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Chapter 196: Temporary Stay
Inside the greeting hall of the Yun Clan, everyone watched with complex gazes as the Lead Elder walked away.
"What is the ice cave?" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow.
"It is a mysterious place that is an essential part of our land. The cave itself is unbelievably cold, and a natural array exists within. Even when foundational cultivators enter, they cannot resist the cold," Yun Hai sighed long and deep. He wanted to stop the Lead Elder, but he had no reason to stop him.
After all, the Lead Elder was in the wrong. Ling Xian taught him a small lesson and already expressed forgiveness. On top of that, he was the one who volunteered to punish himself by entering the ice cave.
"There is a place so mysterious here?" Ling Xian was intrigued. Though a land of ice is rather common, a piece of land with a naturally formed array inside is much rarer. Let alone an array that could freeze people’s spiritual energy.
"Correct. Half the reason why my Clan decided to build here was because of the ice cave." Yun Hai nodded.
"It seems like the land of ice is not the only mysterious part of this area," Ling Xian smirked meaningfully. If the only use of the ice cave were to punish people, the Yun Clan definitely would not have established themselves on this piece of land. Chances were there were many unknown treasures here.
"About that…" Yun Hai chuckled, feeling a little awkward.
"Don’t be troubled by it. It is a secret of the Yun Clan, I understand that you do not want to speak of it. I won’t press any further," Ling Xian faintly grinned, "Just tell the Lead Elder that what he’s doing is completely unnecessary. If he persists, tell him I spoke those words."
Since he has already scolded the Lead Elder in his own way, there was no more need for him to continue being punished. The ice cave was unbelievably cold, and with the health conditions of the Lead Elder, he will probably pass away within a year, let alone staying in there for ten years.
"Alright. Thank you, Master, for your generosity. I will tell him your words," Yun Hai was delighted, "I will order someone to prepare some alcohol to show my appreciation. I hope you will join us."
"There is no need for that. However, I do have a favor to ask," Ling Xian declined.
"Oh? Friend, please do speak of it. If it’s something my Clan can help with, we will not say no," Yun Hai pounded his own chest and promised.
"To be completely honest with you. The reason why I came here in the first place was because I am seeking a place to stay for a while. Do you mind if I dwell here?" Ling Xian grinned.
"Of course I do not mind! It is an honor for my Yun Clan to serve and accommodate you. Even if you choose to live here your whole life, nobody in the clan would mind." Yun Hai was at first a little startled, but very quickly became excited.
Others too, appeared to be ecstatic.
Even if Ling Xian did not just save the entire Yun Clan from being wiped out, nobody from the Yun Clan would’ve said no.
A powerful alchemist who is in the foundational level… which Clan would not want to keep a character like him?
Even the three main controlling forces would treat him like the most valued guest!
"It is all I ask for. I am somewhat tired now, do you mind showing me where I can rest?" Ling Xian nodded lightly.
"Of course! Friend, I wonder what kind of living environment you prefer?" Yun Hai’s face was flushing red. Just thinking about how this terrifyingly strong youth is willing to stay inside the clan made him beam ear-to-ear.
Though a temporary stay doesn’t indicate commitment from Ling Xian’s side, if Ling Xian stays here long enough, there would be a lot of opportunities for the Yun Clan to grow their relationships. When that happens, Ling Xian will not simply sit and watch if the Clan runs into trouble.
With Ling Xian’s support, who is there to fear in the City of the Sun?

Remember that each of the four main Clans has one foundational cultivator, whichever Clan acquires a second foundational cultivator becomes the first one to break the balance of power and climb up to the top of all Clans!
"I am not too high maintenance. But I do prefer somewhere quiet and where I can have some space to myself," Ling Xian muttered.
"Hmm, let me think," Yun Hai thought about it for a minute. He hesitated and asked, "I wonder if you would mind a place that someone has lived in before?"
"That is not a big deal. As long as it suits me." Ling Xian nodded again, indicating that he was not picky.
"If that’s the case, then I have just the place for you. It’s a rather isolated place with dense spiritual energy and a beautiful scenery. It is a precious place for training," Yun Hai chuckled. To please Ling Xian, he offered the place he uses himself for training.
"Friend, you do not need to be so courteous. I would never compete with you for your own living space," Ling Xian rejected, knowing full well that Yun Hai was trying to please him.
"There is no need to say no. You saved many generations of my Clan. An ideal place for training is not valuable enough to repay you for what you did for us," Yun Hai waved his hand and laughed, "That place is the best corner of this area. All other places are not fitting enough for your status. Only there is good enough for you. Please do not mind it."
"What are you talking about? Why would I mind a place you are giving up for me?" Ling Xian laughed as well but did not decline any further.
"It’s settled then. Xiao Er, hurry to the back of the mountain and take out the furniture we’ve been storing. Do a deep cleaning of them and arrange a living space," Yun Hai ordered a middle-aged man who was standing behind him.
"Yes, father, I will go right away," the middle-aged man answered and turned to walk to the mountain.
"Friend, please wait here for a short while. It will be ready very soon," Yun Hai gestured Ling Xian to sit and personally poured him a cup of tea. Though intentional, he casually asked as if to small talk, "You are not from the Shi Ao Island are you?"
"You’re correct. That is not something to hide. I am not from the Shi Ao Island nor am I from the other islands," Ling Xian sipped his tea. He did not feel very surprised that the Clan Leader was able to guess that. After all, Yun Hai is more than a century old and has seen enough to figure out this small fact.
Though there are no major differences between those who lived on the islands and those on the continents, by observing the small details, one could tell that Ling Xian was different than those from the Shi Ao Island.
"No wonder. I was curious as to why I’ve never heard your name before. Normally, geniuses like you should be prominent all over," Yun Hai complimented. Though his expression appeared calm, his heart was shaking.
Needless to say, if he did not come from the 36 Islands, then he came from one of the nine continents.
"What genius. There is no need to flatter me," Ling Xian chuckled, "Since we are talking about this, then I will be transparent with you. There is something I want you to help me find out about."
"What is it?"
Ling Xian retraced his smile and asked in a low voice, "I want you to ask around what the fastest method is to get to the nine continents from here."
"I…" Yun Hai hesitated.
"What is it? Is it difficult?" Ling Xian frowned.
"No, it’s not that. It’s just that the 36 islands and the nine continents have long lost contact. Legend has it that a war broke out many years ago. During that dark era, all the spatial portals were destroyed. After that, to go to the nine continents, only one way remains," Yun Hai bitterly smiled.
Hearing this, Ling Xian bitterly smiled as well, "Don’t tell me, the only method is for the cultivator to fly over the ocean."
"That’s right. Based on what I know, that is the only way. I do not know if there are any other ways." Yun Hai shook his head.
"I guess for me to want to return to Yunzhou is an impossible mission," Ling Xian sighed. If spatial portals or other divine arrays are not used, it will take him at least 30 years to fly back to Yunzhou with the level of training he has.
This number was not necessarily considered to be long for a cultivator.
Many elderly, when in training, lock themselves up for longer than 30 years.
However, to Ling Xian, he could not accept this.
"Leader Yun, please help me and ask around. If there are any leads on an alternative method, please inform me at once." Ling Xian sighed deeply.
"Please do not worry. I will do my absolute best." Yun Hai nodded.
Just then, the middle-aged man returned and said, "Father, Forest of the Purple Bamboo has been arranged."
"Haha, alright. Friend, please follow me," Yun Hai bellowed.
Ling Xian nodded softly and sighed to himself again. "It appears that I will have to stay here for a long while."

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