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Mo Qing Fu was in awe. He stared dumbfoundedly at the youth before him. Everything felt surreal.

How old was he?

How could he already be creating Dans?

It wasn’t even an ordinary Dan, it was a Dan with miraculous effects that cured terminal injuries!

Seeing that Mo Qing Fu had very thoroughly misunderstood this whole situation, Ling Xian laughed bitterly on the inside. At this point, there was nothing he could do but to carry on. "Don’t be so shocked. It is a simple Dan recipe."

"It appears that you do not know the kind of monster you are." Mo Qing Fu chuckled. "Creating a Dan recipe! This is a skill that ordinary alchemists do not possess. Usually, only those above the third-realm are knowledgeable enough to know how medicinal ingredients react with each other and how to take advantage of these reactions. How old are you even? You look younger than me, that’s for sure."

"That’s overshooting it a little. I simply got lucky." Ling Xian grinned lightly.

"I am not exaggerating. Your alchemy skill is a gift from Heaven. If you try to get yourself accepted into the House of Miraculous Dans, one of the nine Houses here in Yunzhou, I bet all the power holders would fight the hell out of each other to get you into their door." Mo Qing Fu’s face was still painted with shock. He sighed. "I thought I was one out of a million with my talent. However, compared to you, I realized I have highly overestimated myself."

"You are being modest. You are a descendant from the House of Hao Ran. Why would you be overestimating yourself? Your natural talent is without a doubt, one of the best. You will for sure one day rise above the sky and be the ruler of Yunzhou." Ling Xian waved his hand. What he said was true. During the lost century, Mo Qing Fu really did become one of the powerhouses of Yunzhou and overlooked the continent.

"Before meeting you, my talent really could be considered extraordinary. But I cannot compete with you. Comparing with you would be like comparing moonlight with a firefly’s light. It makes me feel inadequate and shameful." Mo Qing Fu shook his head with a depressed smile. After confronting Ling Xian’s unmatchable talent and alchemist skills, he felt unworthy.

"Quit praising me. Let us go. The Drunken Immortal Brew is a little too strong. I need to find some soothing spiritual medicines to mix it with, or else I will explode from the medicine’s strength before I have my breakthrough." Ling Xian smiled and marched toward the cave’s exit.

Mo Qing Fu followed.


The ancient ruins were large in area and were decorated with many waterfalls, valleys, and meadows, just like the Immortal’s world.

The night was cold like water, and the moon hung high.

In the middle of a crystal clear blue pond, a light purple lotus was blooming, exuding an exquisite fragrance and emitting a dizzying ray of light. The soft moonlight accented its beauty and innocence.

Around the pond stood seven people, each of whom was projecting fearsome ambiances. As if real Gods and Goddesses were protecting their own ground, each of them had their own unique and overpowering demeanor!

Without exception, all seven of them were Heaven’s Favorites!

Shui Lian Yi and Tang Thirteen were amongst this group!

Right now, those seven people were exchanging heated glares as they waited for the purple lotus to fully bloom.

Petal of Enlightenment!

This was the name of the purple lotus. It was a valuable and rare spiritual medicine. Once consumed, it aided the consumer into a state of enlightenment and allowed them to breakthrough the bottleneck in training without any physical side effects. It was an object that was beyond rare and almost never seen!

The Petal of Enlightenment does more than leading one into the path of enlightenment. If consumed with spiritual medicine, it could multiply the medicine’s effects!

In short, this object has Heaven defying properties!

This was the reason why these seven Heaven’s Favorites were all camping out here, swearing to themselves that they would be the one to acquire the Petal of Enlightenment.

The purple lotus was blissful and beautiful, extraordinary and bewildering. It floated on water, moving with the waves. Along with each movement, it released an intoxicating smell. The purple petals danced softly in the wind, making it unpredictable as to when it will fully blossom.

"It’s about to mature!"

A young man in blue stared deadly at the Petal of Enlightenment with a burning desire. He repressed the excitement he felt in his chest and glanced at the other six. Coldly, he said, "Everyone, the lotus is about to fully mature and bloom. I warn you, do not try to fight me for it."

As soon as he finished talking, a young man in black frowned. Glaring at him, he asked, "Why can’t I?"

"Why can’t you? Because I am more capable than you!" The youth in blue laughed arrogantly as energy howled out of his body, pressing down everyone who was there!

"Everyone, though the Petal of Enlightenment is valuable, to lose your lives over it is just not worth it."

Nobody was affected by the cold words that came out of his mouth. That overpowering pressure he unleashed was not at all threatening to those Heaven’s Favorites. None of them even reacted to his words.

"How laughable. With that little capability of yours, you dare to threaten us? Who here isn’t a powerhouse in the Undefeatable Realm? Who here isn’t a Heaven’s Favorite? You really think any of us would retreat just because of that little energy you let out?" The youth in black snickered mindlessly. He too released a batch of his vigor and clashed with the blue youth’s!


The two energy waves smashed into each other like two meteorites. A frightful air bubble swept across the area, uprooting the trees and breaking their branches.

The strange thing was that the pond did not even ripple. The purple lotus seemed to have spiritual energy itself and continued to waltz in the wind while diffusing colorful lights. It defended itself against the two youths’ spiritual energy and was not at all affected by them.

"Wow, the Petal of Enlightenment really is incredible. No wonder they are so valuable," a beautiful young woman with white hair and white robe exclaimed. Originally, she wanted to cast a shield over the pond to protect the Petal of Enlightenment from the clash of energies. But this treasure seemed to be able to defend itself.

On the other side of the pond, the two Heaven’s Favorites continued their match.

Realizing that his opponent was just as well-train as he was, the youth in blue made a disdained face. He didn’t think that he would be at a disadvantage against the others and felt a little embarrassed over the statement he made earlier. However, words have already been spoken, and he cannot take them back. All he could do now was to forcefully continue.

The youth in black, on the other hand, smiled with ease. He remained composed and nonchalant as he fought against the youth in blue. His relaxed stance made it clear to everyone that he could do a lot more than what he was doing now.

"The Petal of Enlightenment has yet to bloom, but the competition has already begun…?" A youth dressed in cyan and holding an umbrella chuckled to himself. "This is fine. A fight was bound to break out soon or later. It would be bad if everyone fought later and damaged the bloomed lotus. But… who should I challenge first?"

He exhaled deeply, and his eye caught a peek of Shui Lian Yi. His lips curved up and then he marched forward in giant steps toward the beautiful lady.

Shui Lian Yi’s complexion was flawless like she had just powdered it. Her eyes were bright like the spring dews, and her soft hair draped down her back like three thousand strands of silk. Her beauty was radiating the same way a Goddess’ radiates when she descends to the Mortal world.

As the young man in cyan walked towards her, one of her eyebrows lifted in response. With her intelligence, she knew he was not here to chat. He was here to battle her, to eliminate an enemy early in the game.

As expected, the young man strutted his way over with a coy grin on his face. The first words he spoke were:

"Fairy Shui, you first."

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