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The night was as cold as water and the moon was bright. The stars tonight, however, were scarce.

A breeze wafted by, rustling the leaves in the forest.

Inside the dark cave, the bonfire no longer burned. Yun Yan sat in the cave with her eyes closed, leaning against the hard rock wall.

Just then, footsteps suddenly stomped by. It wasn’t hasty nor was it slow, but in the middle of the night, the sound they made was clear and crisp.

"Someone is here!"

Uncle Zhong had the highest level of training, thus he was the first one to notice the noise. His eyes abruptly opened wide. Then, like a cheetah, he jumped up and crouched on the ground, glancing around alarmingly.

Yun Yan had the second highest level of training so she was the second to wake up. Walking behind the masculine uncle, she whispered, "Uncle Zhong…"

"Shh, don’t talk."

Uncle Zhong interrupted. His expression was rigid and his forehead was perspiring as he felt a gush of familiar spiritual energy inching closer to him. As he realized this, a wave of coldness washed over him.

"Uncle Zhong, are our pursuers here?"

Sensing the nervousness the muscle man exuded, Yun Yan facial expression changed as well.

"I believe so. I didn’t think they would be here so fast." Uncle Zhong bitterly smiled.

"The Incense of the Lost Soul has burnt up. With nowhere to hide or run, we must fight with all our might." Yun Yan exhaled a long sigh.

She woke the other three and then walked out of the cave slowly. Since the pursuer caught up to them, there was no more point in hiding.

Yun Yan and company all had an unbending look on their faces. Watching the six pursuers marching closer and closer, they carefully strategized their defense methods.

The pursuers have arrived.

The leader of the opponents was a young man wearing an expensive gown with oily hair and a pink face.

He flirtatiously stared at Yun Yan and Yun Meng as lust flashed across his eyes.

Behind him were five sturdy looking young men. Their steps were heavy, breaths were hasty, and all five of them had level eight Qi. With this amount of training, they were considered to be skillful on this Island.

"Hehe, two beauties of the Yun Clan, if you want to live, grant me my wish and obediently follow me," the young man snickered. He scanned the two girls’ alluring figures and his dirty desires grew.

Objectively speaking, Yun Yan and Yun Meng each had their own characteristics and individualities. It was difficult to clearly distinguish which one of them was the prettier one, as both were amongst the top beauties on this Island. Whether it was their faces or their figures, everything about them was perfect, and there were no obvious flaws one could point out about their appearance. On top of that, these two girls were sisters. With this kind of relationship, if they were thrown in the same bed at the same time, it would undoubtedly trigger certain desires in men.

This was why when this young man saw these two beauties, his mouth watered and drool was about to drip down.

"Follow you? You’re dreaming." Yun Yan’s face grew pale. A meter-long sword quickly emerged in mid-air, emitting a cold killer instinct.

"Hmmph, you, Chen Feng! If you dare touch a hair of mine, the Yun Clan will never forgive you!" Yun Meng’s little face was bright red as her chest heaved up and down. It was obvious how infuriated she was.

"Hehe, you still think that the Yun Clan is as glorious as it use to be? Don’t joke with me! These days, the Chen Clan can easily destroy the Yun Clan!" Chen Feng sneered; he rubbed his palms together as he walked towards the two girls with a nauseating smile.


Yun Meng wanted to argue but she was at loss for words. She knew that Chen Feng’s statement was very much the truth. The Yun Clan had lost its past glory. If they didn’t, someone from the Chen Clan would not dare to provoke the direct descendants of the Yun Clan.

"Little sister, don’t waste any more time with him. Having a bloody battle is the only way to resolve what happened today. Anything you say is a waste of time." Yun Yan raised an eyebrow and shifted her gaze to the young man before her. She snickered, "Chen Feng, you want my sister to bow down to you? You don’t deserve that."

"To be desired by me is a fortune that you accumulated by doing good deeds in your past eight lives. Since you cannot distinguish the good from the bad, I will not go easy on you. Chen Liu, take them!" Chen Feng was enraged, he no longer had the patience to waste any more time on these two sisters. Therefore, he planned to capture them alive and fulfill his own desires in a violent manner.

"Who dares to touch the Misses!?" Uncle Zhong growled. Qi from the eighth level seeped through his body and engulfed the entire place.

However, out of all their opponents, everyone but Chen Feng was an eighth leveled cultivator. Uncle Zhong’s capacity did not pose a threat to anyone.

"Kill them!" Chen Feng laughed coldly. Immediately, the five guards behind him sprung at Uncle Zhong and company.

The temperature was decreasing at a rapid speed. Under the white moonlight, it felt even colder.

The rays of light emitted by the swords were howling and spiritual energy was bursting out of everyone. Yun Yan and the others pushed themselves to their limits yet they still could not defend against their opponents. After all, the gap between their cultivation levels were too great.

The two guards of the Yun Clan were the first to be defeated. After receiving a single punch from the opponents, both of them were rolling on the ground in excruciating pain.

"God dammit! Could I be dying here today!"

Yun Yan gritted her teeth as she struggled to support herself under the opponent’s vicious attacks. It was apparent that she had the lower hand in this battle. Like a tiny canoe in a windy storm, she could sink any second.

Yun Meng was even more distressed. Her beautiful eyes were full of grief and it seemed like she had given up. No longer resisting, she allowed the opponent to hit her square on the chest.


As she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, Yun Meng’s slender body plunged backwards. Luckily, her opponent, under Chen Feng orders, did not make this attack a fatal one.

"Little sister!" Yun Yan screamed. This split second of distraction caused Yun Yan to be sent flying by her opponent as well. Her face turned as white as a piece of paper as she stabilized herself in midair.

"Miss!" Uncle Zhong shouted. Another heavy gush of Qi washed over the area, forcing the opponents to step back. He then rushed before Yun Yan, his normally macho face was drowning in helplessness.

"Uncle Zhong, run away! We are no match for them." Yun Yan grinned with a trace of despair.

"No, Miss! As the guard of the Yun Clan, how can I ditch the daughter of my Master to save myself?" Uncle Zhong’s tone was a mixture of both anger and sadness, but at the same time, he understood that there was nothing he could do. There was no way that he could block all five of these eight-leveled cultivators if he fights this fight alone.

"Elder sister, let’s end our own lives. Rather than be tainted by this bastard, I prefer to die! At least I can keep my innocence that way." Yun Meng smiled sorrowfully.

"Little sister, do not worry. I will die with you," Yun Yan croaked out. Her expression was determined.

"Misses, you can’t! If you die here, what will I tell the Master." Uncle Zhong had lost his composure.

Chen Feng’s expression also altered a little. He did not expect these two women would rather kill themselves than have him strip away their innocence.

"Stop her!"

His loud order sent the five young men to Yun Yan and forcefully, they captured her.

"Hmmph! Chen Feng, give it up. I would rather die than have you touch me!" Yun Yan’s face was frigidly cold. Though her heart was full of fear for death, she much rather end her own life than fulfill the desire of this sick bastard.

Yun Meng felt just the same. She walked over to Yun Yan, grabbed her hand and in a quivering voice, she whispered, "Elder sister, I will go on my way first. We will be sisters again in our next life."

"Little sister, don’t worry. I will keep you company. I don’t want you to be lonely in the afterlife." Yun Yan rubbed Yun Meng little head before she pressed her sword against her own neck.

"God dammit!"

Chen Feng angrily swore. He had been lusting after these two sisters for a very long time. Now that he had the opportunity to have them both, he didn’t want to give it up.

However, other than frustration, there was nothing he could do.

"Little sister, go on your way."

Yun Yan slowly closed her eyes. Biting her tongue, she dug deeper into her own neck with her sword.

Looking at the life fade out of the beauty’s eyes, a fragile voice arose from the dark cave.


This plain word startled everyone. Subconsciously, they all looked over to the entrance of the cave.

A youth dressed in black slowly walked out. His face was pale, his breathing was weak, and every step he took seemed to have exhausted all his energy.

"Why did you come out? Go back in there!" Yun Yan’s face changed into a furious one. She didn’t think for a second that this greatly wounded youth would for some reason, voluntarily come out. She also did not believe that Ling Xian had the capability to resolve this situation. Coming out of the cave right now was just suicide.

The others also smiled bitterly. Even though some admired his courage, none of them believed he had anything up his sleeves. How useful could someone be if they had no cultivation abilities and was greatly wounded?

Chen Feng froze. At first, he thought someone proficient came out of nowhere to bust him, but when he saw how this person appeared, extremely fragile and was drowning in his own blood, he bellowed, "Ha ha ha, I am going to die from laughing! This is so much fun! Look at the state you are in! You really think you can be a hero that saves a beauty!? I’ve met stupid people but I have never met someone this stupid."

His guards also held onto their bellies as they guffawed. Their laughter was ear piercing and was heavily laced with sarcasm and taunts.

That was true, anyone would have laughed tauntingly.

The current state of Ling Xian really was pitiful. His face was pale white, his entire body was covered in blood and he looked like he would collapse and die any second. On top of that, every step he took drained all of his strength. As he struggled to march forward, he was spitting out blood.

To reveal himself while his body was in this wrecked state, anyone would have laughed at him for not recognizing his own abilities and for his stupidity.

Even Yun Yan and company could no longer watch. Though they appreciated that Ling Xian stepped out during this crucial moment, they couldn’t figure out what use a handicapped person would be at this moment. Not only was he going to die, but he was also going to make the others even more frantic and worried.

"You moron!"

Yun Yan gritted her teeth, she stared at Chen Feng and shouted, "Chen Feng, he has nothing to do with what happened today, let him go."

"You’re dreaming!" A grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Young man, blame your own stupidity for what will happen next. Why don’t you take a piss and look at your own reflection? You think you can be a hero looking like this?"

Ling Xian chuckled but ignored him. He walked beside Yun Yan with difficulty and tenderly said, "Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to me."

"You idiot, why didn’t you pretend to be dead inside the cave? Now you’re just giving up your life for free." Yun Yan did not take anything Ling Xian was saying seriously.

Ling Xian faintly smiled but provided no explanation.

"Son of a b*tch! You dare to ignore what I said? Kill him!" Chen Feng yelled.

Instantly, the five guards walked toward Ling Xian, still smirking with the same sarcastic smile.

"I admit that I am looking rather pathetic, but I have more than enough strength to deal with you."

Ling Xian frowned. He didn’t hide from them nor did he go up to them. He simply flicked his finger right where he stood.

A ray of light sliced across the sky.

A bloody and hollow hole appeared in one of the opponent’s chest. He then collapsed with a "doom!".


Hairs stood up on the others out of shock and fear.

In the next few moments, Ling Xian continued to flick his fingers. Five more surges of spiritual energy roared out of him. Including Chen Feng, the five remaining opponents fell to the ground. None of them even had the time to whimper.

These people’s eyes were filled with horror but that taunting smile of theirs remained frozen on their faces.

Six people.

Six flicks.

The entire area was silenced.

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