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"Deputy Xiao Yao, we shall put a pause on today’s battle. The next time we meet, I, Ling Xian, will certainly take away your dog life!"

A soft laughter echoed throughout the area, dragging everyone into a state of shock. Facing a completion level powerhouse, he dared to make such an arrogant declaration, how bold!


Deputy Xiao Yao’s anger was flaring. Watching Ling Xian, who was standing in the pillar of light and waving him goodbye, his Qi began to gush out, making everyone and everything shake in fear.

"Deputy Xiao Yao, there is no need to send me off. Once I reach the completion level, I will find you, and we can talk about the old days."

Ling Xian softly smiled, planning to leave this place with the spatial portal. He couldn’t count on his current capabilities to kill Deputy Xiao Yao here – he has already established that to be impossible. Even for young immortals, it would be difficult for them to defend against an attack from a completion level cultivator. To be at a lower stage of training, it was just not plausible for Ling Xian to win against someone at a higher level.

What happened today was already too heaven defying!

"I will not let you leave in peace, give me your life!" Deputy Xiao Yao screamed, spitting out spiritual blood in order to forcefully summon a powerful weapon!

The outline of the peak of a mountain began to emerge in midair, discharging heavenly lights that smashed down onto the portal!

The divinity of it all was unstoppable!

"Ignoring your injuries and forcefully calling out to a fourth ranked weapon. Phew.. Seems like you are giving it your all."

Watching the giant mountain peak that was coming towards him, Ling Xian’s heart fell. Originally, he thought that his own capabilities could stop Deputy Xiao Yao, which was why he decided to step into the transporter. However, he did not think that Deputy Xiao Yao would overlook his injuries and summon a fourth ranked weapon!

The spiritual energy of the completion level plus the divinity of a fourth ranked treasure weaved into a dangerous web that entangled Ling Xian!

"Divine Page of Genesis, come out!"

Ling Xian shouted, and a golden book page appeared in midair and left a golden light trailing behind. It engulfed his entire body, and an immobile feeling was diffused out of it.

The Divine Book of Genesis was a high-level treasure that was so special it could not be categorized into a rank within the current ranking system. Though this treasure was only 1/3000th complete, the powerfulness of this page was inestimable!


The mountain peak finally smashed into the spatial transporter. Ling Xian’s face paled, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

In the next moment, the pillar of light darkened. However, before the portal fully crumbled, Ling Xian disappeared into the portal with no indication of where he went.

"Dammit!" Deputy Xiao Yao cursed. Looking at the space where Ling Xian stood before his disappearance, he stomped with rage and was so exasperated he began to hop.

However, Ling Xian has disappeared, and he has no way to continue his attacks. All he could do was pray that the mountain peak technique caused space turbulence and shredded this youth, who humiliated him, into pieces.

Ling Xian, alive or dead, was all up to the Gods now.

"Hmmph, I don’t believe the Gods will act in your favor. The spatial portal has been destroyed by me, it for sure has caused some turbulences in your travel. Even if you weren’t a foundational cultivator but an original one, you will for certain be dead by now."

Deputy Xiao Yao snickered. Glancing at the crumbled spatial transport one last time, he turned around and left.


Three days later, a never seen before storm incited the entirety Yunzhou.

Whether it was the young cultivators at the bottom of the community or the high up supreme headmasters, everyone heard about the shocking news and immediately fell into silence.

To have used foundational strength to defend against completion might, how could nobody be shocked with such heaven defying behavior?

Since the beginning of time, this has never happened. Ling Xian has broken the iron law of the Taoism community!

His name has been eternally and deeply carved into history and will be forever remembered.

Without a doubt, the name Ling Xian has once again caused an uproar in Yunzhou.

As low as the civilians and as high as the supreme headmaster, not a single person was not shocked by this.

The younger generation, such as Mo Qing Fu, Zhan Tian Xian, and other Heaven’s Favorites were especially astounded by the news. Other than feeling defeated, they also felt powerless.

Powerless because they cannot overcome the mountain built by a Heaven’s Favorite from the same generation.

Jealousy, envy, fear, awe was felt by anyone who had come in contact with Ling Xian.

As his friend on the cultivation journey, they felt happy and proud of him for breaking the iron law.

As an opponent on the cultivation journey, they felt loath and jealousy as to why Ling Xian was the one with the capability to break the iron law of the Taoism community!

Inside the Wan Jian House, when the supreme headmaster heard this news, he too, fell into shock that quickly turned into endless ecstasy.

He has already thought of Ling Xian as a member of his house. For the benefit of the Wan Jian House, the stronger Ling Xian was, the better. Such heaven defying capabilities have proven Ling Xian’s potential. It was certainly unprecedented!

In the long history of the Taoism, there had been far too many graceful Heaven’s Favorites, yet nobody has broken this rule. Ling Xian breaking this iron law only proved one thing.

Ling Xian’s natural talent was rarer and more powerful than all those ever existed!

Though this does not mean Ling Xian would eventually overpass those powerhouses, but at least, in the foundational stage, he has truly reached a level of undefeatable!

If he was able to stop an attack from someone in the completion level, which cultivator from the foundational level was worthy enough to be his opponent?

Though one cannot say with certainty about the other continents, in Yunzhou, he definitely has no opponent!

Currently, Dao Wu Ji was standing inside the grand hall and peeked down at the 11 Peak Leaders. With a smile, he stated, "Alright, this youth sure is tyrannical. He deserves the title of being the top of his generation!"

"Supreme Headmaster, you are right. If he can achieve such a heaven-defying accomplishment, his potential is without a doubt, endless. Once he grows, he will for sure become someone influential and can guarantee the success of our House for the next 3,000 years." The Wen Jian Peak Leader softly brandished around a little fan as his handsome face blossomed into a grin.

"However, Ling Xian is nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that Deputy Xiao Yao smashed the spatial portal and nobody knows for certain if it caused turbulence or not. If it did, I’m afraid…"

Hidden Sword Peak leader began to talk but quickly stopped. Though everyone knew what he was about to say.

"No harm, I believe in him. Since he was able to escape the killing of a completion level cultivator once, he can escape it a second time." Dao Wu Ji softly beamed, full of confidence.

Though the two of them never met face to face, he has been monitoring all the news related to Ling Xian. He believed that Ling Xian would successfully get himself out of danger, and bring himself to the Wan Jian House and rule the world!

"Regarding Deputy Xiao Yao, should we do something about him?" Wen Jian Peak Leader whispered.

"Tell Deputy Xiao Yao, I have declared that if Ling Xian is safe, I leave his life to Ling Xian. If in the next ten years, there is still no news about Ling Xian, then I, Dao Wu Ji, will personally take away his life!" Dao Wu Ji formed a fist as coldness swirled in his eyes.

"I will relay that message."

Wen Jian Peak Leader smiled, his eyes too were full of killer instinct. It was clear that Deputy Xiao Yao attacking Ling Xian has angered the entire Wan Jian House.

To the Wan Jian House, Ling Xian has become an imperative part of them. One could claim that his life weighed more than the 12 peak leaders!

After all, Ling Xian’s talent was too overwhelming. After achieving the unprecedented, his potential was widely known in Yunzhou. If no accidents occur, he would for sure become the strongest of his generation. He could guarantee that the Wan Jian House would remain glorious for thousands of years to come.

Before he grew up to be all that, the Wan Jian House must do everything in their power to protect him.

Anyone that dared to touch Ling Xian was an opponent that the Wan Jian swears to execute!

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