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Chapter 141
Chapter 141: The Deadly Blow

Translator: Sophie Wang  Editor: Rundi

The revered battle formation crumbled under the strength of Ling Xian.

The Formation of the Heavenly Palace was one of the mightiest and most robust battle formations ever known to humanity. Even as a fantasy, its walls could split Heaven and Earth. Its powers could easily have killed foundational leveled intruders.

However, even the union of the Four Spirits of the Ancient World was easily dismissed by Ling Xian.

It was not difficult to imagine the depth of his strength.

Ling Xian suspended high in the sky, a piercing halberd in hand, draped in a full-body armor of solid gold. Having just broken the revered Formation of the Heavenly Palace, Ling Xian had seemingly secured his spot amongst the Gods.

Just as he said, having broken through to the foundational level, his wings were full. He was now unstoppable.

Beneath him, Mo Qing Fu and the rest of the spectators were shocked and speechless. They looked up at Ling Xian, stunned.

"The Emerald Dragon, the Flaming Peacock, the Snow Tiger and the Swerving Basilisk, Four Spirits of the Ancient World all defeated with one strike of his halberd. Ling Xian, brother…you are where we dream of being."

"Ohhhh….I knew he was skilled, but never could I imagine how far he’d gone."

"Ha ha!

I bloody knew it! He wouldn’t disappoint! He’s the best!"

The mythical Formation of the Heavenly Palace dismissed so casually. This was an unimaginable feat. Mo Qing Fu and his companions felt their worlds turn upside down and their blood seeping to their brains.

On the other hand, Yue Lian Han was now a walking corpse. Her shrinking frame had now begun to decay, completely devoid of any life and hope.

"I will not admit defeat!"

Yue Lian Han screamed in protest. She looked up at the floating figure above her. The pain of defeat overwhelmed her. But what’s to be done?

She lost.

Without any chance of revival.

Of course, her talent could not be disputed. From a cultivator of the tenth realm, the Perfect, Undefeatable Realm, to breaking into the foundational level, there would be few in the world today that could defeat her.

Unfortunately for her, Ling Xian was amongst the few.

If it weren't for the Golden Page, she would have lasted no more than three rounds.

It could be said that Ling Xian was not locked in a battle with Yue Lian Han, but with the Golden Page. The ending had been written long ago.

One could only say that the Halberd-Armor dual was indestructible.

The picture-perfect world of mountains and valleys, of bird and flowers, had

had long vanished. The Golden Page stirred, its vibrant glow dimmed. Suddenly, after the book had lost its last glimmer of light, it crashed to the ground, lifeless.

"Yue Lian Han, you lost."

Ling Xian descended slowly and found footing on solid earth. He looked at the dying maiden and sighed heavily. "You have burned through your energy, breached the length of your intended life, and now, you have mere moments to live."

"Don’t need you to tell me that, I’m aware."

Yue Lian Han’s face hid behind a gray, messy sea of hair. Even then one could make out the deep cuts of wrinkles that lined her temples. She was no longer a young maiden of 16. Her 78-year-old body was on the verge of giving up on her.

Her heart had sunken deep into her gut. She had hoped that the Golden Page would propel her up through the Nine Heavens, and conquer the vast landscape for as far as her eyes could see.

If Yue Lian Han had left Ling Xian be, perhaps all of this could still come true. She could secure her page in the history of humanity and be revered for as long as time would allow. But she foolishly insisted on dragging Ling Xian into this meaningless, unnecessary battle. She

battle. She had lost everything. How could she ever accept this?

She had wagered everything she had on a game of fate, her appearance, her life. Even without both, she would have been content if she had defeated Ling Xian.

"Ehem, ehem..."

Yue Lian Han was spitting blood. She eyed Ling Xian with a deadly glare without uttering a word. But the look of hatred and contempt could not be mistaken.

"So close to dying, will you not repent?" Ling Xian said mercilessly without striking the lethal blow. He had always been merciless against his enemies. But this girl was near death. There was no reason to end her life so swiftly.

Seeing that Ling Xian had no intention of ending her life, Yue Lian Han sneered with the last of her breath and said, "Am I too pitiful for you to kill me? Fine, I’ll do it myself."

As her voice trailed off, she summoned the last of her breaths and let it go.

Ling Xian shook his head. Then, looking to the south, and then to the northwest, Ling Xian uttered softly, "Friends, you’ve been watching this show for a while, it’s time to come into the light."

However, after a long pause, no one stepped up.

"Seems like you all require a personal invitation from me." Ling Xian me." Ling Xian narrowed his gaze and unleashed an invisible force towards the south.


The earth rumbled, and trees fell.

"Ha ha, brother, that was unnecessary. We did not wish to reveal ourselves, why insist?"

A raspy laugh echoed behind the massive tree that had just fallen. A topless, dark-faced youth jumped off the falling branches. He eyed Ling Xian cautiously.

Behind him, four or five more youths followed suit. From each breath they took, one could easily conclude that they all belonged to the Perfect Realm of Alchemy, albeit a touch less experienced compared to the dark-faced youth.

Ling Xian did not respond. Instead, he shook his head, turned his gaze towards the northwest and unleashed another invisible punch.

A violent dust storm raged towards the northwest, uprooting trees from their resting places.

Another group had been forced out into the light, led by a young, handsome but egotistical looking youth dressed in red.

Behind him, another four or five cultivators of the Perfect Realm followed closely, their head slightly bowed in fear and respect. Evidently, this was a force to be reckoned with.

Mo Qing Fu watched the two groups close in from afar. When he made out the faces of the two leaders, his frown transformed into a look of terror.

"You are…Vanquisher of Life, Conqueror of Creation."

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