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"It seems like you were born gifted. Even with a lack of spiritual energy, you were able to reach the seventh level of Taoism. Not many cultivators can achieve that," Ling Xian complimented as he gaped at the ecstatic Yun Yan.

It was true. Damaged spiritual energy is considered to be a chronic disease and nicknamed "The Genius Killer."

The meaning of this nickname originates from the fact that if one has a lack of, or damaged spiritual energy, no matter how much talent one has, they can only be a regular cultivator. Though the level of training never recedes, it’s impossible for one to improve.

Yun Yan, under the circumstance of not having enough spiritual energy in the first place, was able to reach level seven of training. This was not an easy feat. It was obvious that her natural talent was very profound.

Now that she was cured of her illness, it was only normal for her to break through the bottleneck. It wasn’t hard to imagine how bright her future will be.

"My… my illness has been cured."

Yun Yan was beyond excited. Two lines of clear tears rolled down her cheeks out of pure joy.

She has been troubled by this illness since she was a child. Especially two years ago, she was stuck at level seven of Taoism and could not move forward even an inch. This frustrated her in ways nothing else has. Today, the Luxury Dan has replenished the lack of spiritual energy she had. Not only did this heal her physically, her troubled mentality disappeared as well. She now felt very relaxed and was radiating with happiness.

"Congratulations. After today, you will for sure make great leaps in training and become a great cultivator," Ling Xian congratulated with a smile.

Hearing this, Yun Yan wiped away her tears, and her expression turned serious. She slowly walked before Ling Xian and bowed down deeply. She said in a serious tone, "Thank you for saving me, Master Ling. In the future, whenever and wherever you need me, I will be there for you."

"There is no need to be so serious. It was easy to lend a helping hand."

Ling Xian squeezed a faint grin. The reason why he was willing to brew was to repay Yun Yan for what she did for him. Now he sees how relieved she is, he felt happy as well.

To put it bluntly, Ling Xian doesn’t like owing others favors. Though he had already saved Yun Yan once, he still didn’t think he’s done enough and chose to offer help to her clan. He did not think that he would coincidentally heal Yun Yan’s disease.

As a result of this, Ling Xian has repaid his debt and felt more relaxed.

"No, to Master Ling, perhaps I am only someone insignificant. However, to me, curing my disease is giving me hope and a desire to live. I value that more than my own life. You have given me the possibility of continuing this cultivation journey. This large amount of kindness is something I will remember forever. I am willing to work like a horse for you."

Yun Yan’s expression was stern. Every word she breathed out was coming straight from her heart.

"There is no need to work like a horse for me. You also don’t need to thank me. Instead, thank the kindness you possess. If you didn’t save me back there, I would not have offered you my help," Ling Xian complimented. He did not expect her to be so similar to himself and be so grateful and so keen on repaying others’ kindnesses. However, he definitely did not need Yun Yan to work like a slave for him.

Grinning, Ling Xian indicated that Yun Yan does not need to speak anymore. He glanced around and said, "Everyone, the effect of the Dan has been demonstrated to you. You now all should know what it’s capable of."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was dragged back from reality and revealed a bitter, yet joyous smile.

If others did not know the true capability of a Luxury Dan before, it was understandable. After witnessing Yun Yan having her breakthrough, if they still didn’t get the effects of the Dan, then they could be categorized as true idiots.

No, even idiots would recognize the value of the Luxury Dan with such miraculous effects!

A Dan that cures those with difficulties cultivating… Once this enters the market, how many cultivators would go crazy over them with tears in their eyes?!

To know that this disease was nicknamed the "Genius Killer" indicated that two out of 10 cultivators suffer from spiritual energy injuries in one way or another. These people have never found methods that could heal them, leading them to be stuck on the cultivation journey.

Right beneath their noses, born a magical Dan that could cure them completely. It was not difficult to imagine how prized and scarce this item was. The cultivators who have been troubled by this disease will definitely go nuts over it and would be willing to exchange all their family assets for one.

This has already been proven during the auction in the City of Qing, and at the Artifact Trade Convention. It was obvious how expensive the Luxury Dan can get.

Consequently, everyone here today was smiling a smile that was mixed with both bitterness and joy. They were joyous over the fact that the Yun Clan is now saved and no longer has to worry about the insufficiency of spiritual stones.

Bitterness came from the fact that they did not believe Ling Xian right from the beginning and have treated him in an unfriendly manner.

"What a magical spiritual Dan! To have cured the insufficiency of spiritual energy! Our Yun Clan is saved."

"Haha, yes! This is great."

"Yes, yes, yes. One of these spiritual Dans can be sold for at least 30,000 spiritual stones and will be sought after by an infinite number of people. There are five of them here, which sums up to 150,000 spiritual stones. We have more than enough to escape the tough situation we are in!"

At this moment, everyone has gotten agitated. More than that though, they felt shameful and wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

The Lead Elder, in particular, felt this way. After seeing Yun Yan break through the bottleneck, his face grew puffy and red. The hatred he felt after Ling Xian attacked him grew wings and flew away. All that’s left in him was shame.

[Thank God this person has a big heart and did not make a fuss about what I did. If he decided not to brew these Dans, then I would’ve been a sinner of the Clan.] The Lead Clan was terrified for his past self. Remembering how hard he tried to stop Ling Xian from even attempting to brew, he wanted to slap himself.

"Friend, these few Dans, are you willing to give them to us?" Yun Hai was thrilled. Tears could be seen in his eyes.

Looking at the Eder who was almost crying, Ling Xian’s heart softened and said, "Take it. I’m sure you are aware of how luxurious this Dan is. It will be easily sold for 30,000 spiritual stones. Here are 5 of them, enough to help you overcome the situation you’re in."

As soon as he finished talking, the meeting hall rumbled with applause.

"I knew it. I knew this youth was not one with a petty heart!"

"Thank you, thank you! You have saved many generations of the Yun Clan. This amount of kindness is something, I, Yun Jing Lei, will carve onto my heart forever. If you ever find yourself in need of my help anywhere, just say the words and I will be there. Even if I have to give you my life, I will not frown!"

"Me too! Say the word, and I will do whatever I can in my power to help you!"

Everyone was crying from thankfulness. Their voices filled with appreciation and determination.

"Words aren’t enough to show our appreciation. Just like they said, if you ever need us, everyone and anyone in the Yun Clan will be there for you without a word of complaint!"

Seeing this, everyone there bowed down deeply to demonstrate their appreciation for Ling Xian.

"There is no need to thank me. Just like I said, the reason why I offered a helping hand was because of Yun Yan. If you want to thank someone, thank her." Ling Xian gestured for everyone to straighten their back.

However, nobody followed his gesture. They continued their bowing.

The Lead Elder was no exception. After bowing, he slowly walked before Ling Xian and fell to the ground onto his knees with a "thump."

Instantly, the hall fell silent.


Everyone exhaled deeply but did not stop him. They were fully aware as to why the Lead Elder decided to take such a drastic gesture for Ling Xian. If they were the ones who attempted to stop Ling Xian's brewing, they too would be kneeling on the ground right now.

This was all because they were so indebted to his kindness. If the Lead Elder does not take the initiative to apologize, his own clan would not even forgive him.

"Master Ling, I admit my wrongs. Please forgive me for my aggressive ways back then." The Lead Elder’s expression was remorseful, and his voice was shaking.

"To be honest, when you tried to stop me, I really was enraged. I did not understand why someone would treat me so horribly when I was offering my help," Ling Xian spoke softly.

"Yes, it was all my fault. Please have the tolerance in you to forgive me. Or I will never live peacefully," the Lead Elder’s begged and katow’ed three times.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Three thumps. Each thump was heavier than the previous. His forehead instantly swelled, and fresh blood began to appear.

Seeing this, everyone in the room gasped. The Lead Elder of the Clan, someone who was normally arrogant and cocky, has admitted his wrongs and katow’ed for a youth?

What an unbelievable situation!


Ling Xian frowned. Looking at the Lead Elder’s bleeding forehead, he knew right away that the wounds were purely from impact with the ground rather than clashing of the spiritual energy. The anger and frustration he felt began to disperse.

He was not one with a small heart. It was unavoidable to be angry after being stopped by someone who was offering to help. This was why he wanted to teach the Lead Elder a lesson by hitting him with his Qi once.

The person now has learned his lesson and was full of regret and shame. Ling Xian’s anger naturally disappeared. Dusting off his sleeves, he helped the elder stand up, "Since I have hit you once and you have realized your wrongs. Then the unhappiness that happened today ends here."

Hearing this, the heavy ice the Lead Elder felt finally melted. He blinked with tears in his eyes. "Thank you for your willingness to forgive. I am truly thankful. I will punish myself by staying in the ice cave for 10 years, and I won’t come out a day early!"


A series of gasps rung across the room.

The ice cave!

The ice cave was a place where the Yun Clan punished the criminals and the sinners. The cave was unbelievably cold, and regular cultivators could not bear the low temperature. The worst thing was that there was a naturally formed array in the cave that causes any cultivator’s spiritual energy to instantly freeze the moment they enter the cave. The Elder was a mere ninth-leveled cultivator. Even a foundational cultivator cannot escape the array that freezes their spiritual energy!

Above all, the Lead Elder stated he would stay in the ice cave for ten years. There is no difference between this and killing himself!

"Lead Elder, don’t do it."

"Master Ling has a big heart and has already forgiven you. Why would you do this to yourself?"

"Yeah, it is the ice cave we are talking about. With the health condition you are in, even staying in there for a year will kill you!"

Everyone has lost their composure and began to persuade him out of it.

"There is no need to talk me out of it. I have made up my mind."

The Lead Elder flashed a complex smile, "If Master Ling decided not to brew these Dans due to the way I behaved, then I would’ve been a sinner of the Clan. If I don’t punish myself. I cannot live with myself."

When he finished talking, he formed a fist with one hand and cupped it with another. He then turned around and walked out of the hall toward the ice cave.

His silhouette was lonely and tired. It was as if he has aged 20 years in a matter of seconds.

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