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The Sun had risen to the highest point in the sky, and the beach had turned soundless.

Ling Xian’s expression was calm, and his voice was not loud. Yet, every word he spoke shook the sky and rattled the sea.

Everyone present appeared lifeless. One by one they turned to look at Ling Xian with their eyes full of disbelief.

One hit… sent the Elder of the Zi Yang House flying?

My God!

The Elder was a foundational cultivator!

Everyone was astounded by the result. To first-hand witness the fall of a foundational cultivator was unimaginably cruel.

Especially since everyone here thought Ling Xian would for sure die, the shock they felt was even more overwhelming and horrifying!

"Oh my goodness, have I gone blind? He looks like he’s only 18 or 19 years old. How can he be so strong?"

"Sending a foundational cultivator flying with one move! This person is far too strong."

"Laughable! At first, I thought he would for sure be dead. I did not think his capability was so tyrannical!"

The place turned boisterous. Watching the handsome and refreshing looking young man, their faces hurt from embarrassment.

For Ling Xian to knock out the Elder of the Zi Yang House with one move not only was a slap in the face for the Elder, but it was also a slap in the face for everyone here!

At first, other than Yun Yan and Yun Meng, nobody here saw highly of Ling Xian. They thought he would easily be repressed by the Elder. Now, however, everyone was shocked to their core, and none of them could say another sarcastic word.

"Cough cough…"

The elder’s face was pale white. Staring at the youth right before him, he felt fearful and somewhat pernicious. However, right after that short exchange of moves, he had come to comprehend Ling Xian’s terror and did not dare to act heinously.

"If someone with such weak techniques dares to behave so arrogantly, then Zi Yang House must be spoiling its people," Ling Xian snickered. He stepped backward, and murderous intent poured out of him.

"What are you thinking of doing?"

Sensing the piercingly cold murderous intent, the Elder lost his composure and screamed, "If you dare to kill me, then the House of Zi Yang will never forgive you!"

"You sc*mbag of a dog. Even now, you still can’t stop mentioning the House Of Zi Yang. I sure want to see if the House of Zi Yang is as unreasonable as you are."

Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He then shouted loudly into thin air.

"Zi Yang House’s Supreme Headmaster, come out! I, Ling Xian, need an explanation from you!"

Ling Xian’s voice was like thunder on a spring day. It rattled the Heavens and uplifted the entire sea.

Those who just recovered from the previous scene fell into shock again.

An explanation?

He is seeking an explanation from the Supreme Headmaster? How bold!

"He is far too haughty. Though his capability is shocking, the Supreme Headmaster is of the completion stage. He really is no longer interested in living."

"He is most likely deranged in the brain. He probably thinks that defeating one Elder means he can do whatever he wants. He sure is reckless."

"I agree with you. He is far too arrogant. Even though he is strong, fighting against someone from the completion stage will be difficult. The Supreme Headmaster can kill him with his thumb!"

Those who were watching once again made sarcastic comments. It wasn’t because these people were grass on top of walls that swayed whichever direction the wind blows. It was because they truly thought Ling Xian’s action was not any different than seeking suicide.

The Supreme Headmaster from the Zi Yang House was of the completion level. On this piece of land, anyone in the completion level can oversee the people righteously. Completion level cultivators’ capabilities astounded the Islanders, the Heaven, and the Earth! They are considered to be undefeatable opponents!

However, Ling Xian was asking him for an explanation in a tone that was nowhere near respectful. To powerhouses, this was considered to be a provocation.

"Haha, you son of a b*tch. You dare to challenge the Supreme Headmaster publicly? You’re dead meat."

The Elder’s expression was ecstatic. The words he spoke carried large amounts of excitement as if he could already picture Ling Xian being slapped to death.


Ling Xian coldly sneered, and a shapeless energy rolled out of him.

Instantly, the Elder spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. As he stared at Ling Xian with angst, he didn’t dare to speak one more word.

Seeing that the Elder was now shaking all over, Ling Xian no longer gave him any more attention. He glanced around slowly, not uttering a word, not unleashing a drop of energy. Despite his lack of movements, everyone subconsciously shut their mouths and shamefully lowered their head, afraid to look directly at him and even more afraid to continue spewing mocking comments.

"What a bunch of morons."

Ling Xian chortled before he continued to scream into the sky, "Could it be that the Supreme Master of the Zi Yang House thinks I, Ling Xian, am not qualified enough to speak to you? You are unwilling to show yourself or are you unwilling to give me an explanation?"

No answers.

After a moment of silence, a voice that was calm yet murderous oscillated into thin air.

"What kind of explanation are you looking for?"

In the next second, the almost transparent air began to quiver. A magnificent beauty wearing all white appeared in mid-air.

The lady’s skin was soft like cream, delicate like snow. Her beauty was comparable to the moonlight and was alluring enough to bring all the men in the nation to their knees. Like a fairy who does not taint herself with the mortal, she marched forward softly, gracefully, and with the rhythm of a gentle song.

The lady’s temperament was peerless. As soon as she appeared, something extraordinary occurred in the sky. Seven different colored light rays stretched from one end of the city to the other, misty and drizzling rain also began to fall. She had attracted everybody’s gaze and became the only living being that mattered in this world.

"This woman… could she be… the legendary Demonic Fairy?"

"Yes, that is probably her. Legend has it that when the Demonic Fairy shows herself, rain of all colors begins to fall. Just like what is happening right now!"

"My god, when did the Demonic Fairy, third on the List of Hidden Dragons, join the House of Zi Yang?"

"The Demonic Fairy has frightening capabilities. She has yet to lose a fight since her debut as a cultivator. This man here is for sure dead."

Those who were present were in astonishment. They fixated their eyes onto the beautiful lady with respect, awe, and lust.

The Demonic Fairy!

Out of all the young Heaven’s Favorites on the 36 Islands, this lady here was a mysterious legend that cannot be unraveled. Nobody knew where she came from and nobody knew of her name.

Only one thing was widely known by the entire world!

She was powerful! Extremely powerful!

The background of this woman was a mystery, and nobody knew who her Master was. Since she began the journey of Taoism, she has yet to taste what losing a fight feels like. Her fame obtained from her abilities had shaken the 36 Islands and brought pressure to all the younger generations!

The most famous battle of hers occurred on the central island. Fighting solo, she battled against seven other Heaven’s Favorites of the same rank. That battle lasted three days and three nights and ended with her killing all seven Heaven’s Favorites. Her impressive battle scores have hammered down her reputation of being undefeatable!

The name, the Demonic Fairy, have since traveled across the 36 islands and she has placed third on the List of Hidden Dragons!

Of course, the name Demonic Fairy was not her real name but was a nickname others granted her.

"Fairy" was derived from her physical appearance and "Demonic" was derived from her ruthless nature.

At this very moment, the Demonic Fairy was slowly descending from the sky. She coldly looked at the Elder for a second before turning her gaze to Ling Xian. The smile she showed him was gentle and soft, but her words she spoke were emotionless and lifeless.

"I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your reasons are, you, are dead."

"Yet again someone is saying this nonsense to me. Since I began my cultivation journey, the one statement I hear the most is ‘you are dead’. But, without exception, my opponents ended up dying." Ling Xian frowned slightly as he checked out this beauty before him. For a quick second, he was struck by her stunning appearance, but very quickly, he felt the boiling of blood in his body. There was a strange impulse.

He wanted to battle her.

This strange desire to fight made Ling Xian’s brows lock tightly together, as he was unsure where this feeling was coming from. Could it be… it was because he hasn’t had a satisfying fight in a very long time and the woman before him was very powerful?

At the same time, the Demonic Fairy’s brows also raised. A form of excitement was pulsing through her, and she felt like her blood was burning up.

No doubt, this was a hunger for warfare!

To make moves without restrictions and fight a war that is absolutely gratifying!

"This is… the first time I’ve ever felt this way…" the Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow, confused as well. Since she began her journey, she has fought hundreds of fights. Though there have been times where she wanted to fulfill herself and fight ruthlessly, she has never felt this kind of uncontrollable desire.

The mind is born from emotions, and emotions are born from the mind.

What was in front of them was this heated lust for war that could not be controlled by the mind. This was absolutely baffling and inexplicable.

"Interesting. I like battles. I like battles with the strong even more." Ling Xian’s lips curved up as he stared at the magnificent beauty. He said, "I hear from these guys that your name is the Demonic Fairy and that you do not belong to the Zi Yang House."

"That was before. Today, I am the Vice Supreme Headmaster of the House of Zi Yang," the Demonic Beauty repressed the impulse she felt and spoke slowly.

"The Vice Supreme Headmaster… Good enough. As long as it’s someone who can make executive decisions."

Ling Xian faintly grinned. "I called you out for an explanation. With these two sisters, I traveled far and long. All we wanted was to enter the tryout of the House of Zi Yang. However, your Elder, without warning, pushed the test time earlier and accused us of being late. He stripped away our right to enter the tryout. Why don’t you tell me who was in the wrong here?"

"If it did go as you described, then you were right. However, with me, there are no right or wrong. Whoever has the biggest fist defines the truth." The Demonic Fairy chuckled as her murderous intent began to reveal itself.

"I see… yet another unreasonable one," Ling Xian sneered.

The Demonic Fairy locked her brows tightly together. No longer able to control her impulse, she shouted, "You can call me preposterous and irrational, but if you want fairness, then you must defeat me first."

"It seems like you can’t repress that impulse anymore." Ling Xian frowned. As if he was strung along with the Demonic Fairy’s desires, he was losing control of that mysterious thirst as well.

"Aren’t you the same? Shut your trap, fight me!"

The Demonic Fairy was high off her hunger for war. She marched forward in giant leaps, sending gusts of wind that swept off the ground. As if she was not born a lady, she walked on like the king of the universe!

"I intend to!"

Ling Xian laughed brightly, no longer pushing down that yearning of his. Instantly, wind blew, clouds parted, and the sky shook. A terrifying amount of energy rolled out of him and shot up straight through the sky!

"Good. No wonder you looked for trouble with the Zi Yang House. You are a Heaven’s Favorite at the peak of the foundational stage!"

The Demonic Fairy’s eyes brightened as her desire for war heightened. With every step she took, her demeanor grew more terrifying. Every living being within the space shuddered every time her foot landed on the ground.

"You aren’t bad yourself. No wonder everyone here talks about you like you’re a Goddess. You too, are a Heaven’s Favorite at the peak of the foundational stage." Ling Xian did not back down. His ambiance, like a wild bull, grew angrier and more ferocious as he marched forward to greet her.

Just like that, the two of them inched closer and closer to each other, face-to-face. The turmoil of energy shook the Earth, rattled the Heaven, and forced the wind to growl with violence!



The two of them shouted at each other. Once the two of them were only a few meters away, they simultaneously made their moves as if planned.


Two insanely horrifying waves of energy clashed together. Instantly, the Heaven and the Earth wept from the shock of the force!

Step… Step… Step…

The Demonic Fairy staggered backward three steps. Her expression was heavy as she gawked at the handsome young man before her. She spoke five words.

"The enemy of my life."

At the same time, Ling Xian, too, stepped back three steps. The look in his eyes was explosive, and his lust for war grew even more. He spoke one word.


In the next moment, the Demonic Fairy ruthlessly made another move that was destructively horrifying like an angry dragon!

"Haha, what a satisfying battle!"

Ling Xian’s lofty sentiment was dense and overpowering enough to engulf the sea and the mountain. Facing an enemy with unprecedented capabilities, he unrelentingly attacked on!

A war the world has never seen before was about to commence!

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