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The Sword of Extinction, the Winged Blitz, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior, and the Armor of the Royal Spirit – all four divines weapons simultaneously attacked. The monstrous and influential energy was enough to sweep away the universe and destroy all that was beyond!

The immeasurable amount of heavenly light shot through the clouds as the horrifying Qi roamed the street. This entire area was flooded with blinding lights and nothing could be seen anymore.

After moments of silence, the smoke and the dust slowly dispelled and the silhouette of a youth in black began to appear. His flawless complexion and threatening temperament was the equal of a true Immortal.

The only sign of damage was the stream of blood that dripped down his chin. The rest of him stood tall and his back was as straight as Mount Tianshan, not curved by a single degree!

The silhouette was noticeably slim in figure, yet the feeling it gave everyone was stalwart. Like the backbone of an ancient God, it held up the sky and elongated the rivers. The way he stood was as if he could endure thousands of years of hardships and millions of years of pain and even then, his spine refuses to bend down.

He blocked it!

The full blast of an attack from a completion level cultivator was blocked by Ling Xian!


The entire place seethed with clamorous chatter that roared and growled.

"Unbelievable, this is unbelievable! How strong must he be to have defended himself against the attack of a completion level cultivator?"

"This is too heaven defying! To have used foundational strength to defend the might of the completion has been historically rare!"

"Rare my ass! It’s never happened before, period! If it did, there would be records of it in the history books. But based on what I know, even the most complete collection of books never recorded such events happening!"

"That’s right. Even those glorious foundational Heaven’s Favorites cannot fully stop an attack made by a completion level cultivator. This kind of unimaginable strength has no precedent. He really is the first one to achieve this!"

Everyone’s gaze concentrated on the silhouette who remained tall and proud. They debated over him as their faces flashed with complex emotions. There was admiration, jealousy, and shock.

There was nothing that could be done. What Ling Xian did was just simply too heaven defying. Even if those in the original level were here, they would be in awe, let alone these regular cultivators.

The completion level was not just a title. It represented a form of powerfulness, a type of repression. When facing any foundational cultivator, they destroyed them with merely a finger!

It wasn’t difficult for someone in the meditational stage to kill someone in the foundational. Most Heaven’s Favorite can accomplish it. However, it was impossible for a foundational cultivator to kill someone in the completion stage. Even if one is able to block an attack from a completion level cultivator, they cannot kill them!

This was an iron law in the Taoism community!

But now, before everyone’s eyes, Ling Xian has used foundational strength to defend against the completion might. Though blood could be seen dripping down the corner of his mouth, he was only minorly hurt and did not stagger at all!

What a heaven defying situation! How unimaginable!

This was unprecedented!

These few words marked the fact that from this moment on, to defend someone in the completion stage as a foundational trainer was no longer impossible!

Ling Xian’s name was about to once again cause an uproar in Yunzhou!

This time won’t be like the last two times. This time, he will enter the sight of the powerful forces in Yunzhou because of his own capabilities.

No retreat, no exaggeration, he fully faced a completion level cultivator! How dominating!

Once this news spreads around Yunzhou, he will most definitely be crowned with the title of Yunzhou’s most capable youth. He will become the mountain that stands before every Heaven’s Favorite, something that others could only look up to, but never surpass!

Listening to the rowdy discussions all around him, Ling Xian wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and smirked. A smirk so ambiguous that nobody was sure if it was a cold smirk or a taunting one.

"A completion level powerhouse is just so so."

Instantly, Deputy Xiao Yao’s face darkened. "Ok, I didn’t think that I would become a stepping stone for you becoming the first one to achieve this!"

"I guess I should be thanking you."

Ling Xian lightly chuckled, his heart fully content. Ever since he was young, he knew the fact that a foundational could never contend with a completion. Now that he was the one who broke this rule, anyone would be happy if they were him.

This was a huge honor!

Just now, the spatial portal has successfully carried Lin Qing Yi away, this made Ling Xian smile even more. However, he was not completely satisfied with this result. He very much wanted to kill Deputy Xiao Yao right here and now to really set an unbreakable record.

If this thought of his was made known, everyone would curse him for not being appreciative. To have stopped an attack from Deputy Xiao Yao already set a record and his name was already written down in the history of Qing. Yet he was not satisfied? He would only be content with himself once he kills Deputy Xiao Yao?

Ling Xian stared at Deputy Xiao Yao, who was still hanging in mid-air. He compared his own capabilities with this man’s, and realized that though he was able to defend himself against him, to kill this man could only be a dream. If they continued their rebuttals, he would be the one who loses.

After all, completion level powerhouses were scary, and they have higher endurance than those in the foundational level. Even if the two parties tied in terms of strength, if the fight ended up being lengthy, Ling Xian would still lose, as he has zero chance of outlasting the opponent.

[I can’t believe it’s impossible for me. But I still have room for improvement, I will kill him next time.] Ling Xian softly sighed. There was no regret in his voice, only pure proudness.

When this sound entered Deputy Xiao Yao’s ears, it became flaunting. It made his anger and his desire to kill this youth boil.

It wasn’t hard to predict that after today, Ling Xian would become prominent all over the world. When that happens, Deputy Xiao Yao’s own name would be mentioned when today’s story was retold.

Ay, you know about the time when a foundational cultivator fought against a completion level cultivator? Yes, it’s that Deputy Xiao Yao from the Zhou Dynasty, he was so useless he let Ling Xian win. He lost all of our completion level cultivators’ faces.

How would I not know? God, he calls himself noble, but he is just a pile of sh*t. How weak is he? I am ashamed to be at the same stage as he is.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how these conversations would play out in all corners of Yunzhou. He would soon become the topic everyone gossiped about at their dinner tables.

What a pitiful situation.

Deputy Xiao Yao, high up in the completion stage and granted the title Deputy by the emperor would become the laughing stock of the country. He helped Ling Xian achieve his aim, lost his own face and in the process of it all, and put the entire completion level cultivators at shame. How could he not be angry?

"Don’t be cocky too early. So what you blocked an attack of mine? You still need to die!"

Deputy Xiao Yao’s expression was gloomy. Every second he thought about the fact that he was the stepping stone to Ling Xian breaking the iron law of the community, anger went up to his head and his desire to chop this man into pieces burned.

"Really? You’re welcomed to try."

Ling Xian did not display any sign of weakness. He pointed at Deputy Xiao Yao with his halberd and his killer instinct dissipated.

"I want you to die!"

Deputy Xiao Yao was enraged. The giant palm from before was once again summoned and pressed down on Ling Xian’s head like a meteorite!

"If I can block your first attack, then I can block your second one." Ling Xian grinned. His Armor of Royal Spirit emitted an infinite amount of light and his Halberd of the Divine Warrior caused a tornado to blow in all directions!


Another heaven splitting rumble made Ling Xian frown. Repressing the hot blood he felt in his chest, he realized he had no way of winning this fight. If this continued, he would for sure die first.

Therefore, he decided to leave.


Ling Xian’s halberd shook and his wings fluttered, diminishing this giant palm. In a flash, he entered the spatial portal, leaving behind an arrogant sentence that resonated between Heaven and Earth.

"Deputy Xiao Yao, we shall put a pause on today’s battle. The next time we meet, I, Ling Xian, will certainly take away your dog life!"

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