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It was noon, and the Sun hung high in the sky.

In the middle of a dense forest a little outside of the City of Sun, three young men, all around the age of 20, gathered. They had wretched appearances, but each had a look of exultation on their faces. They were here discussing matters that excited the lower part of their bodies.

These three were the direct descendants of the Chen, Chu, and Li Clan, and they were on their way to enter the tryout the Zi Yang House was hosting.

Up above them, three elders with white hair and white beards were sitting cross-legged on a tree branch. Their eyes were closed in meditation, and each one exuded a powerful grandeur. They were all foundational cultivators.

Out of the four clans in the City of Sun, the Yun Clan had the most capable cultivators but was in the worst circumstance. The reason behind this was because the Yun Clan was very hated by the other three clans and the rivalry between them has reached a point where the others will never give them peace until they have completely died.

This was why these individuals here did not head to the Zi Yang House right away, but instead, were waiting here patiently to assassinate Yun Yan and Yun Meng.

"Hehe, in your own opinion, who is prettier? Yun Yan or Yun Meng?" the descendant of the Chen Clan snickered, his expression loathsome.

"Is that even a question? Of course, Yun Yan," Chu Clan’s descendant said firmly.

"I disagree. I find Yun Meng a lot more tender and loveable, completely my type," the young descendant from the Li Clan chimed in.

"Then how about this, I get Yun Yan, and you get Yun Meng. What do you think?" the Chu descendant suggested.

"If both of you get one then what about me? Why don’t the three of us have a little fun with those two sisters together? It would be a lot more thrilling," Chen smiled despicably.

"Good idea. I am in."

The other two young men spoke in unison. Even simply thinking about fondling the beautiful sisters made their groins swell. A dirty smile hung on their faces.

"You little bastards, all you think about these days is how to enjoy women."

On top of the tree branch, a white-haired elder taunted. His name was Chu Wei, the current Clan Leader of the Chu Clan.

"They are men now, after all, I can understand. If my age isn’t a handful, I would have some fun with those girls as well." the Elder from the Chen Clan sighed.

"Rumor has it that the two sisters were born so dazzling, the fish sank, and the geese fell the day they were born. I wonder if that statement is true. If it is, I am eager to witness what is about to happen." The Li Clan Elder laughed maliciously.

"It appears Elder Li’s most treasured sword is not yet dull," Chu Wei teased.

"Of course. Though I have grown in age, the sword I have below my belt is as sharp as ever," the Li Clan Elder chortled. His imagination ran wild, and he had already pictured many scenarios as if the two sisters were already his possession.

Everyone here today had the same thought. The collusion of three foundational cultivators meant that even if Yun Hai was personally escorting the two sisters, death was the only thing awaiting them. Of course, they were confident in their victory.

Just as they continued to discuss the various ways they would play around with the two sisters, a cold laughter suddenly pierced the sky.

"I don’t know how sharp that sword below your belt is, but I do know that the sword in my hand is deadly enough to behead you."

"Who’s there!?"

The Li Clan Leader shouted fiercely and peered into the direction of the voice.

A man and two women walked out of the shaggy forest before them. The girls’ beauty was comparable to a peony, luminous and appealing.

They were Ling Xian, Yun Yan, and Yun Meng.

"The two girls from the Yun Clan, and who is this person here?" Chu Wei frowned. Jumping off the tree branch, he dusted off his sleeves and gestured for the three youths to hide.

Chen Ying and Elder Li followed. Staring at the handsome young man before them, they couldn’t help it but frown.

Testing out the opponents’ spiritual energies, they knew that Yun Yan and Yun Meng had Qi of the ninth level and did not pose a threat to them. The young man before them, however, could not be seen through. He appeared to be without any spiritual energy and was a mere mortal. Yet at the same time, something eerie was rippling out of him.

This made the three of them lock their brows together tightly, uncertain and suspicious.

"Elder Brother Yun sure is acute. He predicted you would be hiding here waiting to ambush." Ling Xian smiled faintly. His eyes were full of coldness.

Yun Yan and Yun Meng, too, were boiling with murderous intent. Just then, they heard every single word of the conversations these people here had. It was normal for them to be swimming in rage.

"What a scum! That Yun Hai knew we would be here but did not personally show up?" Elder Li’s eyes shone as he searched for Yun Hai’s silhouette. After glancing around, he did not find that familiar outline.

"There is no need to look for him. He did not come. After all, fighting against you useless trash is something I can handle all by myself." The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curved up as the heated desire to fight washed over him.

Three years.

Ling Xian had spent the past three years practicing and enlightening himself. Other than exchanging moves with Yun Hai once in a while, he didn’t engage in a single battle. Even with Yun Hai, they only had friendly battles, and he never used all his strength in those fights.

Though he wasn’t someone who constantly sought after violence, after not exercising his muscles for three years, the blood in him had become very heated.

Facing three foundational cultivators, every muscle in Ling Xian’s body was flaring with desire. No longer controllable, he planned on letting himself go and finally engaging in a satisfying and bloody battle!

"Handle us all by yourself?"

The three foundational cultivators’ expression turned gloomy. Only Elder Li laughed and sneered, "What a cocky bastard. Even if Yun Hai was here, he would not dare to speak so egoistically."

"He really would not dare, but…" Ling Xian’s lips curled up again as he two presumptuous words came out of his mouth slowly and loudly.

"I dare."

Instantly, the three foundational cultivators’ expressions turned heavy as they suppressed the burning rage in their chest. As the strongest in their Clans, powerful cultivators at the same stage as them showed respect and treated them politely. Who dared to show them any trace of contempt?

Right in front of their eyes, a young man had spoken to them as if they were dirt, angering these elders who have long enjoyed their lives as important figures.

"How dare you!"

The Li Elder screamed on top of his lungs, "You son of a b*tch dare not to show us respect! You’re seeking death!"

"Who do you think you are?"

Ling Xian’s expression was icy. Every time he remembered the filthy words they spoke of the two sisters, rage overruled his brain. He said without mercy, "You three old bastards. Did you spend your lives as stray dogs? All that exists in your brains is dirt, and all that exists in your stomach is garbage. What makes you think you deserve respect from me?"


The three of them turned green and white. Steam was coming off the top of their heads from anger.

"What a vicious tongue."

Elder Li lowered his head and immediately, a machete with a gold handle appeared, exuding murderous intentions. He held onto the machete with his right hand as he stared at the youth in white. Snickering, he said, "Tell us your name, you son of a b*tch. My machete does not kill those without names nor status."

"I repeat myself, you do not deserve to know my name." Ling Xian’s face remained cold.

"You can become a nameless ghost then!"

With a furious growl, Elder Li tightened his grip onto the machete with his right hand and cast a spell with his left hand. Instantly, a giant blade crashed down from the sky, aiming for Ling Xian’s head!

"You dare to start a fight when you are merely in the intermediate stage of the foundational level?"

Ling Xian stepped forward one step. His white robe tasseled in the wind. A horrifying amount of vigor spread across the space destructively!

The machete sliced through the air downwards, carrying with it the strength of an army. However, Ling Xian did not fear. With a cold snort from him, the wind blasted across, the cloud dispersed, Heaven and Earth turned miserable!

The machete collapsed and scattered instantly!

In the next second, Ling Xian’s silhouette flickered and reappeared behind Elder Li like a ghost. With his skinny, long, and white hand, he seized the Elder’s throat.

The entire place was silenced.

After three peaceful years, he has made his thunderous moves!

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