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"I am the commander of the City of Yun Xiao. I have been waiting here for a long time to send you on your way."

The voice was calm, quiet, but it was full of killer instinct that slammed down on everyone’s heart like a hammer.

"You sure got here quick…" Ling Xing frowned. Though this was anticipated, he didn’t think the guards would arrive here that fast.

"Oh no, what do we do now?" Lin Qing Yi’s expression changed a little, as worry grew between her brows. She, too, didn’t think that the city guards would get here so quickly. The guards that were here today also appeared to be more powerful than the ones they encountered before.

"Since the worst has happened, I will just have to exchange a few moves with them to see what they’ve got." Ling Xian sighed lightly. "Once we start the battle, I will create a chance for you to run away. Look for a sign. Once there’s a chance, run. Don’t hesitate."

"No, once I’m gone, what will happen to you?" Lin Qing Yi’s eyebrows were tightly locked together, unwilling to leave Ling Xian and run away by herself.

"We already discussed this. Back then, it was plan B. But since the worst has happened, we need to do as we have planned." Ling Xian softly smiled, "Don’t worry. Even though these people are strong, they cannot kill me. As long as you stay safe, I will escape and join you."

"O… okay."

Lin Qing Yi knew that everything Ling Xian was saying was correct. Thus no matter how much she was unwilling to go with the plan due to her worries, she had to leave.

This was the only way for both of them to survive.

Right now, the sun was midway in the sky, and there were no traces of cloud.

However, not a single person was feeling the warmth. Instead, they all felt a bone-piercing coldness like they were in the middle of December.

In front of the entrance of the Artifact Trading Convention, a row of soldiers stood in line like statues. Each one of them was equipped with heavy armors and a long spear. The sharp blade and the metal armor reflected sunlight, accenting their overbearingness and dominance.

Without exceptions, every single guard here was a ninth level cultivator and were carefully raised and trained by the state. The guards have surrounded the Artifact Trading Convention building. Even water cannot pass through the cracks.

An attractive, middle-aged man wearing a white robe stood before the entrance. He was radiating with eeriness and mysteriousness like the deep part of an ocean. This was the man who just spoke, the commander of the City of Yun Xiao.

Behind him were 17 men that stood in a loose horizontal line. Everyone’s spiritual energy was powerful, like a heavy mountain. They were all foundational cultivators!

These people were from three different forces. Those wearing white belonged to the Wu Palace, those wearing black were subordinates of Deputy Chang An, and those in purple were subordinates trained by Deputy Xiao Yao.

Three forces converged here for one single purpose that required no explanation.

It was a pure coincidence that Chang An’s subordinates ran into Deputy Xiao Yao’s subordinates just outside the City of Yun Xiao. The two parties joined forces, found Ling Xian’s whereabouts, and went to the Wu palace to invite the commander of the City of Yun Xiao to help them kill Ling Xian.

Since interrupting an auction for battle was an iron rule that should not be broken, they did not barge in but rather waited outside.

"One, two, three… Such a big battle formation… 18 foundational cultivators came. You sure are thinking highly of me." Staring at the 18 heavily breathing and sturdy looking men, a smile touched Ling Xian’s lips. He was calm, composed, and fearless.

"First you kill a part of the Third Prince’s soul, then you killed the sons of two deputies. You deserve such a battle formation" The commander of the City of Yun Xiao had the same collected look as he stared emotionlessly at the youth in black before him. "I advise you to give up and peacefully come with us. Let’s not waste each other’s time."

Ling Xian ignored him and asked, "I am very curious. How did you find me?"

"I will answer that question."

A man in purple stepped up as he sneered angrily, "After you killed the deputy’s son, someone came to my Master’s manor. So, my Master ordered me to speedily come to this place to take your head."

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow. "I killed two deputies' sons. Which one of the deputies' dog are you?"

"What a venomous mouth. You dare to act so arrogantly right before death?" The man in purple growled and yelled, "Listen to me well. My Master’s name is known far and wide. He is the great Depuy Xiao Yao. You killed his son, and he has commanded us not to leave until we kill you!"

"Deputy Xiao Yao… Seems like one of the hotel guests let the word out."

Ling Xian’s expression was rigid. Then, his gaze moved to the men in black, who were standing right behind the commander of the city. He chuckled. "Black robe with green clouds as embroideries. No need for more questions, we have already met. You work for the Deputy of Chang An don’t you?"

"Hmm, young man. In merely a month you killed five of my brothers. Today, I avenge my Master’s son, and I avenge my dead brothers." The leader of the pack walked forward. The way he stared straight into Ling Xian’s eyes was like he was spewing fire.

"We are looking at different angles of the same situation. Who’s right and who’s wrong, that’s hard to judge. However, if your young Master didn’t provoke me first, then I wouldn’t have felt the need to kill him," Ling Xian said softly.

"Hmmph, the young Master had talents that stood out from the rest. If he didn’t die, he would’ve become a powerful figure in the future. But you killed him before he could achieve any of that and ended my Master’s hope for his son. Today, I must kill you!" The coldness in this man’s eyes twirled and swirled.

"That’s up to you. But you need to have the capability to accomplish that."

Ling Xian shook his head, feeling too lazy to argue with someone who’s Master set oppressive rules. He shifted his gaze onto the commander of the City of Yun Xiao and questioned, "I understand why these two forces want to kill me. But why are you here? What are your reasons?"

"The Third Prince has made his orders clear. As the commander of the city, I cannot ignore such discord. To let you pass through the city of which I control as if nothing’s wrong is simply not my commanding style." the commander of the city had a confident stance that marked him as much more magnificent than the others here.

"I see. You sure are doing a lot of things for my sake. To have three different forces collude, this sure has been a worthwhile trip." Ling Xian grinned.

"Correction, you should say ‘this sure has been a worthwhile life’. Because you are deemed to die here today."

The city commander’s expression was calm; his voice was even calmer. It was as if he was describing an everyday event.

"That’s interesting. However, it’s more suitable for you all to say that. To die in my hands sure means your lives have been worthwhile." Ling Xian’s lips curved up, specifically targeting the city commander with his gaze and words.

The city commander expressed no sadness nor happiness. Not at all affected by Ling Xian’s words, he responded, "To have the guts to attempt killing the Third Prince, you sure are presumptuous. Sadly, even if you are a foundational Heaven’s Favorite, when faced with 18 foundational cultivators, you cannot escape death."

"Then let me try."

Ling Xian marched forward one step, and his bamboo hat flew away, baring his handsome face.

Instantly, a wave of roar rang through the area. Both the cultivators from the auction ground and the common people watching for gossips fell into shock.

"It’s that rumored ruthless person! No wonder the commander brought so many people. They are here to capture this guy."

"I knew it! I was just thinking about why he would be this strong and dared to kill Master Tang. This man didn’t even give a crap about the Third Prince, why would he care about the life of a seventh realm alchemist?"

"This is where things truly get interesting. 18 foundational cultivators from three different forces! There are enough people here to wipe out an entire city. I’m afraid this person is about to die."

"Make your move now!"

The City Commander ordered the guards with a shout. The foundational cultivators behind him headed toward Ling Xian like a tornado. Rays of terrifying energy poured out of them, sweeping dust off the ground and shooting them up straight to the sky!

"Sword of Wilderness!"

A man in purple brandished his sword. Numerous energy waves gushed out like the wind!

"Fist of the Overflowing Sea!"

At the same time, a man in black also made his move. An incomparable giant palm paused in mid-air and pressed down like a mountain!

The demeanor of two foundational cultivators making their moves at the same time was prestigious and frightening!

"Mere cultivator in the advanced phase of the foundational level dare to attack me? You overestimate yourself."

Ling Xian’s expression remained cold. One of his eyes turned white as the other turned black. Instantly, the sword and the fist dissipated in midair.

"It’s rude not to repay what I receive. Take this!"

Ling Xian yelled. In the image of the God of War, endless heavenly light dawned, making his grandeur unstoppable!

With a "boom", the Halberd of the Divine Warrior materialized and slashed down. The crowd diverged to get away from this heated battle.

"Now’s the time, Lin Qing Yi, come with me!"

Seeing that a path has been cleared, Ling Xian held onto the halberd with his right hand and grabbed onto Lin Qing Yi’s hand with his left. Together, they dashed toward the city center.

His intention was not to battle everyone, but rather to clear a path with the Halberd of the Divine Warrior. Even if these people insisted on fighting until life and death, he had to help Lin Qing Yi get to safety first.

"Don’t let them get away!"

The city commander directed the guards with a loud voice. The guards immediately gathered together, summoning techniques one after another, all aiming at Ling Xian.

"Get the f*ck away from me!"

Ling Xian’s jet-black hair and his robe swayed in the wind. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with an enormous amount of energy like never before, pushing away opponents in all four directions!

Boom, boom, boom!

The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was relentless. To be in Ling Xian’s hand made it even more undefeatable. It sliced left and right, forcing many foundational guards to back away.

After all, with Ling Xian’s capability today, he would win against the majority of foundational cultivators.


Ling Xian’s halberd slashed across the space, killing a man in black with its terrifying strength. Then, he formed a hand seal with one hand, summoning the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique and crushing the other three men who were in his way!

In the blink of an eye, four foundational cultivators have lost their lives!

How domineering!

The entire crowd froze in shock!

"This man is just as described in rumors! He is unbelievably strong!"

The city commander ghostly flashed before Ling Xian, blocking his way. Then, the commander raised his right leg up high and thrust it towards Ling Xian the same way a dragon swayed its tail!

"Those who stand in my way die!"

Ling Xian’s expression was frigid. Using his left arm, he blocked the commander’s kick, then, he swung around his halberd, allowing all of its spiritual energy to spew out.


An immense amount of light erupted and saturated the entire place with dizzying and blinding light!

In the next second, a pair of white wings appeared, fluttering softly. Ling Xian held onto Lin Qing Yi’s waist and flew directly toward the city center.

"Dammit, chase them down!"

The light slowly depleted, revealing the commander’s dark expression. Watching Ling Xian’s back, he no longer could contain the pain he felt from his internal wound and puked out a mouthful of fresh blood.

One hit!

It took one hit to determine which force was the stronger one!

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