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At noon, on top of the sea.

The Demonic Fairy’s brows were slightly locked. Fully aware of the fact that the opponent had a physique just as strong as herself and that she had no advantage, she couldn’t help but grow annoyed. She emitted an endless amount of light that forced Ling Xian to stagger back. This move indirectly expressed her unwillingness to continue having any direct contact with Ling Xian.

Seeing that the Demonic Fairy was the first to retreat, the audiences below gasped in shock.

"Oh my god, have I gone blind? The undefeatable Demonic Fairy has retreated in the face of war?"

"Unbelievable! The Demonic Fairy is what brings stress and pressure to her generation. She is terrifyingly unmatchable. After having over 300 rebuttals with this man, she had no upper hand, and now she has decided to step back? Does this mean she fears this person?"

"This is beyond my wildest imagination. What is the background of this person? Not only did he directly repress her, but he also made her retreat. This person is far too strong!"

"He doesn’t look too old in age, perhaps even younger than the Demonic Fairy. Yet his capabilities are of such terror. In the battle of the physical bodies, he has defeated her. Even from this, I say he has the potential to enter the top 10 of the List of Hidden Dragons!"

Everyone on site erupted with opinions and gossips. The clamorous and boisterous chatters were full of disbelief.

Who was the Demonic Fairy?

She was the strongest Heaven’s Favorite on the 36 Islands! That was agreed upon!

Standing out from her generation, she has defeated all those strong enough to be named Heaven's Favorite and slaughtered seven Heaven’s Favorites in one fight! She was known to be undefeatable!

Right below her nose, however, was a nameless and mysterious youth who has engaged in more than 300 rebuttals with her. Not defeating him was not a big deal and not having an advantage over him was fine too, however, in the battle of the physiques, she chose to retreat. This move of hers was traumatic, and it changed everyone’s view of her!

To these people, the Demonic Fairy was a glorious legend and an indestructible myth. Though it was forgivable for one to lose one’s glory for a short while, legends and myths are not to be tainted!

Yun Yan and Yun Meng were even more shocked than the others. Though they already knew that Ling Xian’s capabilities were ridiculous, witnessing this battle made their hearts pound unstoppably.

"My god, that was the Demonic Fairy. The Master is far too strong!"

Yun Meng’s tiny mouth parted. She has been astounded to a point where she could never see him the same again.

"Master… is the strongest!"

Yun Yan’s eyes shone as she stared at the proudly standing silhouette. Her face flashed with infatuation.

"Could it be that the Demonic Fairy is scared of me?"

Hearing the audiences’ heated debates, Ling Xian mockingly stared at the Demonic Fairy.


The Demonic Fairy snickered. Looking at the handsome young man before her, she said, "I just don’t want to waste any more time."

"That is true. You and I are equals in terms of physical ability. It would be meaningless to continue this fight." Ling Xian softly smiled. He hung in midair in his white robe, just like a real immortal.

"Yes, I admit that in a battle of the physiques, I cannot win against you. However, you cannot win against me either." the Demonic Fairy’s expression was emotionless. Though she was surprised at Ling Xian’s strength, she didn’t think much of it.

She had the undefeatable mindset and feared nobody!

"Really? That may not be true."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He admits that the Demonic Fairy was tough physically and even if the fight continued, they would tie. However, he had the majestic blood running through his veins that allowed him to fight longer and fight stronger. If the battle lasted another three days and three nights, he could’ve eventually beaten the Demonic Fairy!

"To tell you honestly, the physical body is the weakest of my abilities," the Demonic Fairy’s goddess-like image appeared as she smiled. The moment she moved her body, she turned back to the angry dragon she was.

"What a coincidence. The physical being is also my weakest." Ling Xian faintly grinned. Watching the lady before him, the desire to fight flooded his eyes.

Whether it was from the discussion others were having, or from the battle they just had, he could clearly feel the strength of this woman. She has reached the extreme peak of the foundational level, and it would not be an exaggeration for Ling Xian to think that he will never meet another foundational at her level.

This thought made Ling Xian’s blood boil!

Three years of peace has made his bones brittle. How could he not be excited now that he was facing such a powerful opponent?

"Are you provoking me? I know you are strong, stronger than most Heaven’s Favorites on the 36 islands. But in my eyes, I can turn this situation around right now and suppress you!" the Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow.

"You might as well try. I sure want to see how you turn this situation around." Ling Xian folded his hands behind his back as if he was the master to an apprentice.

"No, not suppress, but slaughter!"

As soon as she spoke, she closed her eyes and began to draw lines and dots with her fingers in the air. Then, a seven-colored symbol appeared in mid-air and then quickly transformed into illuminating raindrops that accented her goddess-like features and her untouchable aura.

The seven colored rain fell lightly, soon turning into a puddle on the ground and generating a rainbow.

The Demonic Fairy stood upright and continued to draw symbols in the air. Like a fairy about to dance or a goddess about to spread her wings, the scenery was drunkenly beautiful. The audience, especially the men in the audience, were drooling over her alluring figure and her graceful movements.

Ling Xian, however, had a rigid expression on his face. He didn’t dare to be reckless. His sixth-sense had it that every line she drew in the air was of grave danger. Under that delicate skin was a deathly opportunity for her to kill him!

"This is my supernatural talent. If you can defend yourself against it, then I admit that you have the right to continue battling me."

The Demonic Fairy spoke softly as the rain made of out of light continued to fall mercilessly and densely until it was coming from every cloud. Every single droplet had the strength to split mountains and break rocks. They fell from the ninth heaven!

"Such supernatural talent is no threat to me."

Ling Xian marched one step forward one. His robe danced in the wind as a terrifying Qi poured out of him and solidified into a natural shield that protected him.

Dong, dong, dong…

The rain of light continued to fall. Though each drop was made of light-rays, each drop also seemed to be made from meteorites. Carrying the weight of a ton, they smashed down on Ling Xian.

However, Ling Xian was motionless. As if he was the first mountain to ever form on Earth, he refused to move an inch despite what storm was hitting him.

"The Demonic Fairy. If this is all your supernatural talent has to offer, then why don’t you behave and let me repress you." Ling Xian swung both of his arms and a terrifying amount of spiritual energy washed out of him, destroying the sky full of light-rain!

In the next moment, he reappeared right in front of the Demonic Fairy. His fingers, like knives, sliced across the air!


"I have underestimated you."

The Demonic Fairy said casually. She walked horizontally three steps, successfully dodging Ling Xian’s knife like nails. Then, she formed a hand seal and summoned the technique that was far better than her rain of light!

"Total Soaring of the Moon!"

The Demonic Fairy shouted loudly.

A white moon began to appear behind her, exuding soft and dizzying light that reflected upon the sea. Under the light, she seemed even more mythical as if she was about to step onto the moon and fly away!

Total Soaring of the Moon!

One of the strongest six guiding laws. It has the ability to defend against attacks from 10 enemies and could diminish souls from the ninth heaven. It was both an offensive and defensive technique!


Ling Xian was startled as the hairs on his arm stood up. Immediately, he moved to his right at the speed of light.


At the spot where he had just stood, a crescent moon fell. Hitting the surface of the sea, it created angry waves that reached all the way to the sky!

"It’s finally happening! The Demonic Fairy’s trump card. One of the strongest guiding laws, Total Soaring of the Moon!"

"She really is undefeatable like the legends say. Her natural talent is shocking! She awakened the strongest guiding law!"

"That guy is dead. There is no way he could fight against the guiding law!"

"Pity. Even though this person here is also a Heaven’s Favorite, he chose to provoke the Demonic Fairy out of everyone. He invited the Total Soaring of the Moon onto himself. He is dead, no doubt!"

Everyone screamed in shock and stared at Ling Xian pitifully.

"Master is the strongest!"

Yun Yan, with her face flushed red and her hands tightened into fists, was beginning to worry too.

"To have made me use the Total Soaring of the Moon is enough for you to feel proud."

The Demonic Fairy was confident as she beamed slightly. She has determined that there was no way Ling Xian could still live under the attack of the strong guiding law.

Pity, she was about to be disappointed.

Faced with the Total Soaring of the Moon, Ling Xian’s lips curled. Chuckling with both coldness and mockery, he said, "You are not the only one to have awakened a guiding law."

As those words were spoken, the sky immediately darkened. Ancient stars climbed up into the sky one by one, leaving behind faint golden tracks.

In the next moment, a palm giant enough to cover the Sun emerged from behind him. Bands of murky air wrapped around him. How monstrously divine!

"This is… the Heaven Shadowing Palm!"

For the first time, the Demonic Fairy lost her composure and inhaled deeply.

The audience also lost their voice. Buried deep in shock, they stared at Ling Xian with disbelief.

The Heaven Shadowing Palm!

The guiding law that was on the same level as the Total Soaring of the Moon! Whether it was the reputation or the actual capability, both guiding laws were extremely terrifying. The only difference between them was that the Heaven Shadowing Palm could only be used offensively as opposed to the Total Soaring of the Moon that could be used as both an offensive and a defensive move. However, purely from an offensive point of view, the Heaven Shadowing Palm was definitely stronger than the Total Soaring of the Moon!

"I knew it. The Master would never disappoint me!" Yun Yan flashed with happiness as her infatuation grew.

"The Demonic Fairy, I am the owner of a guiding law as well. Let us determine the winner and the loser."

Ling Xian stepped one step forward. His jet-black hair continued to tussle in the wind and lifted all the sea water off the ground!

"To have had the guts to provoke the House of Zi Yang, you do have some capabilities."

With a rigid expression, the Demonic Fairy, for the first time, looked at Ling Xian straight in the face. She no longer dared to careless.

To be the possessor of the Total Soaring of the Moon, she knew very well how much natural talent is required to awaken a guiding law. Therefore, she got rid of her arrogant heart and was now finally seeing Ling Xian as a Heaven’s Favorite that was of her level!

Though she was startled at Ling Xian for having the guiding law, she did not panic.

"As you wish. Let us determine the winner!"

Howling, the Demonic Fairy formed a hand seal that pushed the moon forward. Rays after rays of moonlight draped down from the sky, engulfing her completely and making her seemingly unattainable.

However, behind the gentle and soft looking moonlight was murderous instinct. Along with its slow movements, the Heaven and Earth vibrated and Hell was breaking loose!

"Come. Let’s see if your Total Soaring of the Moon is stronger, or my Heaven Shadowing Palm is stronger!"

Ling Xian’s thirst for battle heightened like a bull after it saw the color red. He too, summoned for the palm to push forward using enough strength to knock down 3,000 kingdoms and diminish millions of mountains!


The palm and the moon clashed into each other!

This is the war between two guiding laws!

This is the war between two Heaven’s Favorites!

Win or lose, alive or dead, the answer is soon to be revealed!

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