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"The Demonic Fairy, if you want to continue the fight, then I shall keep you company. Why be so tough on a kid?"

Ling Xian stood upright with his hand clasped behind his back. Peerlessly in white, his ambiance was immortal-like and out of this world.

His temperament and his stance played with everyone’s heartstrings.

"Don’t think that just because I lost that last round, you can take me down. F*ck off!" The Demonic Fairy, enraged, formed a fist. Instantly, the shadow of a dragon wrapped around her arm with dashing prowess!

"Losing one round still counts as a loss. Why play tough in front of the person who just defeated you?"

Ling Xian frowned as he, too, formed a fist. Though no spiritual energy nor fancy techniques were involved, the fist he made still appeared to be Godly enough that a single swing could destroy the mountain and the river!


The two fists met. As if two stars collided, the earth that surrounded the two caved in!

Ling Xian did not conserve any strength with that last punch. He dialed up the strength of his flesh and toughened it until it was equivalent to an Eighth-Realm weapon. One punch of his created a turmoil of wind and water that crashed into the Demonic Fairy and forced her to step back three steps.

"A physical body that is nearly at the Seventh-Realm!"

The Demonic Fairy’s pupils retracted as her heart shook from shock. She did not that think that Ling Xian was making things easy for her in the beginning by not unleashing all of his strength.

She was someone whose name alone disconcerted the entire cultivation community on the 36 islands, how could she lose her reputation in the hands of someone from her own generation?

She admits that Ling Xian was very strong and has reached the absolute peak of the foundational level. In all of the 36 Islands, he could be considered the best Heaven’s Favorite. However, she was still confident that she could stop him.

She was confident because she had been having a little trouble with her physical health and thus was unable to perform to the best of her abilities.

"It appears that you do not want to admit defeat. If you have any other moves you want to make, make them. I, Ling Xian, will accept humbly." Ling Xian’s lips curled up as his white robe slowly drifted in the wind. He appeared like a Master before an apprentice.

"Ling Xian? I will remember this name."

The Demonic Fairy’s expression was cold, "I will let you go this time. If I haven't been having some issues lately, I could’ve defeated you with one move."

"Don’t make such meaningless statements. The Demonic Fairy, whose name and reputation brought shock to the entire 36 islands, cannot even admit her own defeat? How small of a heart!"

Ling Xian shook his head and chuckled softly. He accepted the fact that the Demonic Fairy is very strong and is the most talented opponent he has ever encountered in his lifetime. He also doesn’t deny that in the entire generation of the Taoism community, she could be considered the front-runner of the Heaven’s Favorites.

However, the habit of rather dying than admitting defeat was a quality that nobody could respect.

Winning is winning, even if the victory is limited. Losing is losing, even if the defeat is by a landslide.


The Demonic Fairy heard the disdain in Ling Xian’s voice and was enraged. She has dominated the entire 36 Islands and acted as an unpassable obstacle in the young generation’s cultivation journey. Who doesn’t treat her like she is a Goddess? Who dared to talk to her in such a contemptuous manner?

"Since I, the Demonic Fairy, entered the Taoism community, I have been the leader of the pack and ruler of my generation. You are the first person to ever look down on me. Since this is the case, then I will use all the life I have in me to defeat you!"

The Demonic Fairy’s anger shot up to her brain. Ignoring the issues she has been experiencing with her body, her skinny frame exploded with an infinite amount of light. A terrifying and monstrous atmosphere was created!

Immediately, the sea began to bubble, and the sky began to shake, making the audience shudder in fear.

"This atmosphere… this atmosphere is what triggered my yearning for war in the first place!"

Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. Once again indulging in the uneasy atmosphere, he finally understood the reason as to why his desire and excitement for battle led him to rebuttal the Demonic Fairy over 300 times!

"Ling Xian, to be killed with this move is something you can smile about once you die."

The Demonic Fairy’s expression was cold with a hint of savageness. She slowly closed her eyes as her black hair tussled, despite the lack of wind. Like an undefeatable immortal who was in deep hibernation, she signaled to everyone that once she opens her eyes, she will sweep everyone off the ground and change the course of history!

"This is…"

Ling Xian frowned as he felt a strange attraction toward her ambiance. His eyes too began to change uncontrollably. Murky bands of air started to appear and engulf him. Like a supreme heavenly being, he announced to the world with his grandeur that he was in control of both the Earth and the Heaven!

Just as the Demonic Fairy was about to open her eyes and unleash her prowess, an angry and helpless voice suddenly appeared.

"Everyone, stop!"

In the next moment, a stalwart looking shadow began to walk towards the two in midair.

This person was a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Wearing an expensive golden robe that was decorated with embroideries of purple clouds, he fixated his gaze right before him and marched forward like a tiger.

He was surrounded by a thin layer of purple fog. Every step he took shook the sky and the ground. Every step he took, the suppressive feeling he emitted intensified. The audiences felt fear jolting through their veins and even wanted to kneel down on the ground to welcome this powerhouse.

"It’s the Supreme Headmaster of the Zi Yang House! The completion leveled cultivator!"

"Such demeanor! He is most definitely Zi Dong Lai. Back in the days, he was the Heaven’s Favorites of Shi Ao Island before he took the Supreme Headmaster position and became the powerhouse of the island!"

"Such terrifying aura… is this what completion leveled cultivators are capable of…"

Everyone shuddered at the sight of him. Facing a powerhouse with such influence made them shiver from fear. None of them could stand still anymore.

Only two people felt indifferent.

The Demonic Fairy stopped the summoning of her technique but instead, emanated an endless amount of light that diminished the godly demeanor given off by the man.

Ling Xian snickered as well and instantly, the threatening atmosphere he posed disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man frowned. Just as he was about to get angry, he remembered the capability of the two and turned his frown into a forced smile.

Just then, he had been in hiding, carefully watching the battle between Ling Xian and the Demonic Fairy.

Zi Dong Lai knew of the Demonic Fairy’s abilities already, so that was no surprise. What shocked him to his core was Ling Xian’s capabilities. Whether it was his physical strength or his spiritual power, they were all equal to the Demonic Fairy’s capabilities. At the end of it all, he unleashed the guiding law, the Heaven-Shadowing Palm, and defeated the Total Soaring of the Moon. That was an unbelievable achievement!

No doubt, Ling Xian was also a Heaven’s Favorite and perhaps even the best from his generation!

Just now, Zi Dong Lai weighed his strength against Ling Xian’s and came to the conclusion that if he fought Ling Xian right now, he only had 50% chance of winning.

This conclusion shocked him!

For this reason, Zi Dong Lai did not express his anger but merely smiled. "Since the two of you are both Heaven’s Favorites, you should appreciate each other rather than fight to the death."


A cold snicker escaped the Demonic Fairy’s lips, "He doesn’t deserve it."

"What a coincidence. I was thinking the same thing. How could someone who lost to me be compared to me?" Ling Xian commented.

"Ling Xian, who lost to you?" the Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow as coldness grazed over her eyes.

"Who else could it be other than you?"

Ling Xian sneered. A mocking expression appeared on his handsome face.

He was not someone with a small heart. But the Demonic Fairy was a little too overbearing. First, she violently attacked him. Then, after being defeated, she showed no qualities that normally belong to a respectable powerhouse and continued to provoke him without reason.

A woman like this needed to be taught a lesson.


The Demonic Fairy shouted. Her chest heaved up and down out of anger, but she was speechless.

It was because he was right, she really did lose.

There was a card she had yet to play. Therefore, she didn’t think there was an ultimate winner. However, she cannot display that technique right now, which meant she has truly lost. If they continued to engage in a fight of life and death, then she would eventually end up a corpse.

"If you shout another useless word at me, I will really take you as a servant and make you fetch me water every day to soak my feet in!" Ling Xian taunted with a grin.

"If you really have that intention then you are dead!"

The Demonic Fairy’s face was bright red as her hair turned messy from anger. She was ready to attack again!

Entitled to the reputation of being the best of her generation, nobody on the 36 islands dared to disrespect her. To want her as a servant was of grave humiliation!

She couldn’t bear it, and didn’t want to bear it!

Even if she dies, she wanted to drag Ling Xian down as well!

"You think I would be scared of you? Fight me!"

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow as a threatening amount of energy poured out of him.

"Stop, stop, stop, can you two please listen to me speak a few words?"

Sensing the overwhelming desire the two have for war, Zi Dong Lai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He soothed, "Demonic Fairy, you have injuries and cannot use that move. If you do, your life will be lost."


The Demonic Fairy stared at Ling Xian but did not continue speaking.

Zi Dong Lai sighed in relief. He did not want to lose the Heaven’s Favorite he used everything he had to recruit into the House. Then, he shifted his gaze onto Ling Xian with a smile, "The Demonic Fairy is injured and cannot use her best technique. Even if you defeat her now, it will not be an honorable victory. Why don’t we set a date for the final battle to three months from today?"


Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with shock. She was already this terrifying when she hasn’t even unleashed her best move? Then how strong was she when she is fully blooming?

"No wonder you are the Demonic Fairy who shook all 36 Islands," Ling Xian complimented without a trace of fear in his voice. Instead, all he could feel was the desire to fight.

"Then I will do as the Supreme Headmaster says. The Demonic Fairy I want to win against is the Demonic Fairy who is fully capable. If three months isn’t enough time for recovery, I am willing to wait three years for her!"

Ling Xian waved his sleeve and agreed to the suggestion.

If this were anyone else, they would’ve taken this opportunity and killed the Demonic Fairy right there and then without even considering giving her a chance to recover.

But what kind of person was Ling Xian?

Though he might not be perfect in all aspects, he was a good man with iron bones and an iron mentality, why would he ever take advantage of anyone?

If he fights, he will fight the strongest Heaven’s Favorite!

No doubt about it, the Demonic Fairy was the strongest cultivator he has ever encountered and is who he would describe as the perfect opponent. It would be utterly disinteresting for Ling Xian to win against an injured Demonic Fairy.

After all, he had the undefeatable mentality and feared no gods nor immortals!

Even if the Demonic Fairy recovered all of her abilities, he believes he will be able to suppress her.

"Haha, this is getting fun. The Demonic Fairy, take your time resting. Three months… Even if it takes three years for you to recover, I will still wait for you!"

Ling Xian bellowed gallantly, his heroic spirits reached all the way to the clouds!

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