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"Sadly, you are too late. Now, please enjoy my elegant transformation. Then, please die in peace."

Her tone was calm, mixed with a form of blunt arrogance that was difficult to hide. Her cocky voice echoed throughout the cave.

Pity, only three of them were left.

In the next moment, a purple silhouette slowly walked over. Her features were delicate, and her temperate was proudly elegant. Just like a fairy, Yue Lian Han's walk was airy and charming.

Her expression was calm like the water and the emotion in her eyes was deep like a well. She stared at the two people before her, as if staring at two ants. That pair of high-above-others and arrogant eyes of hers gazed down like she was looking down on Earth from the Heavens, and that she was an Immortal watching over the mortals.

Above Yue Lian Han's head floated the Golden Pages. A ray of gold light shone down on her, making her look like a real Goddess, divine and inviolable.

With the help of these unknown Golden Pages, her Qi and her cultivation level has broken through all the existing realms and reached the foundational level!

Yes, that is right. She has surpassed the tenth Qi level and reached the foundational level, or else Ling Xian wouldn't have slammed into the stone wall after only one attack.

There was a classic saying in the cultivator community, those who are not at the foundational level are merely ordinary people, they are not true cultivators. Only those who have reached foundational level are true cultivators with a future in front of them.

The gap between meditational and foundational level was a giant leap. Not only in terms of physical strength, but in all aspects of Taoism.

Of course, some powerful Heaven's Favorites can overcome the gap between the two levels and win battles despite being in the weaker stage of training.

Ling Xian, for example, defeated three foundational powerhouses through the use of his supernatural blood and superior talents. However, those foundational cultivators he defeated were regular foundational cultivators. Concerning basic techniques or spiritual energy, their capabilities were a lot weaker than his. That was why Ling Xian easily defeated them.

Yue Lian Han, on the other hand, was different. She was a Heaven's Favorite in the Undefeatable Realm. The depth of her fundamental skills was already difficult to imagine. Now, she has transformed into a dragon-like creature, where her capabilities multiplied. Regular foundational leveled cultivators were no longer opponents of hers, let alone a tenth leveled cultivator?

Once any Heaven's Favorite breakthrough to the foundational level, their capabilities are strong enough to make others feel desperate. Even if the breakthrough was very recent, it's enough to slaughter any regular foundational leveled cultivator. Some Heaven's Favorites could even fight against those foundational cultivators who were already in the later stage of training!

No doubt, Yue Lian Han belonged to this small group of talents who could defeat those who were better trained than her. This was why the atmosphere she was exuding was so terrifying.

Ling Xian also belonged to this small group of Heaven's Favorites. Sadly, he has yet to achieve a breakthrough.

"The feeling of power sure is wonderful."

Yue Lian Han's hand formed a fist. The overwhelming strength pulsed through her veins as she drowned herself in this high.

"The Golden Pages have such strong abilities? It made her breakthrough to the foundation level…" Ling Xian's complexion was turning a little pale. He covered his chest with his left hand as he pushed himself to a standing position with his right hand.

Mo Qing Fu stared at the transformed Yue Lian Han. Other than shock, his face was full of guilt. He fell into deep regret. Never did he expect his fulfillment of a promise resulted in Yue Lian Han getting what she wanted, fastening her training, and allowing her to surpass all those who came to the storage cave.

"Dammit, I can't believe I became an accomplice of hers. I even dug my own grave," Mo Qing Fu snickered coldly. He turned and saw Ling Xian struggling to stand up. He said, "Friend, I…"

Before he could finish, Ling Xian gestured for him to stop talking. Ling Xian's face was also heavy as he stared at the young woman dressed in purple. He hissed, "Rather than feeling guilty, spend the time to think about how we can get away."

"There is no way. She was already a Heaven's Favorite, and now that she has achieved the foundational level, her capabilities have multiplied. Even a regular foundational powerhouse is no match against her, how do we fight her?" Mo Qing Fu's eyes dimmed as his heart bit the dust. He made it apparent that he has given up completely and planned to die here.


Ling Xian insulted, "The title Heaven's Favorite sure is a waste on you. I cannot believe how weak your mentality is. When faced with a cultivator who is weaker, you display an arrogance that annoys others to the core. When there is a stronger opponent standing before you, you lose all your confidence and want to give up. Are Heaven's Favorites guided by the Hao Ran House all this useless?"

"You really have no backbone. So weak that one attack can take you down. She doesn't even need to lift a finger to defeat you. Her presence alone is enough to scare you to death. Look at the way you are behaving! Just like a little rat. Not only do I look down on you, the closest person to you in the entire Hao Ran house, the Mistress, would even look down on you!"

Ling Xian purposely spoke with a heavy load of sarcasm. He believed the word "Mistress" would certainly evoke Mo Qing Fu's desire to survive and reignite his will to put up a fight and defeat Yue Lian Han.

As expected, when the word "Mistress" was mentioned, Mo Qing Fu's eyes burned with determination and his entire body lit up. His confidence was rekindled, and he was all of a sudden full of fighting energy.

"Thank you for guiding me in the right direction, brother. I am clear-headed now," Mo Qing Fu bowed to Ling Xian and even called him "brother". It was apparent that he was starting to respect Ling Xian.

"Very good. If that's the case, then prepare for an intense battle." Ling Xian nodded. His expression was more serious than ever as he calculated in his mind the probability of them winning against Yue Lian Han. The result made his heart drop.

One out of 10.

Only 10 percent.

Mo Qing Fu too, saw through the situation and chuckled bitterly. "Brother, the two of us teaming up, no doubt, would be undefeatable if we were up against any other Heaven's Favorite. But she… she is no longer on the same level as us."

"So what?" Ling Xian frowned and said, "Do we just give up and wait to die?"

"Well…" Mo Qing Fu laughed wryly again as his eyes flashed with resolve. He said in a low voice, "There is a very low chance of us running away. We have to face her head-on and fight. As a direct descend of the Hao Ran House, I cannot just do nothing and lose face for the House. More importantly, I cannot disappoint the Mistress."

"As long as you have the resolve. Be prepared. She might not necessarily win if we unite and fight against her together." Ling Xian frowned as his snow-white wings started to appear. A ferocious demeanor started to sweep the cave.

"Lowly ants dare to try and compete against me?"

Yue Lian Han softly grinned. The way she looked at them was not cocky; her tone was also not arrogant. However, there was something naturally confident and prideful oozing out of her. It was clear that she did not think anything of these two.

"Yue Lian Han, don't be too smug. I admit that you are very strong, strong enough to suppress us two. However, if I ignore all possible repercussions and unleash all the characters from the Hao Ran Scroll, then you will for sure be gravely wounded. You may even fall back to the meditation level." Mo Qing Fu had a dignified look on his face.

"Really? Then why don't you try."

Yue Lian Han said nonchalantly. She marched forward slowly and gracefully. Every step she took, the Golden Pages floating above her head shone down a new ray of gold light, emphasizing her powerfulness.

"I will give you one chance. If you recognize me as your master and bow down to be my servants, I will spare your lives."

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