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Mo Qing Fu’s injuries were serious.

To perform techniques forcefully without fully mastering and practicing beforehand often left permanent damages to one’s body. This was common in the cultivation community. Unless he consumed some specific and rare medicine, he will be forever stuck at a Qi level of eight and cannot advance any more in his lifetime.

Luckily, he was with Ling Xian.

For someone who inherited the "Encyclopedia of Dans", this disease wasn’t that hard to deal with. Though it would an exaggeration to say curing it was as easy as lifting a finger, as long as Ling Xian takes the time and makes the effort, the patient could be healed.

Ling Xian was planning to brew a Healing Dan.

This Dan was recorded in the "Encyclopedia of Dan" as a very magical Dan. Created by Liao Cang Qiong, it was not publicly known as to how it could be made. In other words, there were only two people in the world who knew how to brew this Dan. One was Liao Cang Qiong, the other, Ling Xian.

The realm of the Healing Dan was only eight, but it was specifically created to combat the symptoms of spiritual energy wounds. Similar to the Luxury Dan, it was created with a very specific purpose.

Mo Qing Fu only dropped two levels in training. Even if he fell from the Undefeatable Realm all the way to being a mere mortal, this Dan could’ve cured him and brought him up to a Qi level of 10. If the Healing Dan is brewed to perfection, it could even help him achieve a level higher than before.

This was why this Dan was named the Healing Dan.

"Brother, based on what I know, this kind of injury could only be cured by some legendary herbs or medicine. But I’ve never heard of anything with these effects." Mo Qing Fu’s eyes were still full of shock. His shock then turned into a frown as he became disappointed.

"Just because you’ve never heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It only means you have lived in a confined space with limited knowledge," Ling Xian smiled and soothed. "After I brew the Dan, you will know whether or not I’m telling the truth. But for now, guard me and watch my back."

"I… Okay," Mo Qing Fu chuckled. Though he was very impressed by the fact that Ling Xian achieved greatness in both alchemy and cultivation, at the bottom of his heart, he was still skeptical.

It was normal for him to feel that way. Falling down in levels of training was no ordinary injury. The entire cultivation community agreed that spiritual energy wounds were the most difficult to treat. Unless rare heavenly medicines were involved, these injuries were impossible to fix. Based on what he knew about alchemy, Ling Xian, an eighth-realm alchemist, could only brew eighth ranked Dans at best. These facts were why it was difficult for Mo Qing Fu to place all his trust on Ling Xian.

Even if he doesn’t believe it, there was nothing he could do about it. He could only treat the dead horse as if it was alive, as there were no alternatives. He could only guard Ling Xian in case someone intrudes.

Watching Mo Qing Fu following his orders and was now on defense, Ling Xian smiled. He felt a hint of complacency. Mo Qing Fu was going to become the ruler of the Yunzhou and when that happens, nobody would dare to show any disrespect towards him. Yet, right now, he was following Ling Xian's orders like a little brother. This kind of feeling was very pleasing.

Shaking his head, Ling Xian chased away the noisy thoughts. To calm down, he sat there for a while, and then he started the brewing process.

A silver flame appeared in his palm and then entered the purple cauldron. The temperature of the cauldron instantly shot up as the Flame of Purity danced around inside.

"Then, we put in the spiritual medicines."

Ling Xian waited for a while. When he saw that every inch of the cauldron had been heated up to an even temperature by the Flame of Purity, he waved his sleeve and revealed the seven different types of spiritual medicines. He threw them into the cauldron all at once along with his own Qi.

The seven spiritual medicine were all acquired from the ancient ruins. Out of the seven, six were not supposed to be used for the Healing Dan. However, Ling Xian didn’t seem to mind. He divided the Qi into seven smaller groups while very carefully adjusting the Flame of Purity to extract the essence from the seven spiritual medicines.

Under normal circumstances, to brew a Dan, the alchemist must follow the recipe recorded to the tee, especially the part with mixing the spiritual medicines. There should not be any form of mistake, as it may result in the medicines counteracting with one another and fail as a result. However, even if the medicines do successfully infuse together, the effect of the Dan would be very different and may produce a poisonous Dan.

But of course, there were many spiritual Dans in this world, and a few were exceptions to this rule. The Healing Dan was one of them.

This Dan was created by Liao Cang Qiong after he became a first-ranked alchemist. He brewed this Dan specifically to help out a friend who had fallen in his training. The recipe was never passed down to anyone, and nobody in the cultivation community even knew of this Dan’s name.

The Dan required seven different spiritual medicines to finish brewing. But the magical part was that it only required one main ingredient while the rest of the spiritual medicines were up to alchemists’ preference. As long as the medicines don’t counteract each other and can fuse together nicely, anything can be used.

For Ling Xian, who has the Essence of Herbalism, this was an easy task that he could do anytime he desired.

This was why he had been acting so confidently and leisurely. He knew he would be able to cure Mo Qing Fu.

After a while, the seven spiritual medicines had been burned away by the Flame of Purity until only the essence was left. Under the embrace of the flame, a powerful spiritual energy was pulsing.

Ling Xian grinned, confident and calm. He manipulated the Qi and flame effortlessly and combined the powdered medicines until they slowly converged and formed into the shape of a Dan.

Mo Qing Fu watched the entire process with awe. He muttered to himself, "He is doing everything so easily, and he seems so practiced. I had no idea his alchemy skills were so high… The eighth-realm alchemists… No, even the seventh-realm alchemists are not as skilled as he is."

What he was saying was not wrong. After the lost century, Ling Xian’s alchemy skills no longer belonged to the eighth-realm. His ability to control the flame and his insight on spiritual medicine had reached a height that regular alchemists find difficult to do. The only reason he cannot produce higher ranked spiritual Dans was due to his weak Qi.

Don’t forget that Ling Xian was handpicked by Liao Cang Qiong. Not only was he well-practiced in alchemy, his natural talent was also something even Liao Cang Qiong praises on a regular basis. On top of that, he had an extra century to study alchemy compared to others. His alchemy skills were, without a doubt, unattainably superb. Even some sixth-realm alchemists would look down in shame when they see how well he brewed.

Because of this, making an eighth-realm spiritual Dan was very easy for Ling Xian.

Before long, all seven powdered spiritual medicines were combined together.

"It’s almost time to collect the Dan."

Watching the ingredients slowly shaping into a medicinal Dan, Ling Xian clasped his hands together and formed the Dan collecting seal. The red spiritual Dan radiated with light and filled the space with the Dan's fragrance, making people feel high-spirited and relaxed.

In the next moment, the spiritual Dan cracked into five dragon-eye sized medicinal Dans. They jumped out of the cauldron and floated in mid-air, vibrating with an eighth-ranked energy.

"It’s done."

Ling Xian waved his hand, and the four out of the five spiritual Dans went straight into his storage pouch, leaving only one hanging in mid-air. That one was for Mo Qing Fu.

"Try it. How effective this Dan is, you’ll know once you try." Ling Xian smiled faintly as his handsome face displayed a ray of confidence.

Mo Qing Fu looked at the red spiritual Dan and hesitated. "I…"

"What? You think I’d poison you?" Ling Xian frowned and glared at him. "If I wanted to kill you, I would not do it in a way that causes me this much trouble."

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