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The collusion of 21 foundational cultivators would normally be overpowering and capable enough to exterminate an entire city. Even a small Clan or House could easily be annihilated by these people. Now that they were fighting as a formation and with the help of an array, their abilities were even more unimaginably powerful.

However, it wasn’t enough to contain Ling Xian.

The youth’s ink black hair was dancing in the wind, and his stance was looking invincible as he fought the pack of guards alone. Like a truly divine figure who has just descended from the Heavens into the mortal world, his bravery and vigor were peerless.

The sword was in his left hand, and the halberd was in his right. He sliced right and slashed left, riding into the opponents’ formation alone. Before him was utter chaos like when all men and horses were thrown off their feet during a war. Whether it was the subordinates of the Deputy of Chang An or the warriors of Deputy of Xiao Yao, nobody was good enough to fight Ling Xian one on one. If it wasn’t for the battle array, these people would’ve been defeated a long time ago.

This was Ling Xian’s current capability!

The moment he unleashed all his power and fought to the full extent of his potential, nobody was his equal. Even those who were a level higher than him, those at the peak of the foundational stage, could be killed by him within seconds. Only foundational Heaven’s Favorites could contest him and act as a worthy counterpart at this point in his training.

"Commander of the City of Yun Xiao, accept your death!"

After killing the man in purple, Ling Xian loudly declared. He knocked back nearly everyone in the formation as he sprinted towards the commander.

In the image of the God of War, he fully demonstrated his unrivaled and superior capability!

At this very moment, the wind and cloud barraged, and the Sun lost its light.

"What a powerful youth!"

Everyone else’s expressions changed drastically. They wanted to help, but it was too late.

"Break him!"

The commander’s pupils restricted, though it was not out of panic. As the center of the battle array, he was in charge of all spiritual energy and could easily use other’s Qi as his own. He formed a hand seal and instantly, his robe began to quiver. Rays of vigorous energy poured out of him and swept the street like a gush of deterrent wind!

At this moment, he shared the same body as the other 19 foundational cultivators. Though his regular capability was one of a foundational cultivator at his peak, this hit was the same as if all 20 cultivators attacked at the same time! 20 people’s worth of Qi was monstrously overwhelming!

If this were anyone else, death would have been the only answer when faced with a team of 20 foundational cultivators. However, Ling Xian remained completely fearless. The heavenly light from his weapons was still shooting through the sky as he continued to let his halberd perform to its full potential. He slammed it down, imbued with spirits that could conquer mountains and rivers!


After a sky piercing rumble, a horrifying Qi twirled up to the sky and clashed with the Halberd of the Divine Warrior!

In the next moment, blood was spattered.

It was the commander’s.


The commander’s face was pale white, and his body plunged out like a kite with a string that has been cut.

Ling Xian, on the other hand, did not step backward at all. Unwounded, he locked in the commander and pointed at him with his halberd as he marched toward him step by step.

This result shocked everyone!

"Impossible! A battle formation supported by 20 people… how can he still be unhurt?"

"Look at him! He is as energetic as ever and not at all like he is struggling."

"Goddammit, this monster is way too strong. He is almost at the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!"

The guards’ teeth were almost chattering from the scene before them. Staring at the godly and extraordinary youth, a surge of coldness rushed to their brains, freezing them with fear.

Under a normal circumstance, there was no way Ling Xian could’ve blocked this attack. After all, it was the combined spiritual energy of 20 foundational cultivators. Though their strengths do not multiply when combined into one, it was still far beyond the strength of a normal attack from a foundational cultivator. If all of these attacks landed on him at the same time, he would’ve exploded into dust.

The reason why he was unwounded was because he was equipped with the Armor of the Royal Spirit.

This was the fourth quality of the Eyes of Execution, and it was known to be able to defend against 3,000 demons due to its heaven-defying defensive properties. Even the legendary main defense of the continent did not have a treasured armor like the Armor of the Royal Spirit!

With Ling Xian’s current training, unless he was faced with a same-level cultivator with supernatural talent, the opponent cannot overcome his defense.

Though these 20 people’s attack was powerful, it was counted as one attack, not a series of exponentially stronger attacks. If the Armor of the Royal Spirit wasn't protecting him, Ling Xian probably would’ve gotten hurt. But after activating the armor, this attack was not even concerning.

Ever since awakening this quality, he has yet to truly show it off. Today, he finally got a chance to use this quality and shock the audience with its abilities!

"… I have lost. Though the battle formation is normally undefeatable, this youth here is simply stronger. He is more than half way to the undefeatable realm of the foundational level," the commander croaked out. Watching the shadow walking towards him, his heart was full of desperation.

"Do you have any regrets?"

Ling Xian walked beside him. His long halberd pointed at the commander’s chest.

"None. As the commander of the City of Yun Xiao, I am paid by the city, and I am loyal to the city. Why would I have regrets?" The commander’s face was pale white, yet his expression displayed his iron-hard resolve.

"We are in different positions with different views. We cannot convince each other of who’s right." Ling Xian sighed. He pushed forward his long halberd and pierced through the commander’s heart.

Instantaneously, the other 19 foundational cultivators’ spat out blood as they stared at Ling Xian in astonishment.

The center of the battle array has been killed, and the formation was destroyed as a result. The cultivators who were connected to the commander were naturally wounded as well.

"Since he has passed on, there is no more need for you to live."

As soon as these words left his mouth, Ling Xian’s silhouette disappeared. When he was seen again, he was already beside a cultivator and had softly made a cut with his sword. This person’s eyes widened as he collapsed, clutching onto his throat.

"F*ck! Everyone attack! If we fail our mission, we die anyway so we might as well go all out. I don’t believe that he can really kill all of us!"

"Yeah! Don’t be scared everyone. I don’t believe that he is not at all hurt. Perhaps he is only in good health externally, but his internals are a mess!"

"Kill him! Avenge the commander! Fulfill the order of our Masters!"

When the rest of them saw the death of another man, their hearts were filled with anxiety. However, since the situation had unfolded in such a manner, they had no choice but to battle on in attempt to end this war; to continue killing in an attempt to not be killed!

Sadly, they have overestimated themselves and underestimated Ling Xian. How powerful was the Armor of the Royal Spirit? An armor that was known to be able to defend against 3,000 demons was not an armor that could be cracked by these people.

During the duel with the commander, Ling Xian really was completely unhurt, and he was just as resilient as ever.


Ling Xian wore his gold armor, bore his wings, and let loose of the spiritual energy in his sword and halberd.

A one-sided slaughtering began.

When they had the support of the formation, these people could still exchange attacks with Ling Xian or at least had their lives guaranteed. Now that the array has been broken, they have fallen. Before Ling Xian, they could not even return one hit.

There was no way out. Ling Xian was far too powerful.

Even though Ling Xian was not at the undefeatable realm just yet, ever since he broke through to the advanced stage of the foundational level, nobody in the foundational level was his opponent, not even those who have peaked. Master Tang, or the commander, were examples of those at the peak who were not equal to him in capabilities.

Only those with the same supernatural blood or a Heaven’s Favorite, who was a level higher than him, could fight for dominance against him.

In other words, these foundational cultivators in the intermediate level were less worthy than grass to him.

He just was this overbearing!

He just was this powerful!

There was only one suitable sentence to describe what Ling Xian had done today.

He killed foundational cultivators like a butcher slaughtered pigs.

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