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"If you dare to touch a hair of hers, I will chop you into a thousand pieces and grind up your bones."

A plain sentence, loud like thunder, and full of murderous intent entered everyone’s ears. It was easy to imagine how angry the owner of the voice was.

In the next moment, a mighty strange force howled, erupting with sparkling radiance. The sharp sword was instantly frozen in midair, unable to move another inch.

"Who is it?"

Yu Qing Shan frowned and glanced around.

The others did the same.

Every battle that was happening was put on hold.

The next thing everyone saw was a white shadow appearing on the horizon. He arose from the dust and walked over slowly with murky air wrapped around him. It was as if he has merged with the road and became the only thing between Heaven and Earth, everyone’s eyes were on him.

Very quickly, he arrived before everyone. His eyebrows were sharp like swords, his eyes shining like the stars, and his face was smooth like jade. His white robe hovered in the air, and his presence was threatening. Whoever saw him would’ve complimented him for his attractiveness.

However, on that handsome face hung an expression that was icy cold. It added a layer of coercion to his character, sending chills down people’s spines and scaring them out of their wits.

It was Ling Xian.

His expression was cold as ice, and his stomach was full of the desire to kill. Glaring at Yu Qing Shan, he decided in his mind that this man deserved to die.

Behind him, Mo Qing Fu’s eyebrows hung low. Like Ling Xian’s attendant, he followed him closely. The power that sealed the sword just now came from him.

After the two of them had come out of the storage cave, they headed West and coincidentally, ran into the scene of Yu Qing Shan attempting to kill Tang Thirteen.

To Ling Xian, Tang Thirteen was one of the people he met and fought against in the Fantasy Territory. Though it wasn’t real, the guilt he felt for hurting her never eased. To be able to reunite with her right here and now gave him the chance to make up for what he has done before. How could he let Tang Thirteen get hurt?

That was definitely not allowed!

No matter who it was, even if it was an Immortal, they should not lay a finger on her!

"Junior brother, you came!"

Seeing Ling Xian’s arrival, Tang Thirteen was pleasantly surprised. The fear and desperation she felt before grew wings and flew away. She threw herself into Ling Xian’s arms, and the rim of her eyes turned red. She croaked, "… Junior brother, you finally came. This bastard hurt Sister Lian Yi and wanted to kill me. Why don’t you help me teach him a lesson!"

Watching the young girl reveal her weakness and express how wronged she felt, Ling Xian’s rage flared. He held onto Tang Thirteen tightly and suppressed his intention to kill the guy in cyan right here and now. He soothed, "Don’t cry, be good. How can my Senior Sister be crying? You are mentally and physically strong, and you are deemed to become a real Immortal who rises above everyone else. If the news got out that you were crying, wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Come on, let’s wipe away those tears."

As he spoke, he gently wiped away Tang Thirteen’s tears.

"You’re right. I can’t be crying. I am going to be overlooking everyone from above, and I am going to be invincible. How can I be crying?" Tang Thirteen’s little nose twitched. Her big eyes were bright red, and she has never felt so wronged. Despite her efforts, tears trickled down her face again uncontrollably. It was unbelievable how cute she really was.

"Yes, you are right. Be good. You are my Senior Sister, you can’t be crying so easily," Ling Xian continued to sooth with soft words. Other than heartache, his hatred for Yu Qing Shan deepened.

"Yes, I'll stop crying now." Tang Thirteen wiped away her tears and snot with her tiny hand. "Junior Brother, Senior Sister, and your Senior Sister’s sister have been bullied. Do you want to take care of this issue?"

"Yes, of course!"

Ling Xian nodded heavily, and his face turned serious right away. "Thirteen, wait for me here. I will be back soon."

"Okay, teach him well!" Tang Thirteen brandished her little fists. Her big eyes were full of anger.

"Don’t worry, trust me." Ling Xian’s lips curved up and peered at the youth in cyan. He let go of his spiritual energy, and it dominated the space.

"Not bad. But I wonder how capable you are. Many people have threatened me before, but they have all ended up dead. You will end up the same," Yu Qing Shan snickered. The sword in his hand became bright again. The fearsome demeanor it had darkened the face of all the cultivators.

"You’ll find out in a while." Ling Xian’s eyes shone as one turned black while the other turned white. Bands of murky air diffused and materialized into a red bladed-sword. He pointed it at Yu Qing Shan, locking in his intention to kill this man.

"Hmm?" Feeling Ling Xian’s intention, Yu Qing Shan was not fazed. He smiled brightly and said, "Fella, you sure seem like you really want to kill me. It appears that the Tang princess ranks high in your heart. But this is fine. I will kill you first and then kill her after."

"Sadly, you won’t have the chance to do that." Ling Xian’s expression was cold. A vigorous amount of energy poured out of his body and shot up into the clouds!

"I have killed over 10 of people like you. Every single one of them claimed that they would kill me before they died. In the end, they all died." Yu Qing Shan grinned and marched forward step by step. His voice was full of sarcasm and aloofness.

The three-inch sword he held was sparkling, and casually, he sliced at Ling Xian. The relaxed attitude he had was like he was not facing a Heaven’s Favorite, but was rather up against an easily killable ant. He did not consider Ling Xian as a threat at all.

"Is that so? But sadly, the one dying will be you today." Ling Xian grinned chillingly and blocked Yu Qing Shan’s hit with his Sword of Extinction. Waves of wind rolled out, shocking the heavens!

To have seen Tang Thirteen getting injured, Ling Xian was furious. Though he was striking to defend himself, this hit was horrifically monstrous!

"Wow!" Yu Qing Shan’s pupils restricted. His sword transformed back to an umbrella and blocked Ling Xian’s attack.

Ling Xian’s capabilities were strong. He has reached the peak of the meditation level, thus this punch he threw was impossible to dodge. On top of that, this punch was infused with his anger and hatred. It easily broke through Yu Qing Shan’s umbrella and landed on his chest!


Yu Qing Shan spat out a mouthful of blood as his body lunged backward.

One hit!

Yu Qing Shan defeated Tang Thirteen with one hit, and now he was defeated by Ling Xian with one hit!

"This is impossible!" Yu Qing Shan covered his left chest and stared at Ling Xian in disbelief. Other than fear in his eyes, there was also humiliation.

He has always been prideful and dominating. He was certain that he has achieved all there has to be achieved in the meditation level. Out of all the Heaven’s Favorites in Yunzhou, nobody was worthy enough to be his opponent. However, he has been defeated by Ling Xian in one move. This filled his heart with shock and disbelief.

It was obvious that he really was capable, as he easily defeated Shui Lian Yi and Tang Thirteen. However, compared to Ling Xian, he was lacking. Especially when up against an enraged Ling Xian.

"You dare to hurt Thirteen? Pay with your life!"

Ling Xian shouted as his body intonated with energy even more ferocious than before. In the snap of a finger, he was in front of Yu Qing Shan. Still, in mid-air, Ling Xian’s hatred-filled kick landed on Yu Qing Shan’s chest!


All the bones in Yu Qing Shan’s chest broke!

The youth in cyan was shattered to pieces.

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