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The crescent moon hung, and the stars shone.

Beside the crystal clear blue pond, Ling Xian’s hair black like ink, robe white like snow, his figure slender, and his stance straight. He created an atmosphere that was pressuring and heavenly. Like a true Immortal who was peering down at the mortal world, he was divine and dignified.

The undefeatable mentality has just been developed!

The confident style he expressed shook the minds of all the Heaven’s Favorites.

"He has developed an undefeatable mentality. He truly believes that he can repress anyone who dares to start a fight with him." The young woman in white sighed. Her dewy eyes were filled with complex emotions, but no trace of resentment.

One reason for this was because she has been brought into submission by Ling Xian’s powerfulness.

Another reason for this was because as a Heaven’s Favorite, she has her own arrogance. To link arms with two other Heaven’s Favorites has already made her feel ashamed. Despite that, the three of them still could not bring the opponent down. This has made her accept the situation with an open heart. To resent or hate the opponent was simply asking for humiliation.

The other two reacted the same. They felt no anger towards Ling Xian, only a little bit of unwillingness. They were unwilling to give up the Petal of Enlightenment and unwilling to admit their defeat.

If they fought one on one against Ling Xian, this unwillingness might be a little less. However, they had lost after colluding, and they lost so crisply. They had no excuses.

The three Heaven’s Favorites were all powerhouses in the meditation stage. For those in the meditation stage, they could be considered undefeatable. When working together, who in the meditation stage dared to challenge them?

Only the real ruler of the undefeatable meditation stage could!

No doubt about it, Ling Xian was the real ruler of the meditation stage. He has entered the peak of this stage, achieved true perfection and defined the word undefeatable!

"Ay… To have developed the undefeatable mentality… I can’t believe it. As a Heaven’s Favorite, I became someone’s stepping stone." The youth in blue sighed. His heart was full of frustration.

"I originally thought I was strong enough to become the best Heaven’s Favorite in Yunzhou. I did not know that I was looking at the sky from a well! Outside my little universe, a Heaven’s Favorite as strong as him exists in Yunzhou!" The youth in black wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry. He felt embarrassed for his shallow knowledge and experience.

"I know right. This whole time I thought only people like Ming Sha Sheng and Zhan Wu Shuang were suitable to have the title strongest Heaven’s Favorite. However, there was this mysterious youth who never even told us his name. I am afraid he is even stronger than Ming Sha Sheng!" The youth in purple fell into disbelief. No matter how unwilling he was to admit this, he had no choice but to sigh. He didn’t even possess the courage to chase after Ling Xian.

To have been defeated by Ling Xian with one hit, he lost without complaints. At the same time, he was now well-aware of how terrifying Ling Xian is. He recognized that even if he used the rest of his life to cultivate, he could only watch Ling Xian’s back with no ability to surpass him.

Watching these Heaven’s Favorites’ faces turn sour, Mo Qing Fu faintly smiled out of happiness. He knew very well how strong Ling Xian is, as he too, was defeated out of his wits. Now there are finally others who feel the same way as him, he was overjoyed and relieved, as if the sky has cleared and everything in the world has become more beautiful.

This was human nature.

When one person is hurt by himself, he feels bad for himself. But if everyone gets hurt together, then it’s easier for each.

"Alright, since you have all lost, I will be taking this Petal of Enlightenment," Ling Xian grinned lightly and stared at the purple lotus with a heated gaze.

The Drunken Immortal Brew was too dominant. If consumed directly, Ling Xian would not be able to handle the overpowering strength of the medicine and self-implode. This was why he and Mo Qing Fu came out of the storage cave to find a spiritual medicine that could be mixed with the Drunken Immortal Brew.

The Petal of Enlightenment was very mild and leads one to the path of enlightenment and overcomes the bottleneck. What was even rarer was that the lotus could multiply the effects of the Drunken Immortal Brew. With this, there was a possibility that he could skip the early phases of the foundational level and enter the intermediate phase right away!

The cultivation journey after reaching the foundational level would be very challenging. Every little step took years. If the Drunken Immortal Brew were consumed with the Petal of Enlightenment, it would save years of training. How could this not make Ling Xian excited?

The moonlight was bedazzling, giving the purple lotus the spotlight and accenting its holiness.

The purple lotus was waiting to bloom. It swayed in the wind and the halo it emitted illuminated the entire pond. The wind carried waves of fragrances, making everyone there feel at ease and comfortable.

Pity though, the medicine has yet to fully mature, and the purple petals have not fully bloomed. Once bloomed, the light it gives off would be even more blinding, and the aroma would be even heavier. Legend has it that when the Petal of Enlightenment blossoms, light purple rain falls all around.

The beautiful scenery, when imagined, was as beautiful as one’s dreams.

"The Petal of Enlightenment has yet to blossom. I guess we’ll have to wait." Mo Qing Fu walked to Ling Xian’s side. Staring at the mysterious but still not bloomed Petal of Enlightenment, he smiled. "For this rare medicine though, waiting is worth it. Looking at the way it’s budding, it will bloom soon."

"Yes. There is nothing we can do but wait. If we try to take it while it’s not mature, its medicinal effect will not nearly be as powerful." Ling Xian nodded. His handsome face appeared sympathetic. The spiritual medicine was right in front of him, yet he could not take it away. It was frustrating.

"Let me look and see if the inside of the lotus is done growing," one of Ling Xian’s eyes turned white while the other turned black. He planned on using his Inner Eyes to investigate how the Petal of Enlightenment was doing.

Every single type of Inner Eyes has the ability to see through objects. However, before he peeked, everything was fine. After looking, however, his face changed, and his heart flooded with shock. Without hesitation, he grabbed onto Mo Qing Fu and dragged him back by more than 10 meters.

Realizing Ling Xian’s heavy expression, Mo Qing Fu frowned and asked quickly, "What is wrong?"

Others were all confused as well, not sure what possibly could be bad enough for this powerful youth’s face to change so quickly. Without any questions, they backed down as well as if something terrifying was in the middle of the pond.

"What’s wrong, junior brother? Tell me. What is in that pond? I will kill it with my hammer!" Tang Thirteen blinked her big eyes and brandished her Crazy Soul Crusher.

"No need. I am just surprised." Ling Xian suppressed the anxiousness he felt and patted Tang Thirteen’s little head. He then stepped forward. Instantly, the wind blew and his white robe danced. His ferocious demeanor poured out of him and engulfed the entire pond.


The pond boiled!

"Reveal yourself, Petal of Enlightenment. How long do you plan to hide?"

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