindly and descended onto the ground right in front of the Elder.

Ling Xian and the Demonic Fairy followed closely.

"Supreme Headmaster, you have finally arrived. This person here ignored the Zi Yang House’s rules and beat me up to this state. Headmaster, you have to avenge me."

Seeing the arrival of Zi Dong Lai, the Elder was ecstatic but pretended to be suffering from injustice. He retold the tale that exaggerated the violence Ling Xian caused and hoped that Zi Dong Lai would slap Ling Xian to death with one hit.

The slap he anticipated really happened.

However, it wasn’t delivered to Ling Xian, it was aimed towards him.


A loud and clear slap in the face sent the Elder flying!

"Supreme Headmaster, you…"

The Elder was in shock. The entire right side of his face was swollen and he lost a couple of teeth.

"What about me? You really think I would believe the story you are telling me? Did he really ignore the Zi Yang House’s rules or did you make up rules on behalf of the Zi Yang House? What did I tell you? I told you to follow the rules. And what did you do? You changed the tryout time without consulting anyone. You sure think lightly of me don't you?" Zi Dong Lai’s expression was heavy and dark like the ocean water, he seemed to be very angry.

How angry he actually was, was impossible to tell.

The only thing that was certain was that he had to sacrifice the Elder in order to please Ling Xian.

After all, how much was an Elder worth compared to a Heaven’s Favorite who’s cultivation journey was bright and limitless? To create the possibility of Ling Xian joining the Zi Yang House some day, Zi Dong Lai was willing to even sacrifice hundreds of civilians.

"Supreme Headmaster, I…"

The Elder’s expression was sluggish. He was completely dumbfounded by the meaning of this slap. He did not at all comprehend why this slap landed on his face rather than Ling Xian’s.

When he remembered the astonishing battle that just happened before his eyes, he finally understood.

He now knew what the Supreme Headmaster was thinking.

"Compared to a Heaven’s Favorite who defeated the Demonic Fairy, how worthy am I?" The Elder chuckled wryly, full of regret and hatred towards himself for angering such a monster.

Sadly, it was too late.

"I punish you to sit and face the wall in the Cave of the Sinister Wind for 10 years. Any objections?" Zi Dong Lai’s face was enraged as he spoke in a low voice.

"Cave of the Sinister Wind!"

The Elder shuddered as fear filled his eyes. However, seeing Zi Dong Lai’s determined face, all he could do was laugh coldly at himself. "I suffer from my own actions. I accept my punishment."

"Good, you may go." Zi Dong Lai flapped his sleeve, indicating to the Elder that he may leave.

[I sure am stupid.]

The elder stood up from the ground with difficulty. As if he has aged 10 years in a matter of minutes, he walked away holding onto himself.


If he wasn’t so presumptuous and changed the tryout time based on his own convenience, or if he was reasonable when Ling Xian arrived and asked to enter the tryout, then he would not be in this position right now.

The wicked is always rewarded with evil.

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