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Inside the VIP room on the third floor of the Artifact Trade Convention.

Two maids with delicate faces and amazing figures entered the room, each wearing a thinly veiled white gown that exposed the majority of their skin. Two small cherries and a sparse bush was peeking through and could be clearly seen. Though they couldn’t be considered without clothes, they were pretty close to it.

Ling Xian was taken aback, and his face flushed red.

Though he has seen many women’s bodies during the lost century, these two women’s near-nakedness made him blush. He was lucky that he wore a bamboo hat that covered most of his face.


Lin Qing Yi coldly snorted, revealing the dissatisfaction she felt.

"Ehm, ehm…"

Ling Xian dry coughed a few times, fully aware as to why Lin Qing Yi was angry. He said, "Manager Wang, thank you for your generosity, but I do not need all this. You can ask them to leave."

"I have made a fool of myself for wanting to do something unnecessary. I apologize, I will ask them to leave right now." Manager Wang peeked at Lin Qing Yi apologetically and hurriedly fluttered his hand, asking the two provocative women to exit the room.

The two women backed away obediently, though their faces had the word "disappointed" written all over.

These two ladies had no ability to practice Taoism and were mere mortals. They were only hired by the Artifact Trading Convention because of their attractiveness and their only job was to keep guests company. In better terms, they were servers, but bluntly put, they were objects. If Ling Xian had kept the two in the room, he could’ve enjoyed their bodies in any way that he desired.

Their only way out of their miserable life was to latch onto any honorable guests and leave their lives as objects.

This was why they were so disappointed when Ling Xian asked them to leave. Because they knew, not anyone could enter the VIP rooms on the third floor and everyone that manages to be greeted into these rooms were affluent individuals. Once missed, they have no other opportunities to meet these people again.

Pity, no matter how disappointed they were, it all ends up being useless. They were at the bottom of the Taoism community and had no rights.

"Wait a second."

Noticing the disheartened gazes on these women, Ling Xian’s heart softened. Though he didn’t use any of the services these women were looking to provide, he understood how the system worked here. Usually, conventions centers and clans like to hire young beautiful girls to please the guests.

If the guests were happy, they were rewarded for their work. However, if the guests were dissatisfied, then what awaits them were dead ends.

To put it simply, these women were servants, were toys, they had no freedom and nobody to rely on. Those who were lucky can find themselves someone rich to lean on. However, most of them were usually shooed away before they got old, and lived the rest of their lives between cities without a permanent home. In the end, they die in corners that nobody ever passes by, and they don’t even get a tombstone.

"Anything else we can do for you?" The two women’s eyes shone, thinking that maybe Ling Xian wanted them to stay.

"Here are 2,000 spiritual stones, take it." Ling Xian sighed as 2,000 spiritual stones flew out of his storage pouch. The least he could do was to try and improve these two’s quality of life. At least before they reach the age when the convention asks them to leave, they could live a reasonable lifestyle.

"Thank you for your reward." The women hastily took the spiritual stones into their own storage pouches, as if Ling Xian would regret this decision later.

To Ling Xian, 2,000 spiritual stones were worthless, like a single hair out of nine ox’s hairs. To them however, it was a huge amount of money. Though it doesn’t mean they could live luxuriously, they could use this money to feed themselves and live on it for 10 years.

Compared to these spiritual stones, they wanted more of an opportunity to get away from this hopeless life. However, since Ling Xian was unwilling to be serviced, they just had to go with the flow and accept the money.

It was enough.

The customers they serve before only gave them 100 spiritual stones max. Ling Xian gave them 2,000 in one go. The difference between them were indescribable, how could they not feel overjoyed.

"Alright, you can go now." Ling Xian waved his hands.

"Yes, your mightiness." The two of them nodded dutifully. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of regret and thankfulness.

They were objects, that was true, but they had their basic dignity. To live in this world, they had to sell their soul and bury their pride deep down in their hearts. Usually, the customers they serve only gave them some pocket change after toying with them.

Ling Xian did not ask for their bodies but also did not act as if he was high above them. He simply gave them 2,000 spiritual stones, which allowed them to keep their dignity and gain something for their time. Naturally, they were thankful.

"Your excellency sure is generous. Giving away 2,000 spiritual stones just like that." Manager Wang was a little surprised. "The auction is starting soon. As the host of the auction, I will leave."

The old man then turned to leave and prepare for the auction.

After the old man left, Lin Qing Yi ridiculed, "You sure have a Buddha’s heart. You liked their pretty faces? Or their sexy bodies?"

Ling Xian shook his head bitterly, fully aware of the fact that when women are angry, they are unreasonable. Luckily, he had a few ways to coax them. He smiled. "No matter how pretty they are, they are not as pretty as you. No matter how nice their bodies are, they are not as nice as yours."

As expected, when those words were spoken, Lin Qing Yi’s face turned red. Though she scorned a few times, she let it go.

"They are pitiful people. Ignoring those I don’t encounter is fine, but those I encounter, I should do what I can to help. Those spiritual stones that mean nothing to me can save their lives." Ling Xian sighed. When he was little, he had nobody to rely on and had to endure all the hardships by himself. He knew from experience how difficult it was to be at the bottom of the food chain.

Now that he is on the cultivation path, and has reached the foundational level, mere mortals cannot even comprehend. He had strong capabilities and countless stones in his pockets. Considered to be successful financially and in terms of Taoism, he couldn’t help it but to want to help others. The little actions he took today could possibly change someone’s entire life.

"You are right. It’s not that I don’t want you to give them spiritual stones, it’s just that…" Lin Qing Yi’s face was blushing as she uttered out those words. Though in the end, she still couldn’t say what was on her mind.

"It’s just what?" Ling Xian stared at her sarcastically and teased, "It’s because they were women right? If they were men, you wouldn’t be so irrationally angry."

Lin Qing Yi was embarrassed by how he saw right through her, she angrily muttered, "Ling Xian… You!"

"Haha, okay, I stop teasing you." Ling Xian laughed before he moved his gaze to the auction stage, "the auction is about to start. Why don’t we take care of business first?"


Lin Qing Yi hissed before she, too, looked down to the stage, where the host stood.

It was already noon, and every cultivator who was invited to be here had arrived. The first floor was flooded with people and even the second floor was full. There were Clan Leaders, Supreme Headmasters from small Houses, and even children of nobles.

It was apparent that this auction was not ordinary and those who attended were rich.

However, on the third floor, other than Ling Xian and the other person in the other box, all other seats were empty. After all, only those with unbeatable backgrounds could enter the third floor. Based on who was on the second floor, even children of the nobles could not step onto the third floor, hence, it was more than difficult to get to the third floor.

For Ling Xian to be able to get onto the third floor and for him to be personally guided by the Manger, it was obvious how exceptional that gold card was and how important the convention thought of him.

"Everyone, please quite down."

Manager Wang slowly walked up the stage and gestured for everyone to stop talking. Once the auction ground silenced, he chuckled. "First of all, thank you everyone for taking the time out of your busy days to attend the Artifact Trading Convention. I formally thank everyone here."

"Elder Wang, stop saying useless things and get on topic. Everyone here is looking to buy things, not to hear your speech."

"Haha, yeah, hurry up and start. I can’t wait any longer."

Some cultivators on the first floor knew Manager Wang well and didn’t feel the need to be careful with their words.

"Alright, since everyone is getting impatient then I will save my breath. I officially announce the start of our auction. I won’t say much about the rules of auction as you are all aware of them. I will only remind everyone that the only rule here is that the highest bid wins!" Though Manager Wang was not speaking loudly, but he used his foundational Qi to carry his voice and ensure that everyone here could hear him.

Then, he clasped his hands together. Immediately, 10 barely dressed, beautiful women came onto the stage. Each one of them was holding a tray that was covered with a red piece of cloth.

These were the ten rare treasures of today’s auction.

Seeing this, everyone’s gazes became heated. Ling Xian was no exception. His hands subconsciously turned into fists and he whispered, "Master, please wait a little. I will acquire the Water of the Resting Soul soon enough."

"Now, we begin the first auction item of the day, the Turquoise Taffeta Robe." Manager Wang lifted the red cloth off the first item, revealing a light green, long gown, he smiled, "This item is a defensive weapon, considered to be the best out of all Eighth-Realm treasures. Not only does it have a delicate looking exterior, its defense mechanism is also one of the very best, known to be able to defend against the fist of a foundational cultivator. Though it is suited for a female cultivator, you can easily buy it to give it to your loved ones. I promise it will make them very happy."

Hearing this, all the participating male cultivators were ready for action. To have been trained to this extent, who here doesn’t have someone they loved? They wanted to acquire this item and make their loved ones happy.

The sons of the noble from the second floor were especially eager. They were gearing up and readying themselves to put this item into their own bag.

The female cultivators were even more ecstatic. Each one of them were bright faced as they checked out every single detail of that beautiful robe. They very much wanted to get the robe at this very moment and wear it now in order to indulge themselves in other women’s jealous gazes.

Even Lin Qing Yi’s heart was wavering. The robe was just too darn beautiful, not to mention its defense properties as an Eight-Realm treasure. Most importantly, the color of the robe was her favorite. Therefore, after looking at it just once, a possessive and impulsive desire grew in her heart.


Looking at Lin Qing Yi’s sparkling eyes, Ling Xian understood. He grinned softly. "You really want this Turquoise Taffeta Robe, don’t you?"

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