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Chapter 178: The Nobility Killer
The entire auction ground was in dead silence.
Everyone’s expression was lifeless. First, they peeked at Master Tang, who was groaning on the ground. Then, they moved their gazes onto Ling Xian in disbelief.
Master Tang… lost?
He was a prominent foundational powerhouse, yet he was defeated by this mysterious man within a second!
This… is inconceivable!
The sound of everyone swallowing nervously crept across the room. Then, exclaims started to rise, then like tidal waves, the entire place was flooded with chatter.
"Oh my god. I can’t believe this. Even though Master Tang’s character was lacking, he was nonetheless a foundational cultivator. This guy kicked him away with a foot?"
"Did I get cataract? This person is way too strong. A simple kick made Master Tang lose all ability to defend. Could it be… he’s in the completion level?"
"No, not the completion level. But this guy must be a foundational Heaven’s Favorite. He cannot be this strong otherwise. He made a cultivator who reached the foundational peak lose so easily!"
The entire ground was riotous. Gawking at the silhouette who stood tall, their hearts were filled with awe.
Even Manager Wang, who has experienced many things in life felt his heart thump up and down. This entire time, he thought highly of Ling Xian. But after what happened just now, he realized that he had underestimated this man in black.
To have defeated Master Tang with one attack!
This person was truly powerful!
"Ehem, ehem…"
Master Tang spat out a mouthful of blood as he tried to sit up straight with difficulties. His eyes were wide with aghast.
"Like I said, I am not the one who has reached my end, you are." Ling Xian grinned as he marched forward towards Master Tang.
There was no spiritual energy swarming the room, nor heavenly powers that poured out of him. Yet every step he took pounded on everyone’s heart like a drum, making them shudder.
Master Tang, especially, felt extremely fearful. He watched as the shadow walked closer to him, at loss.
Even though they have only exchanged one attack, he has already learned the terrifying capabilities of this person and understood that this was a loss battle.
This cruel truth made his body shake and sweat and his organs rip and tear.
"Don’t… don’t come any closer. I am the oblation of the Wu Palace. If you dare to kill me, then Governor Wu will not forgive you!" Master Tang’s voice made it obvious that he was merely acting tough while his mentality has greatly weakened. He had mentioned Governor Wu in hope of stopping Ling Xian.
Sadly, he was destined to be disappointed.
What kind of person was Ling Xian? He was a ruthless man who didn’t hesitate when killing the Third Prince. Why would he falter for a governor?
"This sure sounds familiar. Ever since I came to the Zhou Dynasty, a lot of people have said this stuff to me. Do you want to know what happened to them?" Ling Xian’s lips curved up. He was obviously smiling, but the atmosphere he created was chilling.
"What… happened?" Master Tang quivered all over. Given his high position in the society, everyone in his circle has treated him with the utmost respect. When has he ever been threatened?
This was the first time he experienced something like this, thus making it an even more fearful situation.
Ling Xian mockingly snickered before spitting out one appalling word.
"No, you cannot kill me. I am a seventh realm alchemist and an oblation to the Wu Palace. If you dare to kill me, you will not be allowed to exist in the Zhou Dynasty!" Master Tang screamed, his face full of desperation.
"Your position really is scary, but it’s not enough to scare me away. I have killed a few respectable figures like you." Ling Xian grinned. Whispering so quietly that only him and Master

Tang could hear, he murmured, "Since you are about to die, I might as well tell you my identity. You’ve heard the news of how the Third Prince’s soul was killed, then the son of Xiao Yao Hou was also killed, right? Aren’t those news enough to tell you that Governor Wu is worthless in my eyes?"
Instantly, Master Tang’s body froze. His desperate eyes revealed that there was only one thought in his head.
Oh my god!
Why did I provoke this monster!
Sadly, time cannot be reversed.
Since he has already offended Ling Xian, Ling Xian naturally wouldn’t allow him to live. Using his fingernails that were sharp like knives, he slowly sliced across Master Tang throat. A line of blood appeared.
Fresh blood quickly began to spray. Master Tang’s eyes widened as he collapsed to the ground, no longer breathing.
"Oh, my heavens, who is this person? He dared to kill Master Tang? I thought he simply wanted to steal Master Tang’s storage pouch!"
"I’ve been alive for so many years, yet this is the first time someone dared to kill someone from the Wu Palace. This will cause chaos for a while."
"Of course. Governor Wu is the Emperor’s real little brother. I heard they have a very good relationship!"
"This person got himself into trouble. There is no way Governor Wu will let this go."
Seeing the death of Master Tang, everyone was bewildered. Even Lin Qing Yi was full of apprehension. Luckily, she knew Ling Xian well, so she was able to quickly collect herself. After walking to his side, she whispered, "As an oblation to the Wu Palace, his background isn’t a weak one. Ling Xian, you killed another nobility."
"You are completely right. Part of the soul of the Third Prince, two sons of two nobles, plus this Master Tang before me here, everyone I’ve killed belongs to the upper class. Could it be… I was born to challenge those high up in society?" Ling Xian shook his head.
Just like he said, ever since he came to the Zhou Dynasty, as many as 20 foundational cultivators have crumbled under his palm. Within those 20, four were high-profile figures. This kind of behavior was unimaginable if these were like the olden days when he was still in the meditational stage.
But now, Ling Xian kills foundational cultivators as if cutting grass and kills nobility as if farming pigs.
One has to admit that since the beginning of time, Ling Xian was the only one to accomplish such feat with such graceful attacks!
"If you continue doing this, you will get a nickname soon," Lin Qing Yi sighed.
"What nickname?" Ling Xian was startled.
"What else? The Nobility Killer of course." Lin Qing Yi shook her head helplessly. Other than worry, she also blamed herself. After all, Ling Xian was doing this all for her.
"That… sure is accurate." Ling Xian bitterly smiled. "Let’s go. It won’t be long until the city guards get here. Before our identities are revealed, we better get going."
"Yes, or else we won’t get out of the City of Yun Xiao," Lin Qing Yi agreed, knowing that if today’s news spread, it will cause more disturbance.
"Wait a second." Ling Xian beamed. Concentrating on Master Tang with his mind, the storage pouch that was tied to his waist immediately flew up and entered Ling Xian’s own storage pouch.
This pouch contained all the wealth Master Tang ever collected, including the invaluable Water Taming Pearl that Ling Xian couldn’t get off his mind.
Seeing Ling Xian taking Master Tang’s storage pouch, Lin Qing Yi suddenly remembered. "Right. I forgot about his storage pouch. As a seventh realm alchemist, his riches must be startling."
"Yeah, the Water Taming Pearl alone is a great reward already." Ling Xian smiled satisfyingly. "Let’s go."
He then walked out the door under everyone’s gaze. Ling Qin Yi followed behind him.
However, as the two exited the auction ground, they found themselves amongst a crowd of people, where every single one of them was exuding a vigorous amount of energy. They formed a circle that looped around the entire Artifact Trading Convention center, making it inescapable.
Just then, a calm but murderous voice spoke.
"I am the commander of the City of Yun Xiao. I have been waiting here for a long time to send you on your way."

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