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"I have a way."

Simple four words rang across the room and brought everyone into shock.

When they realized those words came from the youth who saved Yun Yan, their eyes flashed with happiness.

The Clan Leader of the Yun Clan was particularly ecstatic, as he was fully aware of the fact that foundational cultivators usually come from families of the rich and that 50,000 spiritual stones never mean much to them. As a foundational cultivator, if the Zi Yang House did not require such a large amount of spiritual stones from them every year, he himself would not be doing so poorly.

Sadly, the Yun Clan has to give away 90% of their annual income, which was why Yun Hai was almost homelessly poor. Even if he sold all of his spiritual weapons, he would not earn 100,000 spiritual stones.

This was why when Ling Xian opened his mouth to offer help, Yun Hai was ecstatic. Watching the youth, he wished for him to lift his sleeve and whip out 50,000 spiritual stones right here and now.

Pity, Ling Xian did not have 50,000 spiritual stones up his sleeve as Yun Hai had hoped.

This was because, at this moment, he only had the spiritual stone card and no actual spiritual stones. If this was in the Qin Dynasty in Yunzhou, he could easily cash out spiritual stones with this card. However, because he was in Shi Ao Island, even if he showed everyone the spiritual stones card, it was worthless.

To give them a Petal of Enlightenment or other spiritual weapons also seemed to be excessive since they only needed 50,000 spiritual stones. Therefore, Ling Xian decided to use his alchemy skills.

"Master Ling, do you really have a way?" Yun Yan’s eyes were full of anticipation. She stared at Ling Xian without blinking.

Faced with the beauty’s high expectation, Ling Xian nodded with a faint smile. "Don’t worry. I am an alchemist myself. I will simply brew Dans."

"You are an alchemist?" Yun Yan’s mouth widened in shock.

The others reacted in the same manner, unable to believe that the young man before them was an honorable alchemist on top of being a powerful foundational cultivator.

What a shocking turn of events!

To have achieved greatness in both the cultivation journey and the alchemy community was difficult. For a youth as young as him to accomplish this was more than rare, much like the existence of a phoenix.

However, in the next moment, everyone other than Yun Yan became disappointed. Though they were pleasantly surprised at Ling Xian’s status as an alchemist, given Ling Xian’s young age, they would not believe that he held a high position in the alchemy community.

Even if he was a Ninth-Realm Alchemist, brewing Dans was very time consuming. Ninth-Realmed Dans are also not that expensive and cannot earn that much money. Therefore, for him to brew enough Dans to make up for the lack of 50,000 spiritual stones before the payment deadline was an impossible feat.

Due to this, Yun Hai and the others became dreadful again.

They could never have imagined that Ling Xian had once brewed 100 spiritual Dans in 10 days! An achievement that was unreasonable and almost impossible. For realms up until the fifth, nobody has been able to achieve this!

"Aye, friend. Thank you for your kindness. However, only three days are left until we must pay our spiritual stones. No matter what, we are simply out of time. We are fated to be destroyed." Yun Hai sighed as his face revealed pain.

Hearing this, Yun Yan realized the scope of the situation. Three days… Even the Eighth and Seventh-Realm Alchemists cannot brew enough Dans to help them at this point.

"Master Ling, there is no hope." Yun Yan smiled wryly. As she imagined her clan being slaughtered, her face turned paper white.

Ling Xian grinned, aware of the fact that the others do not trust him due to his young age. He did not explain but simply waved around his sleeve. A purple cauldron appeared and fell to the ground.

Just then, seven sparkling spiritual herbs flew into midair, each emitting a pleasant aroma.

"Ah… Friend," Yun Hai shook his head, indicating that there was no need for Ling Xian to brew.

"Yeah, it’s unnecessary to put in useless effort."

"We really appreciate your gesture, but do not waste your time."

Everyone in the room expressed their opinion, unable to believe that Ling Xian would have the ability to save them.

"Please be silent. I am about to start the brewing process, and nobody should make a sound. If you disrupt me, you will not be able to handle the consequences," Ling Xian said softly. He provided no explanations but simply stated the harsh reality.

"Hmmph, you have crossed the line. You dare to stand on the Yun Clan’s ground and threaten us? We do not need your alchemy skills. Why do you push yourself? Even if you are an alchemist, you are probably only a Ninth-Realm one," the Lead Elder sneered. He was already annoyed by the situation his clan was in, after hearing Ling Xian’s threats, he poured out all his anger without mercy.

"I am threatening you?"

Ling Xian frowned deeply. Since Yun Yan saved his life, he willingly offered them help. To have his niceness rejected was fine, but for them to speak to him in such a vile manner made him enraged.

Without any other words, a horrifying aura poured out of his body and dashed toward the Lead Elder.

"No good!"

Yun Hai’s expression changed. In a flash, he ran before the Elder. Making a hand seal, he blocked off Ling Xian’s horrifying Qi.

Only when the spiritual energy was close to him did he realize how much he had overestimated himself. The opponent’s spiritual energy has long surpassed his level of training. It was unblockable and undefeatable!

However, since he has already made a move, he must fight until the end. Forming another hand seal, his own spiritual energy washed across the room and transformed into a meter long sword. It pierced through Ling Xian’s Qi.


The waves of energy roared and the sword instantly diminished. Yun Hai couldn’t help but stagger backward. Under Ling Xian’s manipulation, their combined energy turned around and hit the Lead Elder in the chest.


After spitting out a mouthful of blood, the Lead Elder lost all ability to defend. He flew backward from this undefeatable energy.

Instantly, the room was silenced.

"You cannot stop me from teaching someone a lesson just because you are the Clan Leader."

Ordinary words rose again as Ling Xian stood up tall and straight. His black robe flared up and down. Though his face remained chalk white, his grandeur was threatening and overpowering.

"He is so strong!"

The Lead Elder’s face turned white as he attempted to sit up from the ground. The way he glared at Ling Xian was of pure awe.

Others’ gazes as well, were all fixated on Ling Xian, full of horror.


A foundational cultivator who’s capability outcompeted the Clan Leader!

The room fell into chaos. Everyone’s bodies shook uncontrollably in the face of this terrifying youth.

"Master Ling, you!" Yun Yan shouted out.

"What? I’m overbearing and hard to deal with?" The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up.

"No no, that is not what I meant." Yun Yan panicked, she did not want Ling Xian to misunderstand her, but at the same time, she felt surprised at Ling Xian’s sudden attack. After interacting with him for the past few days, she thought of him as friendly and kind with no trace of the regular arrogance that usually comes from a foundational cultivator. Why did he suddenly attack?

"It’s good that you didn’t think of me that way. If you did, then you don’t deserve my help," Ling Xian snickered. He glanced around coldly. "Listen to me well. I am not one who enjoys sticking my nose up other people’s businesses nor do I have a Buddha’s kind heart. The only reason why I am offering my help is that Yun Yan saved my life. If she didn’t, then your clan’s life or death is no concern of mine. Don’t be blind and learn to identify the right from the wrong."

Nobody answered him.

Everyone here was petrified by Ling Xian’s presence. Even Yun Hai, the foundational cultivator, was shaking in fear.

After attempting to block that attack, he now understood that he was not worthy enough to be this youth’s opponent. He cannot even handle one hit from him!

"I’m not sure what you were thinking. Even if you don’t trust me, you should have waited until I finished brewing," Ling Xian’s gaze remained cold, and he no longer had any intention of talking to these people.

Lifting a finger, the Flame of Purity roared out of his fingertip and entered the purple cauldron.

"I am not an unreasonable man. If the Dans I produce cannot dissolve your issue, then I will apologize to you all for what just happened. However, if I manage to solve all your problems, then Leader Yun, you better teach your clan members how to respect others."

Ling Xian then calmed his anger and began to brew.

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