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The night was heartbreakingly beautiful as the moon hung high and draped down soft light.

The entire area was silent.

Six corpses were lying on the ground with a hollow hole in each of their chests, confirming the fact that they have died.

The sarcastic smiles of theirs remained on their faces. Sadly, however, they would never get the chance to taunt Ling Xian again. Even if their lives were revived, they would no longer have the guts to laugh at this horrifying youth.


A series of gulping noises broke the dead silence.

Gazes after gazes shifted onto Ling Xian.

Shock was all there was.

Six people!

Six flicks!

No doubt, these flicks of his finger were ferocious, intense, and unimaginable.

These people’s expressions were frozen as their hearts shattered with fear. What dragged them into a deeper wave of shock that rocked their hearts, was the fact that after killing those six cultivators, Ling Xian coughed out more blood.

Dear God!

If he was this strong in his current weakened state, how capable would he be once he completely recovers?

Everyone here didn’t dare to imagine and didn’t know how to imagine. In their world, these dead cultivators were already considered to be skillful, and now, right before their eyes, they were slaughtered by a youth’s fingers. For this youth to have achieved that with such grave injuries, how capable did he have to be!

Just then, Ling Xian’s face turned even chalkier, and his body shook slightly. Despite this, the feeling he gave everyone was not that he was fragile, was not that he was pathetic, and definitely not that he was a handicap.

It was fearsome, psychotic, and powerful!

"Ehem, ehem…"

Ling Xian coughed twice and puked out more blood.

This scenery did not at all lessen his image of a powerhouse in these people’s minds. On the contrary, these people’s respect for him grew. Their speechlessness also displayed the hint of skepticism in their minds as to whether or not Ling Xian was faking this.

Go to hell!

You son of a b*tch was weak to this extreme and still killed six cultivators with the flick of a finger. Then how psychotic are you when you aren’t wounded?

The strange stares they gave Ling Xian was ridden more with fear than astonishment, there was also a huge amount of respect.

A respect all powerful figures deserved.

Reality was that Ling Xian’s wounds were very serious. Majority of his bones were crushed, and much of his meridians were broken. However, since his dantian was not hurt, his Qi remained with him. Thus, killing those cultivators was not any more difficult than killing ants. It didn’t take much of his energy.

"Ehem, ehem… Stop looking at me in that. I am not used to it." The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He wanted to show them a smile, but instead, his wounds were stretched out again, and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

This made these people here even more speechless. They wondered if Ling Xian had a special ability where the more blood he lost, the stronger he gets.

"Miss Yun Yan, stop staring at me. I am an injured person, can you help me back to the cave so I can rest?" Ling Xian bitterly smiled. He thought, [was there a need to act so surprised if all I did was kill a few ants?]

The reason for his lack of understanding was that he was now a foundational cultivator who was high above others. This has transformed his mentality so drastically that he could no longer understand the thought processes of cultivators in the lower levels.

To Yun Yan and company, these six corpses were all very capable before their death and could’ve easily killed her. To have been so easily killed by Ling Xian naturally brought them into a state of shock.


Yun Yan screamed as she dragged herself back to reality. She hurriedly ran to Ling Xian and carefully held onto his shoulder and supported him back to the cave.

Seeing this, the others returned to the cave as well.

Luckily, the two guards of the Yun Clan were not killed, just badly wounded.

"Quickly, lie down and rest."

Inside the cave, Yun Yan’s cheeks were flushed red. Other than respect, she was now extremely embarrassed. Remembering how much she underestimated Ling Xian before and how she categorized him as a handicap, her face turned even redder, just like a ripe apple.

The others felt the same. They were full of shame. They didn’t think that this almost disabled youth before them was a hidden genius.

"These wounds aren’t that big of a deal." Ling Xian focused his mental energy, and six Dan of Life and Growth flew out of his storage pouch and paused before each and everyone’s face.

"It seems like every one of you is hurt. Here, consume one."

"This is…"

Yun Yan’s lips parted as she felt the energy vibrations from the Eighth-Realm Dan. After noticing the seven carvings on the Dan that indicated its seventh rank, she again fell into awe.

A seventh ranked Dan of the Eighth-Realm!

Others had similar expressions on their faces as they gazed at the Dan before them, dumbfounded. They wanted to snatch it but at the same time, felt like they were too invaluable to accept it.

Seeing this, Ling Xian shook his head. "Take it. They aren’t anything special."

Then, ignoring the others, he waved his arm and the Dan of Life and Growth entered his own body, nourishing and restoring all areas of his wounds.

"Miss… I…"

Uncle Zhong hesitated, uncertain if he should take it or not. Thus, he stared at Yun Yan and waited for her order.

"Take it. We already owe him our lives now, what more is a medicinal Dan? Though this Dan is valuable to us, it might be worthless to him." Yun Yan sighed, getting the feeling that Ling Xian was incalculable.

At first, she thought of Ling Xian as a fallen cultivator. After checking out his wounds, she thought he was a handicap who could not cultivate. But now, she suddenly realized that he was a well-trained son of a highly prominent clan.

"Thank you, Miss."

Uncle Zhong was ecstatic, so were the two gravely wounded guards. They snatched onto the Dan of Life and Growth and swallowed it greedily, allowing the medicine to aid their wounds.

"You shouldn’t thank me. You should thank this young man."

Yun Yan shook her head with a wry grin. Seeing Ling Xian’s eyes were tightly shut, she couldn’t help but to exclaim. It was unclear what she was feeling.

Then, she sat cross legged and shut her own eyes. Putting the Dan of Life and Growth into her own mouth, she began to use the support of the Dan and let her body heal.

After a while, everyone opened their eyes at the same time. Charged with energy, the injuries on their bodies had been mended. Even those two guards, who were more hurt than the others, were reenergized and restored to their original state.

"Wow… Such strong medicinal effects. After merely fifteen minutes, my wounds are cured. Seventh ranked Dan from the Eighth-Realm sure is miraculous." One of the guards was still astonished.

"I wonder who this young man really is. A spiritual Dan with such abilities was given out by him so easily." The other guard sighed. The way he stared at Ling Xian was full of respect and envy.

"No matter where he came from, he definitely has a strong background. Judging by his looks, he is around the same age as Miss Yun Meng. Yet his training has long exceeded hers and created the same distance as the sky is above the earth. He must have been planted and raised by a powerful force," Uncle Zhong chimed in.

"Uncle Zhong, so I am this worthless in your eyes." Yun Meng pouted, though there was not a trace of unpleasantness in her eyes. She was fully aware that she could not compare herself to Ling Xian.

"I have been blunt, it is my fault," Uncle Zhong suppressed a smile as adorableness flashed across his masculine face. He has watched the two sisters grow up, and in his heart, he has thought of himself as their blood-related uncle.

Today, to be able to continue talking to the sisters was an enjoyment.

Everything was made possible today all thanks to Ling Xian.


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