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The Sun spilled down lusciously, and the jungle was without noise.

Ling Xian had enjoyed three peaceful years, yet with one attack today, the enemy's machete was destroyed in the blink of an eye. Elder Li’s throat was being tightly squeezed, and Ling Xian had no intention of allowing him to move even an inch.

This result had shocked everyone!

Everyone carried an overwhelmed look on their faces, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Even the foundational cultivators from the Chu and Chen Clan were staring at Ling Xian in disbelief. They felt a wave of coldness surround them and they could not compose themselves.


Way too speedy!

Everyone here felt that Elder Li had lost after only one blurry second! He was a powerful foundational cultivator, yet his life was now in someone else’s hand. What an unbelievable turn of event?!

Of course, to these people, what happened here today really was hard to believe. To Ling Xian, however, this was an ordinary every-day event.

Three years ago, he could kill those in the foundational stage with the flick of his fingers. Now that he has reached the peak of the foundational stage, those in the intermediate level of the foundational stage meant nothing to him.

"Cough…Cough… Let…let me go."

Elder Li’s face was swollen red. He grabbed onto the arm that tightly threatened his life. But no matter how hard he struggled and tried to escape, the hand that was locked onto his throat would not loosen even a single bit.

"For three years, I did not fight a battle. I thought the first fight after my hiatus would make me feel satisfied or at least I would be able to make more than two moves. I did not think you would be this incompetent," Ling Xian’s expression was calm. He wasn’t intentionally mocking Elder Li nor was he exaggerating. He was merely speaking the truth.

However, this statement became a form of mocking when it entered the ears of Elder Li. He was a foundational cultivator, a leader in the City of Sun! When has he ever been so humiliated?

But under the circumstances he was in now, he had to suck it up!

His life was in Ling Xian’s hand. He had to swallow his humiliation, or he would lose his life.

"Cough… please. I am begging you. Let me live. I will slave for you," Elder Li’s face turned dark purple as he begged with pity.

"Slave for me? Let’s not go there. I have no need for a subordinate as weak as you," Ling Xian’s expression was indifferent. He has always dealt with situations like this by uprooting the problem completely and showing no mercy.

[What the f*ck?]

[I am weak?]

[This is obviously all because you are too strong!]

Elder Li cursed in his head. His companions had the same strange expression on their faces, thinking the exact same thoughts as him.

Everyone here learned a fact today. The result right now is not due to Elder Li’s weakness, but it’s because Ling Xian was too strong!

He was strong enough to defeat a regular foundational cultivator with merely one move.

"Cough…cough… It’s not that I am too weak, it’s that you are too strong," Elder Li argued.

"Since I am already so strong, then there is even less of a reason for me to keep you." Ling Xian grinned. Under the scared and watchful stare of Elder Li, he twisted Elder Li’s head in one direction and his neck in the other.


With a crisp sound, leader of the Li Clan widened his eyes and breathed his last breath.


Everyone gasped cold air as their bodies began to quiver uncontrollably.

To personally witness the death of the ancestral figure of the Li Clan has been truly traumatic. Even Chen Ying and Chu Wei, the other two foundational cultivators, fidgeted in shock. Imagine the amount of awe the descendants were feeling.

The Li Clan’s descendant, especially, has been shuddering since the moment Elder Li passed. The amount of fear he felt has reached an extreme level where even himself can no longer comprehend.

"Now, it’s your turn. You two might as well make your moves together. Perhaps then I can put more of my muscles to use," Ling Xian flung the corpse to the ground and shifted his gaze onto Chen Ying and Chu Wei.

"What an arrogant bastard. Let me take your worthless life!"

Chen Ying’s face gloomed and his white hair was flying in the wind. A terrifying amount of energy seeped through his body, mighty and deterrent.

Just as he was about to make his move against Ling Xian, Chu Wei stopped him and whispered, "Slow down, Brother Chen. This young man here is far too powerful. Fighting him one on one is not favorable for us. It would be better if we make our moves together."

"That is true," Chen Ying nodded, not all that confident to begin with. The speed Ling Xian demonstrated just then made him well-aware that him alone would not be able to defeat this young man.

Chu Xong knew of this very well as well. However, since the situation has unfolded to this extent, there is no way out other than to fight to their deaths.

"Armor of Black Scales!"

Chu Wei shouted. A black armor materialized in mid-air and automatically wrapped around his body. Around it swirled dark fog.

"Aoki Shield!"

Seeing that Chu Wei had summoned his beloved treasure, Chen Ying also called out to his most-prized treasure. A shield in the color of green emerged before him, giving off the ambiance of an immobile mountain.

"They’re both treasures of the Eighth-Realm? Not bad. Perhaps they can stop an attack of mine," Ling Xian faintly grinned without a trace of angst. Ever since his physical being had its great breakthrough, he has never tested just how tyrannical his body has become. Is it really true that he’s now equivalent to an Eighth-Realm weapon?

Now that there are two Eighth-Realm treasure right in front of him, he did not shy away. Spinning around, he reappeared in front of Chu Wei and smashed downwards with a fist!

This punch was of his raw strength and was not mixed with any form of spiritual energy. The amount of power it had, however, was inescapable.

"What insane physical strength!"

Chu Xong’s pupils retracted, and instantly, he understood the difference in capability between him and Ling Xian. This punch came far too fast for him to dodge, and he could only choose to let it happen.


The fist landed. Though the Armor of Scales was unharmed, Chu Xong’s face was chalk white, and he could not help but to stagger backward.

"Hmm… That scale armor of yours has decent defense properties," Ling Xian complimented. He raised an arm again but did not form a first. Instead, he used his palm to slap Chu Wei’s chest.

For this slap, Ling Xian still did not use any form of spiritual energy, but instead used all the strength he could summon.


Instantly, the Armor of Black Scales cracked in multiple places. Chu Wei began to vomit blood as he stared at Ling Xian with shock in his eyes.

Such terrifying physical properties!

This was an Eighth-Realm defense weapon, yet it cracked after absorbing a slap from Ling Xian. How terrifying!

"Goddammit. Just how powerful is this bastard’s physical body? That was an Eight-Realm treasure," Chen Ying croaked, finally grasping onto the reality of the strength of the youth.

Pity, it was too late.

After shattering the Armor of Black Scales, Chu Wei’s life had ended. Ling Xian moved his gaze upon Chen Ying and locked in his desire to kill.

"Your turn."

Dropping those words, Ling Xian made his move. Like a ghost, he dashed before Chen Ying and lunged at him with his right leg, using the same amount of strength as when a dragon sweeps its tail.

Immediately, wind blew and swept in all directions!

The hair on Chen Ying’s body stood up in fear. He quickly injected all his spiritual energy into his Aoki Shield, hoping to protect himself from Ling Xian’s kick with this treasure of his!

Obviously, he had underestimated Ling Xian’s abilities.

With a "crack", the Aoki Shield showed a tiny crack. Then, the crack expanded more and more until the entire shield shattered!


After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Chen Ying’s eyes widened, and they did not close even after he died.

At that moment, the entire area was silenced. Even a needle drop could be heard.

Gaze after gaze fixated onto Ling Xian one after another, all of which were full of respect. It was as if the young man before them was not a human.

But a God.

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